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Wisconsin Primary - Tuesday Feb 19

You can register and vote on the same day in Wisconsin! Full details from the campaign website, here.

People on the front lines, please keep us updated!

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Hello all.

Hello all. I had stated that I would refrain from posting here anymore, but I just wanted to write another post to you. I want to say that even though I am Christian, I think that you need to be free to come to the knowledge of the Father. I believe that the only true way to gain a knowledge of the Father is through a knowledge of His Only Begotten Son. I pray for all of you who are my countrymen and neighbors, that God will help you. I don’t mean to be flippant with the use of the name of God. I know that is the general term for the Father, and not his Hebrew name, but I am sorry if I have been careless in using His name. I probably should not have criticized Libertarian Party people. I love all of you who want to stop America from descending into socialism and the abyss.

I still would like for Dr. Paul to win, however, I am happy that Obama is defeating Hillary and McCain so far. I have heard many of you express reservations about Obama, that you think he is socialistic, CFR, even possible form of Anti-Christ. I don’t want to support someone who is any of those things. I feel Obama is a likable person, but I could be wrong about him. He may be all the things that some of you have said. I am very glad Hillary is being defeated, since I would have a difficult time to bear the excruciating years of listening to her insane ranting. I am not against a woman becoming President; I just feel that Hillary is absolutely the worst possible candidate. McCain supports Real I.D. and endless warfare and I believe Hillary is also a war hawk in disguise.

I want to send out a message that the federal government is paying out 150 million dollars to 12 areas in Maine in order to have them develop centralized electronic medical records. I feel this is just anther ploy to have human beings microchipped, and create a socialist database so that the centralized government can control people. I hope that you Dr. Paul supporters in Maine can oppose this somehow, if you have the opportunity.

I said ye are Gods, Jesus

Be ye perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect, Jesus
All these things I have done ye can do, Jesus
I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.
psalms 82:6

Concerned about the Real ID.


I see that you are very concerned about the Real ID.

Here is a Christian web site for you - Christian News Watch. It shows who actually voted for the Real ID...

As for Huckabee, who is not listed since he is not a senator, see http://www.covenantnews.com/blog/archives/038521.html

Looks like Dr. Paul is our ONLY choice.

"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson

Obama is a likable person...

it's not that he's unlikeable it's that his policies would be a disaster(increasing the federal budget by 280bn for instance)...

I agree with you that many of his policies are socialistic.

I agree with you that many of his policies are socialistic. However, I can't imagine having Hillary as President, it makes me absolutely cringe. I think I would develop an aggravated peptic ulcer and perhaps even drop from stress. I would need to leave the country for real. I love America and it is a difficult thing to see it destroyed like this.


I'm not sure there's much difference between the two, Obama talks of change but the talk is hollow, I read his web site and he just doesn't address the problems/solutions directly as does Dr. Paul (example, talks of "simplyfying" the tax code but fails to acknowledge that his entitlement programs will require a tax increase, fails to address the issue of the FED and the declining value of the dollar etc.). Sadly most of the Obama supporters want change (feel as you do, as we all do regarding the direction of the country) but I don't think they will get the kind they want, most are democrats and would sooner vote for satan than a republican so they won't even entertain the idea of listening to what Dr. Paul has to say much less consider voting for him (they're so disgusted with 8 years of dubya and who could blame them? not like the msm acknowledges him and touts his contrast to the rest of the gop lineup). To Obama's credit, he did vote against the military action against Iraq and I'm sure he would withdraw troops from there alot faster than McCain would, but the hyper-interventionist foreign policy (policing the world, nation building and the financial burdens that go with it) would continue (perhaps shift to Africa) and domestic spending will increase by hundreds of billions. I don't see this candidate taking on the real issues that face America and everything he proposes requires more government growth (wrong direction IMHO)...

Ron Paul People Holding 'em Too Close To The Vest

New Mexicans are finishing up with their Republican Pre-Primary conventions. The county where I reside in just convened sunday the 17th. Most of the Convention Action centered around the Senatorial and Congressional contests. There was only one man manning one Huckabee For President booth. No McCain booths and sadly no Ron Paul Booths! Look folks holding the cards that close to the vest in my opinion at this stage of the game is nonsense. There were TV cameras there that we could have used to our advantage. Our RP people could have really sent a message had we done our promotion job in a big way. Ron Paul banners, Yard signs, a booth with our people all around, Hell we could've rented a band to stir things up! Instead- a BIG FAT GOOSE EGG! Maybe a couple of RP delegates were elected from our "stealth" operation. Had we been there proudly displaying our cause and our candidate we may have interested some of those convention goers. We may have at least given them "Hope for America" that there is an alternative to the "Open Borders, Pro choice, Big Government, Pro-taxes, Keep 'em in Iraq for a hundred years McCain." Please don't fall for that quiet kind of campaigning at the remaining Pre-primary or regular conventions. Let's show them we do have "Hope For America" with Ron Paul. Let's let 'em Have it!


