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How to Survive the Coming Food Shortage

How to Prepare for and Survive the Coming Food Shortage

You’ve been warned in the news. It’s all over the place. Food prices are going up. In part, this is because of a falling dollar. In part, it is because of the use of farmland to raise corn for fuel. Even more of a concern is the bees’ colony collapse disorder. Pesticides kill bugs---so why wouldn’t they weaken bees as well? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colony_Collapse_Disorder

All of these factors mean THE END OF CHEAP FOOD. The following suggestions will enable you to live on a lot less food while also getting into the best health ever! But forget about the usual ways of food hoarding: stockpiling cans of beans, pasta, wheat. Wheat has been called “the staff of life” because of its long shelf life and because it is cheap. Think again, however, if you want to be healthy. Wheat causes alot of health problems---even mental disorders in some people. http://www.mercola.com/2003/jul/26/avoid_wheat.htm

1) Get off the addiction to a SAD diet (Standard American Diet) NOW. Don’t wait for food to become unaffordable--- get free now! Processed foods (anything in a bag, can, box and most restaurants) are usually full of MSG, aspartame, salt, sugar, dairy, wheat, all of which make the foods addictive! You end up craving and eating much more than what you need. And the toxins accumulate, making you slowly age and degenerate into illness. If you are hooked on these foods, you can easily become free in about two weeks after your body makes new cells that don’t have the memory of these “goodies.” Salt is especially addictive. MSG is too, and even fattens you up. Believe it or not, so does the calorie-free aspartame! It messes up your thyroid, making you gain weight. So dump the sodas, especially the diet ones! (They also lead to nervous system disorders like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors.)
It’s time to think of survival, not sport eating!
This will also get your mind CLEAR and increase your intelligence.

2) Start eating 50% raw organic, then gradually work up to a 80-100% raw organic vegetarian diet. ON A RAW DIET YOU CAN LIVE ON HALF THE CALORIES OF A COOKED DIET, or even less. Your body gets really cleaned out and the absorption increases within a year. Cooking destroys 84% of the vitamins, 100% of the enzymes, and makes most the minerals such that the body can’t use them. (It is a miracle we live as long as we do---but our true life span potential is at least 140 years….) Anne Wigmore went to India and taught the beggars to SPROUT their grains, rice, and beans instead of cooking them. The difference in nutritional value was enough to get them off the streets---they no longer needed to beg!
You will get more than enough protein. A study in the Max Plank Institute in Germany proved that on a raw diet your body needs only half the protein. Get lots of greens, nuts, seeds. Nuts and seeds can also be stored if in tight glass containers.
A raw food diet will enable your body to prevent and even reverse disease. The Live Food Factor is a book containing over 60 studies that prove the superiority of a raw diet and the toxicity of a cooked diet (as well as a comprehensive how-to-go-raw guide).
By eliminating meat you will also save money: the government subsidizes meat to the point that, according to John Robbins (Diet for a New America), a pound of hamburger would cost $89 if not subsidized. (And that book was written over a decade ago…) Soon only the very wealthy will be able to eat meat. So get used to it! Heated meat is one of the biggies in causes of disease, including Alzheimer’s and cancer.

3) Learn how to forage for greens. You can live on greens. Our closest genetic relatives (chimps) eat at least 60% of their diet in greens. Greens contain a lot of protein, and are the most alkaline food (which is the no. one thing for health.) Get a book on the topic, such as Edible Wild Plants, A North American Field Guide. Just be sure to READ IT CAREFULLY. Christopher McCandless (the guy who the movie Into the Wild was based on) did NOT read the distinctions between two similar-looking plants carefully, and that is what killed him. Also ask the farmers to save their (nonsprayed) WEEDS for you…Offer them $20 for a box. Weeds have more minerals than most of the greens you buy at the store! Minerals are more important than vitamins.

4) As you are getting better and better nutrition, gradually reduce your caloric intake. Read books by Dr. Roy Walford or his daughter Lisa for how to do this. Studies on rodents and primates prove that this extends our lives by 30-40%. We can get by on about half the calories IF THE FOOD IS NUTRITIOUS---the way to do it is by making the food all raw and organic. (Dr. Walford missed the raw part, unfortunately.)

5) THINGS TO STOCK UP ON: Get the book Survival Into the 21rst Century. It’s out of print, but there are a few copies around on the Net. If you can’t get a copy, do some research. Basically, stock up on all kinds of organic seeds (www.seedsofchange.com), nuts (www.livingtreecommunity.com) gardening books and tools, sprouting books and tools, and more. Make sure everything is in glass containers that rodents cannot break into. Other things that have a long shelf life are jarred olives, raw honey (lasts thousands of years!), and dried sea vegetables (like kelp, which is high in iodine) and grains or beans that you can sprout. (But they are much harder to digest than sprouted seeds.)

