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Can't Do Without The Personal Income Tax?

I’m so tired of hearing or reading about how important and necessary the Personal Income Tax is to our country. How can we possibly expect our federal government to function without paying an income tax? Never mind that only about one third of the taxes we pay come from the PIT. Never mind that all of these taxes go to pay the central bankers their unearned and illegal interest on the so-called national debt. Never mind that the IRS is the greatest perpetrator of coercion and force against the American people since our founders warned us against allowing such a tax.

Did you know that at one time all Judges were exempt from the personal income tax? Why; so that Judges could work for the American justice system without fear of covert reprisals from the government in the form of spurious “tax audits”. I know this statement is true, I just don’t remember what year this exemption was removed.

Back in 1994, I wrote an essay for one of the patriot groups I was involved with. Not much concerning the PIT has changed except that some of the admissions within the 1040 tax instruction booklet, particularly in the “Commissioner’s Notes” concerning voluntary compliance, have been omitted for obvious reasons to further obscure the truth.

I sometimes think that most of our loss of freedom has come about because of evil intent, but more often then not it is just bad decisions by our government leaders with no clear understanding of true freedom and liberty. Of course this doesn’t include the central bankers who knew full well what they were doing. How could our government leaders not understand the damages they do to their own people with a confiscatory tax on our labor?

The fact is that the Internal Revenue Act was enacted by our congress based on “Voluntary Compliance”. That’s right, what could go wrong if the personal income tax was a voluntary act of the people to support their government? The significance of “Voluntary Compliance” was that there would be No Criminal Penalties related to this tax. No “Debtor’s Prison” would be tolerated in our country. To this day, there are no criminal statutes concerning filing your personal tax return. All criminal prosecutions are based improperly on the statutes concerning those who “Collect Taxes” not those who pay the taxes. Simply put, failure to forward taxes by those who collect the taxes is a criminal offense; not paying taxes is not; hence voluntary compliance.

Part of my 1994 Essay:

Money is power. When the government takes our money in the form of taxes (also by debasing our currency), it is taking away our power. It then uses this power against us. The more of our money it can take, the greater this shift in power becomes.

There have been many books written to explain why the enforcement of the “Income Tax” is unconstitutional and illegal. There are many organizations that will help educate you on this subject. It is not my purpose to go into those issues here. Instead, I will let the Commissioner of the IRS tell you the truth about these taxes.

There is a good chance you received a “1993 1040 Instruction Book”. Did you read the “Commissioner’s Note” on page three? I’ve asked this question many times. Not one person has ever said yes! Get it out and read it. I’ll paraphrase for you.

Paragraph One: The tax is based on “Voluntary Compliance”.
Paragraph Two: We will use “Criminal Enforcement” to make you “Volunteer”
Paragraph Three: This commissioner is personally committed to making those, who chose not to “Volunteer”, regret that decision.

I believe her. I believe that this tax is voluntary. I also believe the IRS is capable of doing anything to FORCE me to comply. The truth is that the IRS has no power to collect these taxes without our consent. They tell you so, if you will just pay attention!

Your Miranda Warning:
Page 4 of this same 1040 Instruction Book includes your Miranda Warning. Did you read it? “You have the right to remain silent. If you give up this right everything you say can and will be used against you…etc.”

Top of page 4: “Privacy Act and Paperwork Reduction Act Notice” (The “Privacy Act” is the key here. Isn’t it cleaver how they’ve tried to bury it in the “Paper Reduction Act”?) I’ll paraphrase again.
Paragraphs 1,2,3: You have the right to remain silent!
Paragraphs 4,5,6,7,8: Everything you say can and will be used against you.
What; you though the government was going to give its citizens the same straight forward warning it gives burglars and car thieves? Not when it comes to taking our money!

Filing a tax return is your CONFESSION. Can you be compelled to be a witness against yourself? (Hint: even “criminals” are protected by the 4th and 5th Amendments.) You can not be compelled to be a witness against yourself. But, you can “Volunteer”. You can "Confess"!

Filing a “tax return” must be a voluntary act otherwise it violates our basic “Bill of Rights”. This is why the 16th Amendment gives no new taxing powers. It can not contradict the Constitution without amending the “Bill of Rights” as well. This is why the Commissioner can only try to hide these facts when addressing the so-called “Tax Payer”. This is why the IRS plays word games and resorts to its common tactics of threat, coercion and force. There can be no lawful requirement repudiating your right to privacy, property and due process under our “Bill of Rights”.

