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obamas days are numbered!

good bye obama.. you homo/socialist/commie bastard! i HATE LIARS!


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obamanation....... LOVE IT!

obamanation....... LOVE IT!

Check this out


Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

That is funny.

However, I think the Hellmeister may still have some tricks up her sleeves. So this would be icing on the cake. Whether you believe it or not I think that Obamanation has been eating into our independent/youth votes in open primaries.



Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?



oh please... this is

oh please... this is obviously fake... haha, it's too ridiculous to be true... I saw the youtube of that guy. Why would anyone ever want to do anything with someone like that? Let alone a black Senator with a wife and kids.

Obama better Google...

the list of Clinton friends, enemies, associates...and others who got in their way. The list is long...hundreds of names...most are dead, in jail, or ruined personally and financially. Rather than trying to eliminate hand guns...Obama may want to purchase one. The Clinton do not mess around!

Yes, you can find it under

"Clinton body count." There's also a guy named Larry Nichols who is exposing them, he was on Alex Jones' show a couple of weeks ago. Very shocking stuff.

Read about

his Kenyan connections. Google Pamela Geller of Jerusalem Post

LOL! This is stupid to


This is stupid to follow up for 2 reasons:

1. America is following Obama like he's the rebirth of Christ. This will look like the neo-cons are trying to take a swing at Martin Luther Kennedy Obama and it will fail whether it's true or not.

2. The liberal fascist politically correct crowd will jump all over this and turn it around on the people. It will be on the next cover story on their beloved Time magazine. It will be on the April edition, "What's Wrong With a Little Fun?"


'martin luther kennedy obama'...that is so funny. and so true.
both of your points are true. yea,i'm just not feeling this is going to work against obama-
didnt seem to hurt clinton much among those who supported him.[I myself,at that time,thought it annoying and a distraction to focus so much time and money on that].