6) Gradually start getting energy from other sources to decrease your dependency on the food grid. At the risk of sounding incredible, I have met four people who simply do not need to eat. They have switched over to relying on pure “prana”--- the vital, life-sustaining force of living beings. Some have done it through a 21-day process, including a German scientist that wrote a book Life from Light. Others have done it through sun gazing (www.solarhealing.com). If you chose that route, be sure to do it exactly the way it is outlined in the website or you could injure your eyes. Also, if you don’t do it GRADUALLY, it simply won’t work. Children should not gaze more than 5 minutes a day. The point is, just as there are alternative fuels for car, the body has alternative back-up systems for obtaining energy: sun, earth (walking barefoot) and deep or yogic breathing are ways to obtain energy without eating. “Breatharians” have existed throughout history.

7) Finally, protect our health freedom. The UN wants to make all raw food and supplements unavailable in less than 2 years. Go to www.healthfreedom.org to sign the petitions against this. Also check out the google video “Codex Alimentarius Nutricide.” The UN, in their efforts toward population reduction, plan to make all food irradiated and with increased GMOs and pesticides. The Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization say that 3 billion will die after Codex is implemented.
Educate yourself! Get in shape and get off the food grid!

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Is Rawlady still around? Stanley Burroughs???

Have a question. Anyone ever heard of Stanley Burroughs...original author of The Master Cleanser? The lemonade diet? Total cleansing through liquid diet of lemons (juiced), Maple Syrup, cayenne pepper and water? The book says you can live on this for 40+ days (might get a little expensive though...unless you tap your own maple trees). The shortest length of time for the cleanse is 10 days...and then slowly introduce raw foods. Daughter and I will be trying this, while husband and son are looking for shelf stable (canned) pizza : ) LOL bet they are not the only ones...if some industrious "chef" came up with this...whatta money maker or barter item!

Does anyone know

How to store large amounts of potatoes and onions. Just keep in a cool cellar or can I actually put them in sand , or will they start to grow again?

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

These are great posts

I've learned so much by reading the posts on here. I started planting my spring garden yesterday, and definitely plan on eating more raw foods. I had never heard of eating only raw foods before, but it makes so much sense. Thanks to all, especially rawlady.

Good article.

Food prices are going up and will continue to go up. We will see demand go up for several reasons including more demand for food and more demand for agricultural products to produce ethanol and other biofuels. The best way to protect yourself for food is to plant a "Liberty garden" this year to support Ron Paul and teach those around you how to be independent. Now if you want to make a little profit in the area of energy, I found this website for a company that is investing in ethanol production.


WWW.BIHYDRO.COM and learn how to grow hydroponic. It is much faster than soil and you can even grow indoors if you want.
Th owner is one of my converts to RP. Freedom to fascism got him on board. Now he gives away DVD disks and has the movie playing at the sales counter in the front of the store most of the time.
Many RP converts have come from this action.
Please give him support if you can,or just go to the tutorials,and learn something about growing your own food.

The Second Amendment
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security

How can you grow food indoors?

I went to his site....does he explain it there? I live in a condo, so no yard.

Hydroponic gardening

Also check out the aero garden. I think it's mentioned on the hydroponic gardening site but also check this site: http://www.aerogrow.com
I have 2 where I grown lettuce and tomatoes. You can also grow herbs. It's a wonderful system. I'm thinking of getting a couple more.

You might want to check out

You might want to check out the various cannabis sites. However you may feel about that subject, the fact is that nobody has more knowledge about indoor cultivation, for obvious reasons. I'm sure many of their techniques would be transferable to other plants.

Liberty for Dummies



"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."

Paulites Support Nutritional Choice

When all the food is irradiated or genetically modified, including seeds, the choice to NOT eat irradiated and GMO's has been taken from us.

Thank you for your post, rawlady. Being surrounded by friends and family who are experts or professionals in the field of nutrition and alternative medicine, I know that what you are saying is correct. You've convinced me to eat more raw greens and grow a bigger garden this year, with real seeds if I can get them.

Maybe I should rename this post


Some of you --- just a few---think this is hype and not even related to Ron Paul's message. PLEASE REREAD NO. 7. Please, go to google video and watch "Codex Alimentarius Nutricide."

Even if you have a belly full of irradiated, pesticided, herbicided, suicided (GMOs) food, you will have a SEVERE NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY! Unless you grow your own organic food!!! If CODEX is enforced as they plan, starting 12-31-09, the only food available (at least in stores) will be DEADLY TOXIC FOOD. You will slowly get sick and die prematurely. Don't believe it? The good doctor on the video spent YEARS fighting this. She talks about how the FAO and WHO have declared that HALF THE WORLD WILL SOON DIE IF CODEX PASSES. (She says that at the 20 min. part).