You May Be Right - Consider Case by Case

This is something to be considered case-by-case. Most of us have never done this before, so if you learn something like the above, please post it here.

We need a thread just for such tips so people can read up before their own caucusses and conventions. Just as the stealth campaign is a response to the problems we had elsewhere, we may find other areas where it would go better the other way.

Local Meet-ups should decide whether to go high-profile or low, or both. Certainly there should always be an identified spokesperson for the Revolution at every event. If the booths cost money, raise it.

Whether you are stealthy or open, make friends. Keep in mind that you should never lie, because people don't like "others" to take them over, but they do like new members who join.


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

If you all are so unhappy with the results

do something!
This is cool and it will help: http://www.dailypaul.com/node/39092#comment-347038

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

i now laugh at america

it deserves its doom.

The pathetic imbeciles have voted to bankrupt our economy and destroy our country. Its lights out for this nation. I will laugh and laugh as things fall apart. What a bunch of absolute imbeciles we have in this country.


Have you seen the movie Idiocracy? It is a frighteningly plausible vision of the of the world's future set as a comedy.


Basically, the dumb breed much faster then the intelligent and there is no longer any natural selection towards intelligence since we protect our stupid as a society. The outcome is a world of only stupid people.

McCain is gonna be sweating it out for enough delegates to win

"This used to be a government of checks and balances. Now it's all checks and no balances." (Gracie Allen for President 1940)

"This used to be a government of checks and balances. Now it's all checks and no balances." (Gracie Allen for President 1940)


just announced that "Ace" McCain won Washington

Wasn't there other states

Wasn't there other states today?

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Hawaii, too and Washington


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


Its always 5 or 4% for RP in almost every state.....Must have the machines programed to give RP 4 or 5% no matter what.

Vote Count Accurate in Maricopa, Arizona

I was one of 12 republicans and 12 democrats selected to give a citizens audit to the vote count in Maricopa County Arizona.

Out of some 360 some sealed bins holding all the ballots, we where free to select any bins we wanted for auditing. We selected 8 bins to count at random for democrat vote, and 8 for the republican vote. The hand vote count showed that the machine vote to be dead on.

With two republicans and one democrat sitting at a table, ...or...two democrats and one republican sitting at a counting table, we broke the bin seal and opened the bins and began counting the ballots one by one, by hand.

4 times the hand count and the machine count did not match up (usually by one vote off). When that happened a recount had to happen, counting each ballot in sets of ten. Always it was the manual count, not the machine count, that proved incorrect.

At my table, we first counted democratic ballots. Obama was consistently ahead by a small margin. Our first bin we counted 498 for Hillary, 502 for Obama. Other tables counting democrat ballots from other bins came up with similar spread in favor of Obama. There was over 260,000 early ballots. We sampled 1000 ballots out of the Early Ballot bins. In those, Hillary had a huge margin of victory. Hillary beat Obama in the state of Arizona and the spread reflected what we hand counted. When we tabulated the margin of victory from all of our sampling and the margin of victory Hillary got from the overall master machine count, it was right on the money, very accurate.

Then we moved to count 8 bins of ballots for a republican count, again we chose them ourselves.

What do the ballots look like? The ballots are about 11 x 17, on hard paper. The ballots have the names listed to the left side, then the right side is an arrow pointing to the name on the left side. There was 20 or so names for president. Take the name Ron Paul. Ron Paul would be on the left, then long arrow pointing straight to his name on the right. To vote for Ron Paul (or any one), you, the voter, would "complete" the arrow in the middle. The arrow's middle section was empty. With a black marker, you would fill in the middle of the arrow, completing the arrow, thus voting. The machine rejects double voting and places those ballots into a special sealed bin, that we humans then look at and audit latter. We learned the machine would NOT count as double voting if even a person just did a dot in the middle of any arrow and a solid line in the arrow he/she intended. This happened a lot. People, perhaps unaware, would place a dot in the middle of each arrow as they went down the list, then fill in the middle of the arrow pointing to the person we could see they wanted. The machine could not count these, but we did. I saw about 12 like this for John McCain. A light small dot in the middle of each arrow until a full dark line for John McWaricain. With the other two table counters in full agreement, (a table had to decide it 100% one or the other), a vote for McCain was added. Thus, even those bins that had ballots whereby the machine did not count the votes, the votes did get counted.

My own hands counted over a 1000 republican ballots. I can tell you that it was very sobering to see that Ron Paul received 5.5% of the vote. Fred Thompson, who dropped from the race, had no signs about town, no ads, no commercials, not in any debate before Super Tuesday, pulled 9.2%.

The bottom line guys, in Maricopa County the vote count is NOT fraudulent. Its very well handled and the machines are right on the money. There was many ways the vote is audited and many systems in place for watching the ballots. New Hampshire could learn a lot from Maricopa County, Arizona.

