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FairTax Unfair to Ron Paul

I talked to John Nothdurft, the press coordinator for FairTax.org this morning. FairTax is one of the co-sponsors of the Iowa presidential forum that is excluding Ron Paul.

Nothdurft said that they had no control of the program for the event, and that they had no plans to try to influence who would be invited. He kept repeating: "Our goal is to promote the discussion of the Fair Tax," to most of my questions. I think the message is perfectly clear: Ron Paul is an enemy of the Fair Tax.

Phone: 713-963-9023
Toll-Free: 1-800-FAIRTAX (324-7829)
Fax: 713-963-8403

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Iowa Audio posted

Audio Posted:

Ron Paul's Campaign Chairman Kent Snyder
faces off with
Ed Failor Chairman of Iowa Tax Relief org.
WHO Newsradio Jan Mickelson's call-in.




This blog entry seriously needs re-evaluated.

I'm concerned with this blog entry. Ron Paul is NOT an enemy of the FairTax. He's said so himself. Please let's be careful before posting something that is factually and wholly inaccurate. The last thing this emerging campaign needs is to alienate a potential strong ally. Let's research before reacting. See more information, and video showing Ron Paul's perspective on the FairTax, at the website below.


He Did Say He Would Probably Vote For It

You are correct and I stand corrected. He was not however a CoSponsor and it will be intresting to see if flaws the Mises Institute see in the act as it now stands are brought up in discussion if it comes to a vote. I would imagine Ron Paul would have some things to say about it and perhaps it will go through some changes. However, thanks for the video link. I had not heard thast.


Beyond that, if this site is not a proper place for someone to ask questions, then I am probably in the wrong place. Even my naive questions give supporters so much more informed than me, like you, an indication of questions people have. The Fair Tax ACt of 2007 is confusing to me and I am still trying to understand how lobbyists (<g> bad ones to me) will ever be controlled. Sorry if I confused anyone!


No no, your entry is fine,

No no, your entry is fine, I'm really concerned about the headline entry where antiwar calls Ron Paul an "enemy of FairTax." It's absolutely incorrect. That sentence needs removed as soon as possible so people don't get the wrong idea.


Please Refer to the Fair Tax Act of 2007, proposed in March

and click on the link I supplied. Please correct me if I am wrong but Ron Paul's name is not listed as a supporter of this, Here is another article that clearly states Ron Paul is not supporting this and that several of the "invited" speakers are.


We all can make mistakes and I am sorry if I did. However, my research and links most definitely indicate to me that Ron Paul does not support the proposed Fair Tax Act of 2007. Please correct me if I am wrong., but first check the addition link that I am now supplying asw well as the one in my original comment. Thank you.


Please Help Me Understand

Apparently the Fair Tax Act of 2007 was introduced in March. Some of those who signed it were invited to this Iowa event to speak. Obviously all presidential candidates were not invited. Several candidates who were not invited or declined (I don't know which) did not sign on to this, IMO, "joke" act ...with the misnomer name. Is this not the movement we are talking about?


The organisation sponsoring the Iowa event appears to be a lobbyist group sponsoring the Act. Of course their name is misleading as is their billing the event as a presidential debate of some sort. The very fact that all candidates aren't participating says what the event really is.

Here is my problem. Several months ago I was dismayed to learn that Ron Paul was not for the anti-lobbyist bills proposed. I want to get rid of those "pesky" lobbyists for the neocons and big business monopoly. Then I read a Lew Rockwell article on "Good Lobbyists and Bad Lobbyists." I thought...duh...I hadn't really thought that one through. I read how taken to an extreme even a DailyPaul could be subject to anti-lobby laws if enacted, if they impacted 500 people or more. I then began to better understand just why Ron Paul was against the anti-lobby approach. Freedon of Speech must be preserved at all costs.


However, if the FairTax.Org concern is just another lobby group that has chosen a name that hardly defines them, do they not have the right to have a little forum with speakers who will sing to their choir? This isn't a national debate, is it? If I have a pro-Ron Paul meet-up and advertise it ...do I have to invite anti-Ron Paul people to give their viewpoints? Of course not. What am I missing. <g> Have patience with me. I am in training. Are there some set-in-cement rules for a lobbyist outfit like this that states people opposed to the Act have to be invited? The recent Freedom Forum that Ron Paul spoke at didn't have speakers that weren't on the same page. What am I missing?



Ron Paul was asked once about the Fair Tax. His response was that he didn't like it since it was revenue neutral, and we need to cut spending. But he said he supported it since it got rid of the IRS, which he has vowed to support anything that does that. He warned that we need to be careful to make sure that it would actually get rid of the IRS before he would vote for it. So his exclusion doesn't really make sense.

Jim Forsythe, PhD