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If you've donating money to the campaing, please share it here

This isn't a gloating thread. My hope is that it will encourage others to donate once they see others doing it. It's a numbers game. The more that donate, the more that's donated (brilliant reasoning, I know).

We just kicked in $1000.

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Just donated...

...and will continue to donate as I can.

Just got home from theTyler

Just got home from theTyler Texas Rose Festival Parade, personally handed out 300 slim jims. Just Donated $25 for the Bomb and $8 on my pledge.. More on the 5th. Money talks and BS walks.

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-Sam Adams

Bit by bit

Donated $50 x 2 in the past few weeks. Plan another $50 by the end of Oct, and $100 for Nov. 5. If I was working instead of being home with the kids, I could donate a heck of a lot more!

I agree, our money will become *worthless* if we don't see drastic changes... the changes only someone like Ron Paul has a chance of creating!

This is my first contribution to ANY political campaign...was never inspired before, never believed enough in any politician before (not one that had a chance anyway)!

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It's good that you're home with the kids

The kids need you and I know that Dr. Paul appreciates and values what you are doing. There is plenty you can do to help the cause without ever leaving your home! If you are spiritual, you can pray. I'm a Christian and I think that this election is being affected by a huge spiritual battle going on all around us. You can also tell your "kingdom of influence" about Ron Paul and why you support him. Even if those you know don't respond positively at first, they may later on after others speak to them about Ron Paul too. You can join meetup and add yourself to the army of voters who will vote for Ron Paul. You can design flyers about Ron Paul's stand on various issues and upload them to your meetup group's files section. You can participate in RonPauloween. You can invite people over to your home and show them Ron Paul YouTube videos. You can teach your children to sacrifice things like Christmas presents so that your family can give to the campaign (teaching that freedom is more important than stuff). And lastly, you can blog and email the media to have Ron Paul on their shows. One cannot put a value on all the support you can give while you are at home.


Gave 1000.00 the first time.. 50 on Rons Bday, another 300.00 cause i wanted to see my name on the internet site.. 100 today.. I'm at about 1800.00 so far.. on nov, 5 i will do 200.00 then 300 in Janruary.. then my wife will start on here 2300!!!! we can fight this revolution threw the ballot box or it will be fought threw the barrel of a gun... its your choice..

After the week's donation

After the week's donation message, I decided to go ahead and donate $25. That's to make up my $8/week for the past 3 weeks. From now on, I'm going to give $8 every friday, unless I can come up with more.

I'm in for $25 today

and got my eye on Nov. 5th as well.

I just picked up a few parts to finish out a modest desktop computer. After it's sold I'll have another $250 or so to throw in.

We will win this election. A magic eight ball told me it was "very likely" that the revolution will be successful just yesterday. I'm convinced. :)

Great Idea

That sounds like a win-win all around. Not only do you get to contribute more, but the person who puts it under their name will get the tax deduction :)

My contributions

I tossed in $50 a few days ago and $25 today for the money b0mb. I have purchased 2 Ron Paul 2008 T-shirts to help get the word out. I also plan to participate in the Nov 5th $100 donation.

If you are having doubts about contributing, just remember this. The dollars you will be contributing are worthless anyway. We have the chance to buy back our freedom for next to nothing. It's all an illusion. Freedom is a very POWERFUL force. Furthermore, what's the alternative? An economic collapse that will erode most everyone's wealth. Then we'll all be in the same boat. And we'll all be wishing Ron Paul had won.

Stand with us and commit to this wonderful man.


Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

How other campaigns go around the $2300.00 limit

If you look at other campaigns, you can see many "family" donations. Basically its one person donating, but they are using others in their family to do the contribution. So it is possible to still donate if you have other members of your family or friends that are sympathetic to the Ron Paul campaign, but just don't have the money available. Just ask them if you can get them to donate for you under thier name.


Another $25. I put in $25 a week..

tapped out close to 2,300 limit

i am about 100 bucks away from my 2300 limit. I offered a 100% match to the SF Meetup group during the end of Q3 run up.

1 million in 1 week was people reaching deep. Setting a goal of 1 million per week for Q4 was a strategic mistake... what idiot came up with that? You can see exhaustion from the Q4 start.

Anyhow, I just dropped fidy just now.

Donated here

$50, $50, $100, $100, $25, $25. WE WILL DO 4600 BEFORE IT'S OVER, THANKS TO EBAY...LOL

My Donations so far

Skimpy though they are, it's what I feel I can afford.

100 for the 3q rush
25 for the Money Bomb
100 for the new Hampshire PAC

I'm also signed up on several of the Pledges. Check'em out here

No such thing as "skimpy"

We all put in what we can when we can. It's a team effort and we're all partners.

$100 at 1:21 pm

Keep bombing all!

$300 so far...

Plan to donate max by Jan 1.

I Gave

$ 25.00 1:09 CST

GO RON GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gave again

My $25 bomb landed at exactly 2pm eastern.

Yeee haw!

Eat That Hannity!

Just sent in my $25 as part of the Money Bomb.

small government = BIG LIBERTY

Donated 100.00

There's another drive on ronpaul2008.com for the radio broadcast. Check it out.

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i just donated $25.

i just donated $25.

wish i could do more

Just dropped my 10th $50 donation.

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I just donated 100.00.

I just gave him 100.00 however that will be it till the 5th of November when I send 200.00..

Democrat for Ron Paul.. althought I just changed my party to Repub.. but will change it back later if he does not get elected... But all this is boading well for him.

Keep it up!!!

This week I put in $50 for the Iowa newspaper ad, and another $100 for the TV spot in NH. I'm also going to send another $300 for the money bomb on 11/5. I'm getting close to being maxed out, but I guess my wife will start to donate... :)

I am tapped out...

...but my wife is just getting started. She put in $250. Worth 10 people in the money bomb head count.

Longtime Internet Poster

Donate !!

I've been doing 50 a month... not including the 100 on 11/5 or the dozen or so signs I've placed with people I work with. They are chipping in too !! I haven't had this much fun in years.


Just did another $ 100.00 to the official campaign and the other day $ 50.00 to the Granny Warriors for the next flyover and $ 50.00 to the Americans United For Liberty PAC.
More to come.


"It is now time to end the war and bring our troops home. It is time for liberty in this country and to obey the constitution. It is time to make sure we retain the rights of habeas corpus and personal liberty. There is a revolution happening in this country"ron paul grand central station, ny

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand


just did $30 as part of the money bomb.