Ron Paul received 5.5% of the vote, not just in Maricopa County, but state wide. The fact that Ron is receiving that nationally tells me that probably very accurate.

We in the grassroots can take credit for lifting Ron Paul from 1% nationally to 5% nationally. What needs to be answered is how much money and TV airtime did the Ron Paul campaign buy before Super Tuesday. Even though there was a media blackout, there also was a HQ campaign TV blackout. Strategic national TV ads where never placed for Ron Paul. We need to learn what could have done better to break through Ron Paul to a national audience. Ron had the best grassroots campaign and the best money raising supporters, how is it that the Campaign failed to give Ron Paul national TV airtime and exposure prior to Super Tuesday.


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Your machines are probably not the Diebold

Your machines are probably not the Diebold optical scanners that use ballots, which look like scan-tron sheets. We NEVER had voting machines before this in NH. I think this election was rigged. Dr. Paul probably came in third and Obama most likely came in first in their respective parties here in my opinion. I recognized some of the poll workers, and some are not all that nice in my estimation, but I think it must have been Diebold. Man are you ppl naïve.

Thanks for a very thoughtful and thorough post.

NH voting is done in a similar way. Although errors were made in the reporting there was no fraud. As in AZ the machine counts have been found to correct many many times.

The recount process, however, seems very weird. I don't know what the exact circumstances are but sloppy is the only way to describe what should be a scrupulously clean and transparent process.


Treg, I'm right with you. My mother is one of those "corrupt"

poll workers. And she has also particpated in audits, machine tests, etc, and is NOT easily hoodwinked or pushed aside (it's where I get my "tenacious" side) -- and she has never seen anything for fraud (doesn't mean it can't happen, just that it is NOT as widespread as tinfoil people suggest).

Anyway, I think you've probably seen my "first Blush" Summary Analysis of the 4th Qtr FEC data on RPF trying to answer the question of "Where the $17M went?"

I beginning to think we need to SERIOUSLY request that a group of supporters get to analyze the books and LOOK at those invoices and get some type of REAL accounting for what was and was not purchased for advertising, etc. (The numbers from FEC can only take you so far -- seeing a whole load of payments to this company or that doesn't do much for understanding whether the money was well spent).

What think ye?

Can you email me that?

Can you email me that "first blush" summary analysis?
I would like to know how much TV time was purchased, which ads aired, at what times and days and which states.

I also believe that we in the Grassroots need to learn how to MONEY Bomb our own movement, ourselves. We could become bigger and stronger than the Democracy Now, MoveOn.org, or DailyKos or even bigger lobby groups such as the NRA.

Any ideas on how we should Money Bomb ourselves?


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

Data doesn't go down that far...

FEC data really only goes as far as invoice AMOUNTS paid, to whom and when. To know airtimes and such you would likely need to see not only the actual invoices, but probably the underlying contracts (and FEC does not disclose that info, I don't think they even require that to be filed, not sure).

As to money-bombing ourselves, a lot of efforts have been using the chip-ins. If you wanted to do it on a large scale then you'd need an organization of some type -- something parallel to the official campaign, and then you would once again be at the mercy of whoever was running THAT organization and how competent they were and what THEIR agenda is, etc.

And quite frankly I'm not sure how many people would have enough faith -- or enough money left they'd be willing to risk... I'm certain it would be significantly less than the campaign has raised (take the Blimp for example). But whether it would be 1%, or 10% who knows.

I think a LOT of the movement is now "burned over" territory that will take time to "regrow" its potential.

Gee, you mean you don't think that like advertising or having

the candidate maybe campaign in a state makes any difference?

except 8% in washington

your theory doesnt even work with the numbers from today. 8% in washington. go washington!!!

5% percent is not

5% percent is not much...however, if each one manage to get another new RP supporter, it would be 10%...not to mention thousands of people in absolute number. The Revolution must continue regardless. It said that RP got .46% when he ran in 88.

My thought exactly.

My thought exactly.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Love seeing Clinton lose

I have to say, it makes me happy to see Clinton fall. And kudos to the ~15K Ron Paul Wisconsin voters! 5% is not bad considering establishment Republicans hate Ron Paul and the media has completely blacked him out.

after seeing...

these results, I have to wonder what is wrong with a majority of the people in this country to so blindly cast their votes? I cant believe that I have to live here.:-(

This might give you some idea

I heard on the 6pm news just now that McCain has only one challenger and that challenger has no hope of catching up to him.

When the alleged news reports things like that, it is easy to see why McCain will dominate from here on out.

Of course the question I have is: if McCain is already the winner, why don't we just cancel the rest of the primaries? If McCain is already the winner, why should anyone even bother to vote?

The sheeple, on the other hand, ask: "Since McCain is already the winner, why would I vote for anyone else...it would be a wasted vote?" And unfortunately, I do believe those people easily represent 80% or more of the population. And I think some of them truly are unreachable.