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Ron Paul is winning the state of Nevada


Ron Paul is winning the state of Nevada. With 1,750 of Nevada's 1,789 precincts reporting, the results of which are available Nevada GOP's website: Mitt Romney would have taken the state at 51%, but has since dropped out of the race, making Ron Paul's 13% currently the winner. Ron Paul has 5,802 votes; 192 more than John McCain's 5,610, and 5% more than Mike Huckabee's 3,519.

Here is a list of reasons I've heard from both Republican voters and on-the-fence voters - from he doesn't have enough support, to people aren't interested in him, to people aren't voting for him - followed up with facts. Au contraire, mon fr�re!

"He doesn't have enough support."
Ron Paul has 1,613 meetup groups in 1,191 cities.
Mike Huckabee has 508 meetup groups in 444 cities.
John McCain has 8 meetup groups in 8 cities.

"People aren't interested in him."
Ron Paul consistently (and substantially) outranked both of his GOP competitors - Mike Huckabee and John McCain - in Google searches in the last 12 months. Google is the #1 search engine in the world (though the link above just measures the U.S., for purposed of who may be qualified to vote).

"His campaign won't have enough money."
In the last quarter of 2007, Ron Paul beat his own fundraising record of $4.3 million in 24 hours, and made national history with the highest fundraising amount in one day in the U.S. presidential race, ever: $6 million in 24 hours.

"He can't fix the economy."
Whether or not you agree with his ideas on how to revive America's economy, there is no question on the fact that Ron Paul is the only candidate of the Republican and Democratic parties left in the race whose campaign has $0 in debts to any company or individual. Look at the debts column. Paul leads by example when he preaches on not borrowing what we don't have.

"He hasn't won any states."
Ron Paul took 1st place in Montana and Nevada, and 2nd place in Alaska, North Dakota, Nevada, and Louisiana thusfar. Many of the primary and caucus results for the states that have voted already are incomplete or not yet available, and what many people are assuming is fact are just projections by the media.

"I don't know enough about him."
You watch too much television, then.

Alright, that last one was a joke...sort of.

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thats sounds hopeful....



This is GREAT!

However, what DOES happen to Romneys votes? Are they just...gone? Cause that would be beautiful...

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Those are the results

from the Jan 19th Nevada Causcus.

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Holy CR@P!!

That is some good news.


Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?


very nice write up,,,,,,,i live in rural upstate new york,,,,i can not believe how many people here STILL DO NOT KNOW WHO RON PAUL IS!!!!! i spend half my time trying to convince them there really is such a man that exists,,,,,,,incredible.....and sad.....im copying your commentary and i am going to post it on all the small town bulletin boards........one person at a time.......thanks bud

Good information

Hope that MONEY BOMB STARTING TONIGHT GOES WELL - it not only encourages Ron Paul, but imagine what it will do for the DELEGATES AND PRECINCT LEADERS. What a shot in the arm!!!

Good post!!

and answers to the questions.