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naw ... Google is supportive

It is most certainly a glitch. I use Google way more than I should for everything. I ALWAYS have odd troubles with them. Some last for days or weeks ...some only minutes. I dont blame them ....for any of it ... nor would I blame them for this ....LOL When was the last time you paid your Google bill? haha I wont be complaining ... they offer a fab service :)

and similarly I have trouble with youtube... I cant play vids after my mem cache on firefox crosses 200,000 KB ... thats what ya get when ya run 3 monitors, 6 windows with 9 tabs each at once...lol... so i dont blame them either..

and lets not forget ...things happen ;)
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Ron Paul is pimp slapping the internet!

Yes, there is a problem with Google & Ron Paul

Yes, something is up. Since Ron Paul got the huge Google corporation support, I know it is not deliberate. But, I have an automated Google Alert set up for Ron Paul since December, 2006. Every day around 7am I get a 24 hour list of new Ron Paul links. I did not get one for the 19th nor this morning. Interesting.


Freedom's the Answer. What's the Question?

Freedom's the Answer. What's the Question?

Lots of behind-scenes changes at Google

AdSense and AdWords weren't working (just an apology and "back soon" page) earlier today.

Methinks they are making or propogating some substantial new code chunks around in a lot of their operations... probably NSA inspired. [grin]

I used to search Reddit... but now that is broken too!

I used to search "Ron Paul" on Reddit's Politics page... but they done brokey their whole search thingee now...

Personally, I think they were seeing 50% of their searches being for "Ron Paul" and decided to end that.

; -)

Worked fine for me

I did google news search on Paul and it worked for me.
I live out west.

10k hits

just came up. do web search then hit news results...

Google News Search

It happens with all the other candidates as well. Looks like a Google problem so I don't think it's any sort of conspiracy.

Isn't Google "pro-Ron Paul?"

Based upon Dr Paul's appearance at Google a couple of months back I thought they were very "pro-Ron Paul." Am I wrong?

I bet it is just a technical issue.

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it's not an anti-ron paul thing... It is absolutely a technical glitch. My question was if it was just me (i.e. maybe a cookie thing) or if other people were experiencing it, and for how long (i.e. should I just wait or find a new way to get the news)....

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same here

google news Ron Paul - nothing


That started happening to me today as well. Hmmm...

Use www.Ask.com

Tha same thing happened to

Tha same thing happened to me earlier. I tried using the Google News search for other candidates and they aren't coming up either. Probably some kind of malfunction.

me too

A few days ago I got "no results found" several times. Today, I'm not getting anything.

No searches seem to work

I'm guessing it's a complete back end issue and completely unrelated to "Ron Paul".


I do the same and never had this problem until just after reading this!

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It's probably a small

It's probably a small technical blip.

Google News

No RP page found.

Is there another search engine that compiles all of the news like Google does?

I'm bummed for my RP news fix!