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And oil has not yet $175./barrel yet. This is from December 2007 and they are never wrong.
www.banderasnews.com/0712/nz-bankpredicts.htm and just take a look at the $65Trillion World Economy that lost $6Trillion in the global markets just in January of 2008.

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This is old news, but they

This is old news, but they forget three things.

1. The power of the media to corrupt the election and manipulate the voters/election. Also, how educated the American voters are (which is very little to none).

2. The fact that an election can be rigged

3. That in order tow in the presidency, Ron Paul must first win his party's nomination, and at the moment that looks unlikely... at this point it would take a brokered convention, and with the current situation not only is that unlikely, but it's impossible to predict, let alone base an even bigger judgment such as who will win the presidency off of.

Day to day

we don't know what will happen - they can chart way better than I can. Even Ron Paul suggested that we don't know what will happen tomorrow. I don't care about MSM - they might be out of a job next week. Things are VOLATILE all over the world. Look at Asia and Australian Banks just tonight on Bloomberg. They are all scared. Most are insolvent.