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Will you support an international revolution too?

Whether Ron Paul is elected president next year or not, will his supporters support similar revolutions for freedom internationally to?

In 2009 there are elections to the European Union parliament. And there is today very very weak support for a freedom movement in Europe today. Would you help support a growing freedom movement in the EU? And maybe also in East Asia and who knows where?

I'm not talking about Ron Paul engaging in anything like that, since he is an elected representative of the US. I'm talking about this powerful grasroot movement spreading some of its powers internationally. Key issues could be:
- No to supergovernments (like EU and UN)
- More local government independance
- Smaller government (lower taxes, lower spending, lower debts)
- Sound money (i.e. gold or let the market decide its currency)
- Free market economy
- Right to freedom of speech and no to government surveillance
- Non-interventionist foreign policy

The idea of freedom is universial across time and geography, even if there are practical differences with respect to election systems, media, language and culture.

Since the message is essentially universial, there is a great potential in "mass production" of texts, videos, songs et cetera. And the internet knows no national borders. Much material already produced for the Ron Paul revolution, could easily be adapted for European conditions.

Would you be intersted in contributing to a worldwide revolution too? Not as vigouriasly as is now happening with million dollar donations and masses of youtube videos of course. But would you care to keep an eye on the international spinn offs from this revolution which you have ignited, during the years ahead?

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More difficult there

Europe has a history of authoritarian governments of various types with little of what we call liberty ensconcesd in any of the governing documents. The same can be said for MOST of the world. While a small minority would welcome the chance to succeed or fail on ones own merits, the dependency state has been there for the whole of recorded history. Let's get our own house in order that we may be an example to our friends and neighbors abroad.

supporting freedom elsewhere

In theory I support it 100%. In practice, it would depend on what was required and what I'm involved in at home. If things are still dicey here, sorry but my home must take precedence. If I don't feel urgently needed here on a personal level, I would love to work alongside freedom lovers in other countries! I'm sure we'd learn from each other and the experience would be memorable and possibly very useful. So, hopefully there'll be time for that.

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Jawohl, Herren u. Damen!

Revolution ist wundebar, eh?

No, all kidding aside, I am just getting up to speed on the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), and the New World Order (NWO). The "fight4truth" site does a good job on explaining what's happening in the world today.

Oh!myGod, my name has been added to the "no-fly-list"! Time to activate "The Onion Router" (TOR) software, and to the enable 128-bit "Pretty Good Privacy" (PGP) encryption.

I'm just kidding!

Tchuss, Adieu, Adios, SeeYa!

"Who is John Galt?"

Count Me In

I sincerely hope that the people that have been woken up with this campaign will stay active fighters in the battle for freedom no matter the outcome of this election. Our futures and those of our children depend on it.