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Advertise on Federal Reserve Notes

Wouldn't we be able to reach alot of people if we just wrote "Elect Ron Paul President" or "RonPaul2008.com" or something of that nature on every Federal Reserve Note we all happen to receive?

Just a thought

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I bought a Pack of Sharpies just for this

and have been doing it for months .... i get all my cash in 1's and 5's ....by now there has to be a few thousand bills out there :)

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In one word. Genius.

I love the way that GIVEN THE CHANCE, the free market always constructs a way to prosper. This is evident in its clearest form in Ron Paul's grassroots campaign.

We might also add "The Creature from Jekyll Island" to the writing.

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

happiness is while I went to

happiness is while I went to a bar in other city and the change I got back from a purchase had a dollar bill with the stamp on it. It made my day!

Advertising on Federal Reserve Notes

I originally thought it was a good idea and used the red ink stamp. However, I no longer do this, because I have come to the conclusion that it may turn a lot of people off to Ron Paul, before they even hear him speak.

There is a high likelihood that older people will see such advertising as defacing the money and brand it as the behavior of childishly irresponsible people. They may, then, want not to be connected with such people and thus reject Ron Paul as a potential candidate to support.

I have that stamp and it is

I have that stamp and it is awesome I spend everything in cash and stamp every bill.


I have been doing this for a while. I think I saw it in a YouTube video. Good idea.

Ron has a stamper that is

Ron has a stamper that is perfect for that.