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A personal thank-you for the new bridge!

Lest you doubt the importance of getting Dr. Paul elected (and if you're reading this you probably don't)...
Our local newspaper last week ran a column by our district's Republican congressman headlined, "Children's Health Insurance Program Should Be Expanded." In the opening paragraph, "my" representative (I use quotes because I've never voted for him, and there's not a chance in h-e-double-hockey-sticks I ever will) said legislation in the 1990s authorizing the original SCHIP program is one of the accomplishments he's "most proud of." With the main disagreement between Republicans and Democrats in recent weeks being whether taxpayer funding for this statist scam should be increased by $5 billion or $35 billion, "my" representative says the correct amount is somewhere in between.
This is a conservative Republican?
In this week's paper, several pages were devoted to the dedication of a nearby small-town bridge across the Missouri River for which you, dear federal taxpayers, chipped in $14 million.
The bridge has a large sign at either end proclaiming it the "Senator Christopher S. Bond Bridge." Pictures of a beaming Sen. Bond (one of "my" senators - see explanation above) accompanied stories explaining how he and local leaders "teamed up" to bring home federal money for the project.
This is a conservative Republican?

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the tooth fairy

Most people don't ask themselves how these things are being paid for. It seems like it will be up to us to point this out. We must be consistent in our diligence. Letters to the editor, talk show call ins. This message of payment must be drummed into the subconscious mind so that people will start to question these gifts from the tooth fairy.