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For those who can make it to the Tonight Show taping, here's some info:

Tapings start at 4:30 p.m. Pacific time at:

3000 W Alameda AVE, Burbank, California 91523.

NBC box office opens at 8:00 a.m. Pacific time on the day of the show to distribute tickets.

We need a big group of supporters to come out to this and make a day of it. Also, there's a nice chance to tie in Halloween and the Nov. 5th donations. I ran across a website called:


This guys wants $2.00 for a printable RP mask. I bought one and they can be easily mass produced for Halloween. It would be a real cool tie in to the whole Nov. 5th idea with Halloween and have a sea of people outside the NBC studio with RP masks. Jay would take notice. It would make sense for Halloween and would tie in extremely well with the whole 5th of November/V for Vendetta theme.

I think starting this mask campaign on Oct. 30th for the Tonight Show and keeping it going until November 5th would be HUGE!!! Hope to see many, many people at the Burbank studio even if you don't get in to see the taping!

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It's Tonight!

I am really excited about Ron Paul's appearance tonight. Tom Cruise's movie sounds like something I'd see in the theatre, too.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul

I freakin love that idea!!!

That scene in V for Vandetta is really powerful, and it does tie in with Halloween....

This could be a great opportunity for RP to...

clarify his positions. He NEEDS to tells people why abolishing many federal agengies wouldn't be abandoning people. He should tell people that each state already has it's own Dept. of Education (just as an example) thus, the federal dept is redundant and wasteful. I really believe he'll get a lot more support if he does more to calm the fears of those unfortunate souls who have become dependent on the govt. And WE should be pointing these things out to prospective voters as well.