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Skateboard-Hating Baltimore Cop Kicks Street Artist’s ‘Moving Box’

I posted this a day ago but its featured on prisonplanet.com and inforwars.com now.

New video of Baltimore police officer Salvatore Rivieri in action at the Inner Harbor. This time he confronts Billy Friebele, an artist from Washington D.C., who was videotaping at the Harbor last summer.

Our buddy officer Riviera gets suspended with Pay for his violent outburst. This is the second video of officer badcop.


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God protect our kids

you know, children today have never been more in danger , more belittled than they are in our world today,,,,,,,,ive got five kids, if that pig or any other pig put his or her hands on my babies, or any other kids around me, he and i are going to tussel and im sure after a good beating and a few tasers, he d be hauling my butt off to jail cell........but let me tell you, ill get in a few good licks first.

that cop is crazy

thank goodness for video cameras.
That makes me want to carry one every where I go.