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Michael, please assist!

I would like to see a seperate space about FUTURE Paulie 2008 Candidates.

Who is going to ride Ron Paul's tail wind?

Think of this as win, win. Ron Paul still has not given up his house seat, thus if he wins the presidency Great, but if he does not he will still be our Congressman. But would it also be nice if in 2008 we had more Paulies in Congress?

I don't care if one runs as a Democrat or Republican or Libertarian.

I myself am flirting with the idea of running. In my district, we used to have the republican Bush Loving JD Hayworth. Then in 2006 the dems put in Harry Mitchell, and Hayworth was out.

Then, talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Harry Mitchell has supported Bush and voted for funding the war. Now Air America Radio is running adds against Harry Mitchell, telling listeners to send him a voided check with a note that says "you have voted for the war, you can be voted out like Hayworth"

I would like Paulies to get to know me. There are probably a 100 other good Paulies out there and we need to get to know them.

So, let me put this idea out there. We need a Michael catagory or a seperate space .... We could have Forum, Events, ...2008 Paulie Candidates

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"Ron Pauls Across America" website

There is a "Ron Pauls Across America" website: http://ronpaulsacrossamerica.com/. Check it out and see if that is what you are looking for.