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Fox News debate tomorrow?

Anyone know who's moderating the debate?

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Brit Hume is a moron

Brit Hume is a MORON ... i remember him asking ron paul a questions and Ron Paul totally PWNED HIM ... and Brit Hume had a sourpuss face on lol .. and he was like "LET'S CHECK ON THE FOLKS AT YOUNGS RESTAURAUNT"!!!! lol

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire


Probably Brit Hume

it is Brit Hume

you are correct

Look At All The Happy Creatures

Yes and...

Chris "are you serving Al-Qaeda" Wallace will be there as well.

Supposedly that guy with the perpetual smirk, Carl Cameron, will be there too.

I'm expecting, as usual, for Giuliani's mic to constantly be turned up during Ron Paul's answers in order that we all can hear his childish snickering, but then when Dr. Paul brings the house down with applause, the house mics will get cranked DOWN so as to make his support seem minimal.

Then, as usual, we can expect Hannity to downplay the FOX post-debate text poll. He'll badmouth his own station's poll just to swipe at Dr. Paul and his supporters.



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I can't stand Hannity

Someone needs to beat a potato into his mouth, and shove his microphone up his ass. Then start hunting for O'reilly.