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Jive Dadson: The Most Important Thing You Can Do

We are fighting a multi-front war against the assault on our liberties. To win this war, we need to enlist ALL Americans, across the political spectrum. The Ron Paul Revolution is a sign that Americans are waking up. We are a vocal minority, and we are helping to spread the word of freedom and liberty. Ron Paul is the strongest, most vocal and articulate voice for us, but as he has said, he cannot do it alone.

Naomi Wolf's call to action, is to pass the American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007 -- which was introduced by Ron Paul. Listen to Jive's summary, and read the bill. It is short and digestible, and it is something that all Americans can get behind and support, regardless of their political ideology.

The video of Ms. Wolf's speech is here. It was filmed at Kane Hall on the University of Washington Campus in Seattle. I saw her give the same talk in Boston to a standing-room-only crowd at the Harvard Coop. The link that Jive mentions of Naomi Wolf's article on the Huffington Post is here.

She has written and excellent, excellent book on the closing down of vibrant societies into totalitarian regimes called The End of America - Letter to a Young Patriot. It is short, cheap, easily readable and tremendously eye opening. It will send chills down your spine and send you into action.

If you don't understand why Jive Dadson and I are beating this drum so loudly, please buy the book, read it, pass it on and buy another copy. Put it on the Amazon and NYT best seller lists.

At her talk at Harvard, Naomi Wolf - who is a national media figure, - noted that there has been a complete MSM media blackout on this book. She can't get on any talkshows. No mainstream publication will review it. But she has gotten tremendous response from the alternative press and the internet.

If you think that Naomi wolf is only a "feminist" and a "liberal" I urge you to throw off the shackles of the false dichotomy of left/right, republican/democrat, liberal/conservative that has been relentlessly fed to us by the MSM over countless years.

No matter where you live, you can call your congressman and tell him/her to support Ron Paul's legislation - the American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007. Buy Naomi Wolf's book The End of America - Letter to a Young Patriot. and pass it on especially to your "liberal" or "feminist" friends.

They may be more receptive to hearing the message of freedom and liberty from Ms. Wolf than from Dr. Paul.

Please remember that is the point of the Ron Paul Revolution - to wake up ALL Americans to the meaning of liberty. At her speech - Ms. Wolf, an avowed liberal - said that she FINALLY understands the meaning and intent of the Second Amendment. Most liberals don't. This is tremendous progress.

The word is spreading. Thank you Naomi, thank you Jive Dadson, and most of all, thank you Ron Paul for your unwavering commitment, and for relentlessly carrying the torch of Liberty through these very dark times.

Michael Nystrom

Today is the first Ron Paul Money-bomb day. Please make a donation to the campaign.

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Required reading list?

Maybe we should get JD to post a required reading list of books? starting with this one and go from there? btw JD great work spreading this and YES I have written Rep. Eshoo urging her to support this & the "tax free tip's act" bill.

"Great men do not seek power, they have great power thrust upon them" - Klingon proverb

"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"

Too true. This is not a time

Too true. This is not a time for purism. We need everyone on board.

Don't trust Naomi Wolf

I have read parts of her book. I think that she has some good points, but I do not trust her. Wolf was married to David Shipley who was Clinton's speechwriter.Wolf was involved in Bill Clinton's 1996 re-election bid where she brainstormed with the Clinton-Gore team about ways to reach "soccer moms" and other female voters.She also was paid $15000 a month to consult Gore on how to get the female vote in the 2000 election. She has written several books that contained falsehoods. (example: she claimed that anorexia kills 150,000 annually when the figure is closer to 100 - big difference!) She is an insider, and as a Ron Paul supporter, I tend not to trust insiders!

Michael Nystrom's picture

Trust the past or the present?

As I have said elsewhere, and I will continue to say it, we need everyone on board to fight in the revolution. All of those things you say may be true, but they are also many years in the past. Let the past be past, and please listen to her words now and judge her by what she is saying now.

To wit, in her most recent blog post she praises Ron Paul:

She says:

On Monday, Rep. Ron Paul, the outsider Republican presidential candidate who has long upheld these values and who was an early voice warning of the grave danger to all of us of these abuses, introduced the AFA's legislative package into Congress. (The mainstream press has an irrational habit of disparaging outsider candidates -- as if corrupt money and machine endorsements equal seriousness of purpose -- even though the Founders hoped that the system they established would lead citizens, ideally those unembedded in the establishment, to offer their service to the nation.) It is the American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007, and you should read it in its entirety: just as accounts of the recent abuses send chills down your spine, this beautifully argued document feels historic and has the ring of great power to correct great injustice.