Note: Anyone who believes that the Constitution and Bill of Rights is antiquated and no longer valid is either a tool of the elite or has been brainwashed to accept government control over freedom and liberty.

I’ll conclude with one last item you might want to check for yourself. Knowing the functions of the different branches of our government, under which branch would the “United States Tax Court” be located? Well if it’s a court, it would be under the “Judicial Branch”, right?

Wrong, in “Black’s Law Dictionary” there is an “Organizational Chart of the United States Government”. The “United States Tax Court” is located under the Legislative Branch. How can that be? Did the publishers make a mistake? Of course not!

The answer is obvious. This so-called court is nothing more than an administrative board. In fact, it used to be called the “United States Tax Administration Board”. Changing its name to make it appear to be a court did not change its legal position in the government hierarchy. The Legislative Branch has no power, constitutional or otherwise, to enforce any laws, period!

Most of us already know our government is guilty of flagrant violations of our unalienable rights and liberties and even their own laws. But these people are so arrogant and have so little respect for our intelligence that they will even violate the laws of grammar and definition. A word can not have two opposing definitions. The tax is either voluntary or mandatory, it can not be both. The tax court is either a judicial body or a legislative body, it can not be both.

Our nation is under attack from within. We were given the means to defeat this enemy without resorting to violence. There is nothing too devious for our government to perpetrate on its citizens. If left to be its own lawmaker, judge and jury, the lies will continue until all rights will belong to the STATE.

Final Note:
The real power of the people does not lie only in the election of our representatives. Our real power lies in our right of “Jury Nullification”. No matter how many laws our government writes “We the People” can overturn those laws by protecting each other from prosecution in our courts. In my opinion, knowing our rights of jury nullification can be our greatest weapon against tyranny. Look it up! (End of Essay)

When I wrote about Jury Nullification, I never thought I would see the very existence of habeas corpus including “trial by jury” eliminated for anyone under America’s control or jurisdiction. Make no mistake, if our government can remove basic human rights from anyone, citizen or not, our freedom is under attack and we are losing. If we don’t act now, we may not get another chance. Ron Paul is our Hope for America.

Best Regards,

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Another thought

When I hear Dr. Paul talk about how a constitutional U.S. government could get along nicely without an income tax, I'm reminded of a little exercise I did about a year and a half ago.
I went through the summary by department of Mr. Bush's proposed budget (FY07, I think) and wrote down only the expenditures for departments that are authorized by the Constitution.
I gave government the benefit of the doubt. If I wasn't sure exactly what a department did, I included it. I included all of the defense budget, even though I know the Department of Defense has actually become The Department of Running Around the World Sticking Our Noses Into Other People's Business.
Result: A $1.8 trillion surplus.

Tax the rich, really really tax the richer

It is my opinion that while the 16th Amendment made it constitutional for the federal government to tax income, it did not remove the constitutional requirement that all imposts must be uniform.
Therefore, a PROGRESSIVE income tax is unconstitutional. Anybody agree?
Let me add my thanks for a great post.

For those that have done more research on this than myself...

After first seeing AFTF about a year or so back, my first thought was such:
Every year, H&R Block and various other tax prep agencies offer a "Maximum Refund Guarantee." Since they are advising you to pay x amount each year over what you're really supposed to pay (zero), why not start a class-action suit against the tax prep companies instead of the IRS? They don't have the armed backing and are therefore easier targets for a law suit. Imagine the media attention such a suit would bring, especially if we won!

Ok, to those that have done more research on this than myself, what do you think?

Look At All The Happy Creatures

Your handle is apt.

Anti-stupid, this is SUCH a great post. You have obviously done a tremendous amount of research on this subject, and since I myself have as well, I know for a fact that every single thing you say in your post is true. Thanks for a great post, mate.

By the way, did you know that jury nullification has actually been OUTLAWED in California? The California Supreme Court, in their infinite wisdom, expressed THIS incredible opinion on the subject: Jury nullification is "contrary to our ideal of equal justice for all" and agreed that judges could remove jurors who resorted to nullification. Amazing, eh? Jurors who wish to exercise their absolute right to judge the law as well as the facts must not, in California, say that they are judging the law. If they wish to nullify, they must insist that the prosecution's evidence did not satisfy them. Truly a rubber-stamp jury system here.


Great Posting

Great posting, thanks.