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New Straw Poll from WND - Please read and vote

Janet L Folger is conducting a straw poll. An excerpt:

Straw houses can be blown down. And so, I appeal to the grass roots – the people who pound in the yard signs and get out the vote: If you don't want the "conservative" leaders compromising with a RINO the pundits say can win, here's your chance to be heard. Here's your chance to lead. E-mail me at and VOTE. In the subject line, put your candidate in caps. Then, if you can, tell me WHY. I'll report the results in my column next week.

My entry follows:

He has been in congress 9 terms and I defy you to find one unprincipled vote. Ever. He is pro-life but small government - he will protect OUR borders, and leave Bosnian borders to Bosnians or whomever is nearby who can help.

He is even tough on terror, but not the use of terror as an excuse to spend money on well lobbied security and war companies and the nonsense the TSA does (weren't those six Imams searched? Why did the passengers feel nervous?).

The other four? Maybe, but ask yourself if you are simply trying to game the system yourself, corruption in your favor. How much compromise?

There have been many 454-1 votes, and the one who stands alone against nonsense and unconstitutional policies is Ron Paul.

And if he hasn't compromised once over this long period, he will do EXACTLY WHAT HE SAYS and what he as done in the white house. Can you say that about anyone else?

If possible, he is more principled than Ronald Reagan.

But do you want real and true principle? That which George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and the other founders had when they feared big government?

Or do you want corruption favorable to your side and hope it won't turn on you as every other Republican victory - from "Read my lips" Bush 41, to Gingrich's retreat on the government shutdown, to the current porkfest while ignoring abortion?

Or for feel-good facades that say Social Security is OK, huge deficits are too, and the hours delay waiting to be strip searched at the airport should make you feel safe, and the library's filter software any 7 year old can get around.

Choose this day. Principle or corruption or illusion.

There is only one candidate who has never compromised.

But principle is the hardest choice. It means the long trek through the desert from a pampered slavery in Egypt back to the promised land of freedom.

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WND is conducting a poll on Ron Paul

WND is conducting a poll on Ron Paul called Paulitical Force. It is located at and asks "What do you think of Ron Paul for President?" Again, here is your chance to be heard. So far the results look very positive!

Ron Paul 2012 - Restoring the Founding Fathers American Dream

My email is as follows; I

My email is as follows;

I noticed a glaring omission in your article. No mention of Ron Paul. I know he is against the war in Iraq which puts him at odds with many contemporary Republicans, but his stance is principled and consistent. He is no bleeding heart liberal who doesn't want a war ever. No he stood against this police action as well as the Kosovo police action. For that's what these incursions are, police actions. Ron Paul correctly and in good principal asked members of Congress to stand up to their CONSTITUTIONALLY mandated role and declare war on Iraq. And to a one, they all refused and shirked their number one duty to the people of this country.

As far as his many other stances, I feel he is the absolute best candidate to carry on the torch of freedom passed down from Goldwater to Regan and now I hope to Ron Paul.

Thanks for reading.

Robert NW Ohio
"The freedom tree is watered by the blood of both patriots and tyrants alike".........."time to water the tree"..Authors Unkn


Great Response

M. Raborn
Glad I sent my short comments (He is a man of principles. He won't be swayed by political pressure. With nearly 20 years of elected service, he is a "proven product!" Ron Paul for President!) before I read your comments or I would have been ashamed to send my two cents! What a great response. Thanks for being on here telling others what Ron is truly like. Those of us that know him, respect him. Those of us that know him well, love him! Margie

M. Raborn