The good doctor that we pray becomes president is also TOTALLY AGAINST CODEX.

Folks, you are already getting sick and dying early! We DO have the capacity to jump out of airplanes and do incredible physical feats even when 100, and to live in great health til nearly 200. (One raw food guy parachuted at age 90!) But we are WAAAAY under-living our capacity due to the cooked food toxins and other pollutants, and stress. The cooked food and toxins will get MUCH MUCH worse after Codex! Take heed! Fight it, but be prepared and BE ONE STEP AHEAD OF THEM in case they win Codex. They can't hurt us if we are prepared!!!

It's all a game, and WE ARE HERE TO WIN!!!

Why live longer?

I've posted a few comments earlier in the thread, and let me say again that I don't doubt your positive motives here.

On the philosophical side, however, I'd ask why it is our obligation to provide the means for people to live longer? If this is the goal, shouldn't part of this message be to stop smoking, slow alcohol consumption, drive slower and less frequently, avoid extreme sports, tie your shoes, eat only cooked eggs, and work in low stress jobs? I know you are trying to raise awareness, but the framework of the argument is what I take issue with.

Misinformation and policy coerced by the government is evil, no doubt. However, it is not an illegitimate choice to shorten one's life by consuming a diet of Big Macs and Pina Coladas, or to do base jumping if that's what you want to do. As a matter of individual choice and freedom, it should also be legal to purchase any opiates / barbituates / benzodiazepines / GMO food / whatever you want to live (or even deliberately end) your own life.

My broader point is that living longer (or healthier) is not necessarily a superior moral choice, although both you and I might choose it for ourselves.

The issue with Codex is that

The issue with Codex is that it will be mandatory - there is no freedom to choose with that as compared to most of your examples.


OF course YOU are free to shorten your life!

No one is stopping you and although I won't eat junk food you have the right to choose. But this info is to educate those who think that it is not that urgent that Codex is irradiating everything. If you eat your meals at McDonald's, you're already eating irradiated meat.

Most people simply are unaware that 1) their food is irradiated and 2) that it is harmful. The UN and Codex want people to think they are doing a huge favor by making EVERYTHING irradiated in less than 2 years.

The point is not even to live longer (although if one enjoys life, heh, why not?)
The point is not to be caught like a deer in the headlights when Codex is passed, and not realize that you are going to be living MUCH SHORTER than what you thought: not just YOU but YOUR KIDS. In other words, you may live several decades LESS than what you anticipated, because of the new food poisonings coming down the road soon. And your family, too.

And besides, it really is not about adding years to your life, but life to your years. Eat dead food to feel dead. Eat live food to feel (much more) alive.

Actually, i have a cure for

Actually, i have a cure for tieing your shoes. It's called LaceLink and it's the newest product not yet seen in stores. That's right! Never tie your shoes again... ever! I have the authorization to begin selling the LaceLinks online. But then i got caught up in this Ron Paul r3VOLution movment thingy and have been neglecting my personal life. lol


So there, you can check that one off your list now. As for the other stuff i'm pretty sure there's working groups in support of the things you mentioned. lol

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."

hey set me up with that 1!

hey set me up with that 1!

I will be pushing them on

I will be pushing them on eBay hopefully by this weedend.

I was hoping for a website improvement before rolling out with video directions, but i got product here and it's not doing me any good sitting here. My pics aren't really very good either, but i can't wait for my handlers to get their $h!t together.

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."

Whatever you do, please

Whatever you do, please don't overreact like some people did over that Y2K nonsense. I was a devotee of the Art Bell radio show in the '90s, and I remember he really hyped that one, with commercials for non-perishable food, shortwave radio/flashlight combos powered by hand cranks, etc. I tipped my hat to him for his business acumen, but I laughed the whole thing off at the time and was proven right.

As I recall, the market for old silver coinage also enjoyed a nice spike at that time, for the same reason: panic over the impending breakdown of society that would hit after all the computers that ran America bluscreened in unison as their clocks rolled over (LOL).

I'm not saying tough times are not ahead, just don't get too hysterical. The world will keep on turnin'. ;-)

Liberty for Dummies

Y2K wasn't a problem

Fortune Favors the Bold

because all the hypes made companies take it seriously, so they worked really hard to fix the problem. Alarmism can be healthy sometimes.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Y2K was not nonsense. The

Y2K was not nonsense. The only reason you can say that now is because the problem with dates on computers did not occur in a significant way.

I can tell you for sure that there were Y2K related problems, but nothing significant enough to cause major problems for anyone. I had an issue with software that I use for my business - we got it sorted out just fine.

