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Broadcast Freedom, NEW Fundraiser on main site

2 days, 13 hours for 430k

We can do it!

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I fear...

this is going to confuse people on todays money bomb. Of course it all goes to a good cause :P. This broadcast thing will drain donations away from our overall fundraising on Lady Liberty...I guess this is where I put trust in the campaign and just give to both :P hehehe

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Just give

Lady Liberty is still there on another tab... giving to the campaign makes both lady liberty light up and the radio tower fill up.. They just broke it down into a smaller local goal for us and to let us know that they are about to start a large radio campaign. They are just keeping their supporters involved in the campaign. So GIVE GIVE GIVE!!!!!

realized that after I posted...

I chalk it up to not consuming enough caffeine and nicotine yet :P

Who is John Galt? Vote ███ ███ 2012!

never mind...I'm dumb ;P

the two are actually linked together. So they just want to amp up the donations in the next two days. Smart move...haven't had enough nicotine and caffeine yet this morning ;P

Who is John Galt? Vote ███ ███ 2012!

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A little annoyed...

Huckabee is trying to copy our style if you go to his donation page...
I posted the full Google link below in the hopes that it results in a *pay*-per-"click" when you check it out...


The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Don't CLick Fraud

Google will catch it especially if it all comes from this website. His goal is 200k for the month ... a slower pace than last quarter... leave him alone and marginalize him

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Good point...

I would just remove the link... but not allowed to edit comments... Didn't we use dto have that function? Maybe it was turned off for performance reasons.

But I still click on ALL oponents adwords... Draining their funds because they were foolish enough to open themselves up to pay-per-click is not a bad thing...

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Unfortunately, for Mike his

Unfortunately, for Mike his site gets about 1/9th of the visitors that ronpaul2008.com gets, and that his fund raising image is not on the front page to grab peoples attention. The best part about Ron Paul's site is the fact that he was the first, so the others are going to hold back as to not copycat the good Doctors site. 1 Paul, 0 Huckabee


The money's already been raised this week. It's a campaign test for weekend donation pick ups.

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NEW main site fundraiser : 2 days left


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Perfect timing for the money

Perfect timing for the money bomb to hit!