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G. Edward Griffin: Monday Special Guest on "The Freedom Message"

Certain few, true friends of Freedom have kept the lamp light of liberty lit and held aloft through long, dark years as our country has gradually been transformed from a Constitutional Republic into a quasi-Socialist dictatorship of the elite. One such man is Congressman Ron Paul. Another is G. Edward Griffin. Some of you may know him as the eloquent gentleman who introduced Dr. Paul at recent rallies in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Many others know of him as the author of the definitive classic dissection of the Federal Reserve Bank, “The Creature From Jekyll Island”.

Mr. G. Edward Griffin will be our Special Guest on the Monday, October 22nd edition of “The Freedom Message” with Steven Vincent. We’ll be discussing Congressman Paul’s new legislation, “The American Freedom Agenda Act”, the unfolding crisis of the US dollar and the debt bubble, the emerging debate over the legitimacy of the Federal Reserve System, the phenomenon of the Ron Paul Revolution and other topical subjects.

You can view some selected videos by Mr. Griffin at the Mogulus Channel embedded on my home page at www.RonPaulFreedomMessage.com.

Feel free to call in with your questions. Listening instructions are found in my signature and at the web site.

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