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Why aren't you making calls right now?

March 03, 2008
T minus 1 day and counting
From the Daily Dose:

We’re now just one day away from important primaries and caucuses in four states: Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island. As you may know, tomorrow is being called “March’s Super Tuesday,” because of the large number of delegates up for grabs in these contests.

Help us get out the vote in each of these states. If you live in one of these states and have already signed up to be a precinct leader, please help Ron Paul by making as many phone calls to likely voters as you can.

The number of Ron Paul supporters signing up as precinct leaders has dropped off significantly in recent weeks, and we need your help to boost those numbers.

Being a precinct leader is very easy… it just involves signing up on our website, getting a list of voters in these four states to call, and then phoning as many people as you can before the polls close tomorrow. And for those of you who might be shy on the phone, I can tell you first hand that all of these voters are likely Ron Paul supporters based on their views of the issues.

For those of you who are not yet signed up as precinct leaders, we desperately need you to do so - regardless of the state in which you reside. The precinct leader program that we have unveiled is our chief means of getting out the vote in all states, and it is the most important tool for all of us who want to see the largest possible turnout of Ron Paul supporters.

All precinct leaders in states whose primaries or caucuses already have passed will be given a list of voters’ phone numbers to call in tomorrow’s four critical states. Please sign-up and make at least 5 phone calls for Ron Paul today.

And FYI, in the coming days, we are going to have a few blog posts outlining how the precinct leader program will carry on this revolution even after the 2008 election is complete. The tools that we are providing are invaluable, and will help us organize as efficiently at the local level as possible. Remember: all politics is local. By taking back our precincts one at a time, we will lay the groundwork for taking back the entire Republican party — both the presidency AND the Congress.

But we need your help to do it. Regardless of where you live, sign-up to be a precinct leader, recruit others to do the same, and then make as many phone calls as you can. This revolution is yours, and we’re counting on your help!

It's not too late. Grab a precint and start making calls...it's that easy!

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