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You have restored my faith in the American People

This message is as much to the supporters of Ron Paul as it is to the good Doctor himself.

For at least a decade I had been completely disillusioned with the political process in this once great nation.

I had also become totally disillusioned with the apathy of the American People. I had not become apathetic. I still cared. I continued to talk politics with the few that I met who were interested AND reasonable.

But as for the American People, I had given up.

You see, I spent 10 years in the Marines, and several more as a defense contractor. I lived in several different countries, mostly in Muslim nations. There isn't much I haven't done, and even less that I haven't seen or heard about. I'm self educated - without even an associates degree; possessing just an insatiable thirst for knowledge and improvement. I rose from the bottom, digging up mines with my fingers, to where I am today - a highly paid IT professional. I paid little attention to the media. That hasn't changed and never will. However, when I returned home from time to time I grew increasingly dismayed by the overall lack of competence, lack of education, lack of understanding of the basic foundations of American government, lack of work ethic, lack of discipline, lack of compassion, lack of respect for elders, lack of respect of the rule of law or even an understanding of why laws exist at all.... well, i could go on and on, couldn't I?

The situation is so much more dire now than it ever was, isn't it? An entire nation of young people is being indoctrinated with the ideas of progressive world government; an idea that is neither progressive nor worldly, since power will rest in the hands of the few. So many Americans already confuse compassion with enabling destructive behavior. So many Americans look to demagogues for leadership or, even worse, a wealthy celebrity. They have more fame and money, and therefore must be better people, too.

Even more disgraceful is the lack of leadership from our own leaders. I'm not just talking about the bumbling politicians and soul-sucking bureaucrats that make up every government. I'm speaking of those who are supposed to rise above the nonsense. I'm speaking of religious leaders (where is the Church? - and I'm not even a church-going man and I can see their cowardice), social leaders (compare MLK to these charlatans), and most of all, our military and business leaders (so many stars and stock options, so little courage.)

Then I found the message of Ron Paul. It was about 6 months ago. Already a Libertarian, I was instantly drawn to him. 'Finally!' I exclaimed. Trouble is, 'this guy has no shot.' The American People don't deserve a man of his character.

And then I found all of you. What wonderful people! What true patriots! It is because of the Ron Paul Revolutionaries that my faith in Americans has been restored.

I am not alone!

Thank you. God bless you all.

And God bless The United States of America!

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same story here, mostly

When I first discovered just how corrupt our government was, I was young and on my way to being an unremarkable person, not overly successful but certainly reasonably well off. I had a decent career started but wasn't totally enthused about the field I was in. I could have continued on for years and would have done OK, and then switched to something else when I found something else I liked more. Instead, my shock drove me "underground" where I've pretty much remained since. I, too, have not so much as an associate's degree, and am mostly self-educated. Not much travel, and no military, but otherwise my story is like yours. I'm sure there are thousands more like us. I've talked with a few personally.

Ron Paul is the rainmaker, seeding the clouds of discontent, driving down a long-overdue healing rain on our parched land.

OK, that's corny, but it's essentially true. :-)

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Semper Fi

That's a wonderful message. I know that we're going to change the tide of the way Americans think. I just hope that we continue the fight after the elections and keep up the momentum.

I have to agree

The people i've met during this campaign are some of the best people i've ever met ,they are compassionate ,resiliant,highly motivated and intellegent ....................excluding myself of course .Good luck to us all.