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Small business donation

Does anyone know how to get in contact with the donation director of the Ron Paul campaign? They should create a small business donation section next to the regular one on the home page. I have talked with many small business owners that are really struggling because our tax system is incredibly unfair. They are all very interested in the idea of abolishing the IRS and Ron Paul as our president. It would be a way to prove to the large corporations that the little guys have power and a voice. Plus, it would probably make the news. Small business owners employ more people then the large corporations. What do you guys think?

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Business Donations

This is a good idea. As a small business owner, I would like to make a contribution on line but found out that I can't under the current setup. I'm sure there are many more of us out there. Thanks to the person that raised this issue.

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Just call them

Just call them, the number can be found on the "contact us" part of the website. I call them all the time to ask them questions.

Should I leave a message or

Should I leave a message or wait until someone picks up?

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Oh sorry.

No one there on weekends but they are during the week and I think a little bit on Saturday. They always answer for me, every time. I've called as late as 6 i believe and they were there. I don't know if they have seperate numbers for the donation dept., but I would just call the general line and ask, I am sure they can direct you from there.