But, imagine what the potential may have been if the government and major industries did not fix all the y2k bugs in time... We will never know for sure, but it could have gotten bad for a while.


"...we got it sorted out

"...we got it sorted out just fine."

Precisely. The Y2K hype was nonsense.

Liberty for Dummies

gold and especailly silver

gold and especially silver never spiked at that time... gold was selling at 255 in 99' silver was at about 4.00 Gold never took off till about 2002.. I know because i bought lots of it.. NOW I'm very happy! also I bought storage food etc.. all the invesments I made in y2k have doubled and tripled in price! my farm land is up 250% from where i bought it.. my gold and silver coins are ZOOMING.. so actually the y2k scare was GREAT FOR ME! so speak for yourself phoobar.. 255.00 gold eagle now going for over 1000.. i did pretty good! go back and look at the gold and silver price charts.. gold went from about 280.00 to 325 in feb of 2000 then went back down to test the lows at 255 then it has been on a tear since.. gold never spiked before y2k because of a scare!

Admittedly, I wasn't

Admittedly, I wasn't following the actual prices then and still don't today, so perhaps my comment about "the market" was misleading. But I mentioned it because I do remember people talking about stocking up on old silver coins, and many in fact did so. Scroogle "silver coin y2k" and I think you'll find that my memory still serves me. Whether or not this was reflected in the market price I can't say, but I'll take you at your word on that.

Liberty for Dummies

no problem phoo but think

no problem phoo but think about this.. i bought lots.. now those lots are worth TONS! nothing wrong with going overboard to stock up and prepare for the worst mother nature, or idiot tyrants may throw your way! i was a y2k prep person and because I did do that i'm in good shape! one thing about buying freezefried or dehydrated food now... your locking in todays food prices.. as you have seen the prices are not going to come back down until the fed reserve takes a special pillthat makes them stop lowering rates! and we all know thats not going to hnappen...
its inflate or die for them.. so we need to figure out how to beat them at their own game and make some money!

Your Y2K preparations may

Your Y2K preparations may have benefited you in the long run, but they did nothing to save you from the purported imminent disaster that never came -- and that was my point. If you want to stock up on silver coins or non-perishable food or solar powered radios or guns or anything else, then do so. It's probably a good idea, and certainly not a bad one. But don't overreact by hoarding a bunch of stuff in a blind panic every time some potential disaster peeks above the horizon. Just make preparation a way of life, and try to relax. :-)

Liberty for Dummies

I remember that as well.. ;)

In fact, to prove that point the wife and I were married at midnight, 01-01-00.
Lot of hype about nothing. (The Y2K thing, not the marriage...lol)

That being said, our economic crunch is coming.. no way around that. Now that doesn't mean that we will live in a Mad Max scenario tomorrow, or anything absurd. There is a possibility we will glide through like the last economic winter. Who knows?

So while it is a good idea to insure yourself against something happening, taking it to an extreme might not be the wisest course. Some, like myself, went the way we did for other reasons.. we wanted to be as self-sufficient as possible as a way of life. It's not a bad idea to do so, in my opinion.

At least get informed enough about the issues to make your own determination on what it is that you want to prepare for.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

Self-sufficiency is not a

Self-sufficiency is not a bad idea at all. I'd love to own an isolated piece of land with good soil, a clean water source, a fishing hole, and plenty of wood and game. But I refuse to rent it from government (or anyone else) once I've already paid for it. The whole point of owning land, to my mind, is that you can literally drop out of society if necessary and live off nature's bounty. This is not possible in America; you must continuously generate revenue to pay your landlord. That completely destroys the dream for me.

If Mad Max ever does come to town, I guess I'll become an urban survivalist.

Liberty for Dummies

I tottaly see where your

I tottaly see where your coming from... but when and IF mad max comes those suckers won't collect taxes.. no one will pay.. and if they try, whos gonna come knock at the door of some redneck named billybob with guns and ammo! I would not want to be a refuge.. billybobs like to use them for target practice!

But until Max arrives I have

But until Max arrives I have to pay obeisance to my dark overlords. No thanks.

If it actually did get as bad as we're alluding to, I'm sure I could find an unoccupied patch of wilderness to squat on without resistance. So why contribute to the corruption in the meantime? Payment is agreement; I am already compelled by implied threat of imprisonment to agree to the validity of most other taxes (even though I dispute that validity), but nothing says I have to "own" land -- so I opt not to pay that tax.

Liberty for Dummies

Same deal with taking away

Same deal with taking away their guns if the supreme court rules against our right to keep and bear arms.

NOBODY is going to want to do that job as I can't imagine how risky it would be for anyone or even several people to try and take away BillyBob's guns.