Note she does not call him a "longshot" but an outsider, which is accurate. She goes on to say:


Ron Paul was the first of all the presidential candidates, red or blue, to step up in this way -- and all credit is due to him for getting there first. May the others of both parties race to follow his lead. These days, as we have seen from how reluctant some candidates have been -- even on the Democratic sign -- even to sign a mere pledge to uphold the Constitution, it takes some courage to stand fast against the assaults of this administration -- and their manipulations of the terms "patriotism" and "terror threat" -- and insist with legislation on the Founders' vision and on restoring democracy.


Congressmen and women say off the record that they can't support liberty, much as they'd like to, because they are scared of "looking soft on terror" and they want to run out the clock -- a naive and self-serving posture in a time of crisis. Make them more scared of you if they don't. Tell them you will bombard their donors with the message that they have sold out liberty. Tell them you will denounce them as traitors to the Constitution in your local and regional letters to the editor and op-eds. Tell them they are unpatriotic to stand by while liberty is disemboweled. Tell them you will stop at nothing to ensure their future defeat unless they support this and make it the law of the land.

Let's do it. There is no excuse now. The restoration of democracy is up to you -- as the Founders intended it should be.


Geez - what more do you want? Do you want to go back 10 years in time and judge her on what she did and said then, or take her at face value now? In order for us to RESTORE THE RULE OF LAW we need all Americans on board and on the same page.

Once people wake up and want to climb aboard, what good is it to say, "I don't trust you!"

In my book, anyone who wants to help restore the rule of law, get rid of torture, abolish the secret prisons, allow congress to challenge presidential signing statements.

And you've only read part of the book? Please read the whole thing and then decide. It is a unified argument that should be read by all Americans. Her solution is not more government, her solution is NOT Hillary.

Her solution is to restore the rule of law and follow the constitution.

Naomi Wolf on C-Span2 tonight

Naomi Wolf will be on C-Span2 to discuss her book, Sunday the 21st, 6PM and 9PM ET (check for local times, I think the program is called "After Words"). She will be interviewed by one of the writers of The Patriot Act~should be rousing. (And remember Ron Paul on the Fox News Debate!)

Powerful stuff

I don't know who Jive Dadson is, but I was mightily impressed with his passion and his smarts. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has said similar things, but not with the gutsy delivery of Dadson.

I hope everybody gets a chance to see this and maybe even send Dadson's YouTube spot around via email. He sure makes a compelling argument.

I know Jive, zenpiper....

and I agree with you. We are fortunate to have this guy is on our side! Great spot, JD! Keep them coming. :-)



Mutual Friend

Yeah, Steve and I have a mutual friend. Check it out.


Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Amnesty International Ad for Constitution.

Here is a link to an Amnesty International ad that ran in USA Today:

It shows a picture of the Bill of Rights, with huge sections blocked out. The text of the ad reads:

America is not made safer by making the Constitution weaker.

One year ago today, Congress passed the Military Commissions Act. With it, founding principles of the U.S. Constitution were discarded in the name of fighting terror. The Act made it lawful to hold prisoners indefinitely without charge or trial, to assume guilt before innocence, to blur the definition of torture, and to use information obtained through brutal treatment as “evidence.” Other governments, including the British during America’s founding, have tried to exert control in similar ways. It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now.

Is America safer when we undo the Constitution? Those with first-hand experience of torture, such as Senator John McCain, believe it is not only wrong but counter-productive. This and other abuses erode America’s moral standing in the world. Strong evidence suggests that they even serve as a recruiting tool for those using terror and provide convenient cover for anyone else abusing human rights.

Making the world a safer place requires consistent and universal respect for human rights. Join Amnesty International in insisting that Congress return America to its core constitutional principles of justice by overturning the Military Commissions Act, granting fair and timely trials, treating detainees humanely and reinstating habeas corpus – the right to challenge one’s detention in court.

Strengthen America’s commitment to human rights and the rule of law. It’s up to people like us to demand it. Take action at

I don't know much about Amnesty International, but I associate it more with so called "liberals" as well. The point is that the country really is beginning to wake up to what is going on - our society is 'closing down', as Naomi Wolf writes.

Action we must take!

Digg it

There's a digg for Naomi Wolf's article:

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

November 5th letter writing

I would like to propose a mass letter writting on November 5th. Along with the "moneybomb" idea. Lets also turn heads in congress. On the 5th I propose that everyone email their congressman or woman in support of the HR 3835 (not nessesarily once) and the Tax Free Tips legislation, send a snail mail copy of the legislation and give'em a call. In other words I don't want anyone in congress to hear anything but "my email is overloaded with ron paul's legislation, my phones are ringing off the hook and my mail man has a back ache and oh did you hear about the mass amount of money he pulled in today". Let's really give them something to remember on the fifth of November.