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The incorrect FRC fundraising chart for Ron Paul...

I noticed this promptly the other day and wrote them a scathing email since it was obviously and seemingly intentionally inaccurate, listing Ron Pauls cash at $524,000 as of Oct 1st 2007, which is 1000% off...
And not suprisingly they refuse to change it...

Makes me sick... but I can't wait for Ron Paul to crush their balls tomorrow night on Faux Snooz GOP Debate.

I noticed that, as well.

I noticed that, as well. I'm SURE their excuse will be 'We only update that once a month'. It SHOULD be updated as soon as new figures come out. Smacks of an agenda to me...Paul supporters should bury the FRC (does the 'F' stand for 'Fascist'?) with e-mails requesting that the site be updated.