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Thank you, Dr. Paul

Maher interviews Gary Kasparov, Chess great and intelligent politician:


This interview is fantastic, regardless of his political position. Chris Matthews had an excellent point. His level of sophistication regarding politics leads to several positive comments from Matthews and Maher.

Matthews' main point was that Kasparov doesn't talk down to the people, unlike our politicians. One of the things I REALLY appreciate about Ron Paul is that he's made me smarter, he's educated me on how this world works. He doesn't talk down to us and tells it like it is. He talks about history. I had no idea about 1953 and the Shah, for example.

I am in the process of purchasing my first home (almost closed), and I couldn't have done it until I found out about the "housing bubble," the Fed, and all these things that Dr. Paul has educated me about. He's educated me. He made me look for answers and figure out what the hell he was talking about when he would say things that were over my head.I leaned libertarian before, now he's explained to me the why of his positions. He's made me a good libertarian....even if I disagree with him on some issues.

Think about this, has ANY other candidate educated you on any other subject better than Ron Paul?

What's the other candidates contributions?
"They hate us for our freedoms" and "Iran, Bad."

Thank you Dr. Paul. I am smarter because of you.

Ron Paul, Educating America