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Grass Roots Fund Drive Analysis

Hi folks...

The first significant self-organized online RP money drive was completed today. It was called a Ron Paul money bomb and started as a Craigs List idea. It ballooned into http://ronpaulmoneybomb.com . The idea was to get as many people as possible to donate $25 at a set day and time so as to collectively make some money noise, so to speak.

The infrastructure is in place to review the results of these grass
roots donation efforts in real time. You can see real time charts at:


The results from today's 1st money bomb can be seen at this chart:


The effort started at 1:00 pm EST and was scheduled to finish at 2:00 pm EST. The RP campaign sent out a fundraising email at 1:38 pm EST which makes it a little bit more difficult to interpret how successful the money bomb was. However, you can see from the chart that for the 38 minutes before the campaign email was sent out the money bomb doubled the rate of online donations. Also when the money bomb ended the rate of donations (slope of the chart) dropped.

As many of you have heard, http://thisnovember5th.com is going to be another big grass roots self-organized fund drive. You can see a chart of how many people are signing up for this here:


It is going to be great fun to follow this and see how our organized
efforts impact the campaign and watch it in real time... We get enough people on board with this, and this will likely get some media coverage.

You can check out the ronpaulgraphs blog for info on how these graphs got started and where this is headed at the blog:


If you think this info will be useful in other forums, meetup groups, etc, please forward this on!

Take care!


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Next Money Bomb

Isn't one going off next week too? Should have a bigger impact as more people learn about it.


Hi Dante, you are probably correct. I actually stuck that line in because I read speculation earlier today that a money bomb would be scheduled on Nov 5th as well... In retrospect, since it is just speculation at this point, I will edit this post and remove that line.