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Another Untapped Market

Seniors citizens.

Many of the supporters of Ron Paul are young or internet savvy people but a big voting block in the country are seniors.

I have met and spoken to a few seniors that have heard of Ron Paul and liked what they heard. Many seniors listen to news radio and take a more active role in politics with their free time but rely on MSM as their source of information. Most have not heard about him.

Ron Paul has sponsored bills that are Senior friendly and this would hit home with them. Money and taxes are the biggest concerns for many that live on fixed incomes.


Ron Paul's Record
Ten term Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) has a proven record of supporting America's senior citizens.

Social Security Preservation Act of 2007
Ron Paul is the chief sponsor of the Social Security Preservation Act of 2007 (HR 219), which would prohibit Congress from raiding the Social Security Trust Fund . It also requires that the money paid into the Trust Fund be invested in U.S. Treasury Bonds and FDIC-insured, interest-earning certificates of deposit.

Prescription Drug Affordability Act of 2007
Ron Paul is the chief sponsor of the Prescription Drug Affordability Act of 2007 (HR 194), which would provide an 80% tax credit for out-of-pocket expenses incurred for the purchase of any prescription drugs by those of retirement age. It would also legalize the importation of prescription drugs that meet American safety standards from places like Canada, where the prescription drugs cost less.

Social Security Beneficiary Tax Reduction Act
Ron Paul is the chief sponsor of the Social Security Beneficiary Tax Reduction Act (HR 192 ), which would repeal the 1993 Clinton tax hike on Social Security benefits.

Protected Social Security Funds
According to the National Taxpayers Union, Ron Paul is one of only seven members of Congress who did not vote to spend even one penny of Social Security benefits on other programs.

Taxpayer's Friend
Ron Paul has earned the "Taxpayer's Friend Award" from the National Taxpayers Union every year he has been in Congress, including ranking first six years in a row.

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ron paul is the only option

you are right in saying that he will not eliminate social security immiediately. as a matter of fact he's the only one who can assure that they will continue to have it in the very near future. if we stopped spending money overseas on a millitary empire, we would save a trillion dollars a year. this would pay off the older people who have social security coming to them and give the younger people the option of getting out of it and save on thier own retirement,( which could easily be done without the burden of income taxes) what is your alternative? vote for someone else and let the social security run bankrupt and their will be nothing for the elderly, nothing, zip, nada, i hope you like cat food! ron paul is the only option the elderly have! the end!

A **KEY** thing with seniors

A **KEY** thing with seniors you *HAVE* to mention is that Ron Paul believes we need to "keep our promises" to seniors. I.e., we will NOT stop social security payments. This is *****THE***** issue for seniors.

There's been some misinformation about Ron Paul wanting to "immediately end" social security. While Ron Paul wants to phase it out for the younger generation, he's not going to kick old people out on the streets.

Make sure all seniors know that Ron Paul will keep his promise on Social Security.

"I am a friend of the Free State Project. Check it out...and if you like it, join and continue the effort!" -- Rep. Ron Paul


"I am a friend of the Free State Project. Check it out, join and continue the effort!" -- Rep. Ron Paul


Also mention, how will America pay for social security? If we are in 9 trillion dollars in debt etc. The further devaluing of the American Dollar. Hillary proposes no solution, none of the other candidates do.

Ron Paul will pull out troops ASAP, changing America's foreign policy saving HUNDREDS of BILLIONS. Which can go to safeguard social security payments. Oh boy, I see them all being converted right now. :D

I'm a freshman in college. I

I'm a freshman in college. I am in the process of writing a speech I will be giving at retirement facilities around virginia in support of doctor paul (although I do need to start contacting the facilities to see if they will let me.

Good points

IT would probably be beneficial to have some targeted handout with this information made up to give out at sign waving meet ups and for door to door canvasing for anyone who might be doing that. Particularly anyone in Florida like me where we have a very large baby boomer senior community.

I'll pass this on to my group leader for consideration!

Great idea! The senior

Great idea!

The senior citizen voting block is big and they will go out to vote in primaries and general elections.


I have seen a good flyer for Gun Owners explaining Ron Paul. And I've heard of a flyer for waitresses and waiters. Someone needs to make up flyers for Seniors, Health food advocates, small business people, hunters, and anything else you could think of. These flyers could be available at one central location!