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NH Primary---December 11th?

According to the campaign website, the NH primary could be moved up to December 11th, less than 2 months from now.

It seems like most of the Ron Paul camp says that this is bad for the campaign. My question is, why is that?

I happen to think that we could get a month or two's worth of free publicity when we win the primary. Of course, that's the big IF.

IF we win NH, that will carry over to the other states. The way I see it, the earlier, the better. Assuming we win it, that gives voters around the nation who don't know Ron Paul a chance to take a good look at him.

Maybe someone else can correct me on this (and I'm assuming victory), but wouldn't the campaign be better off by winning earlier. Or would the campaign be better off by winning it closer to when the other states hold their primaries?

Of course, I've assumed a big IF. I think he could realistically pull 20-25% or so in NH and win it though.

That said, this is why the campaign needs us NOW. If it gets moved up, then RP will be forced to go all-out in NH to try to win it. Good...he has the money to do it. Then it's up to us again to refill his bank. We've been told that the early primary is bad for us. I say no to that. Embrace the early primary....That'll really get the ball rolling.

My two cents...

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