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Ron Paul Ranked #27 Out of 200 House GOPs

Ranking in accordance with tenure and influence as well as placement on the House Finance Committee. Put that in your pipe and smoke it old media and district #14 challenger as well as McCain who admittedly knows little about economics, Hillary who helped bring all of this about and O'Bama who has built his reputation from very short tenure in public office and a history of being present but not voting. Ineffective....ill-informed... HARDLY! Oh, wake up people...wake up before it's too late.


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Several good articles from DRP

Africa AIDS aid, Declaration of War for Iraq

2 questions anyone

What are the numbers of registered Reps versus Dems across the country
or how do I find that info. Other question what happens to RP seat in Congress when he wins President. Never really got involved in politics before RP.

This is why we need to finish updating the database

Fortune Favors the Bold

even if the election in our states is over. This database will be of enormous value for future candidates. Essentially, Ron Paul will have an easy victory in the congressional election. People must still vote for him, but he has no significant challenger. I wouldn't be surprised if the neo-cons try to run an independent against him, but as long as our people in the fourteenth don't drop the ball (it really will require only a small group to vote), he will retain his seat for another two year term.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Thank you for your response

so are you saying that there is no current totals yet of each parties registered so far? And to other question, if he is elected President he still doesn't give up seat in Congress ?

to get that

Fortune Favors the Bold

you need to pay each county for the information individually. Jim Condit Jr, a florida state congressman, released the official GOP database to us from the 2004 primary. This is now "our" databse, which we need to update. I doubt the GOP will ever be so generous with their database again.
As to your other question, yes, if he was actually elected as president, he would give up his congressional seat. Understand, the presidential elections and the congressional elections are the same day. If he wins both, I believe he can appoint someone to fill his seat in congress on his behalf for the two year term to which he was elected.

Fortune Favors the Bold

That is what I was after

thankyou again. I don't understand why they have data bases on citizens every detail, or anything public record that can be accessed, why these numbers, not personal data are not given out.


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"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

He should have been #1

Or at least top ten.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

It's not a popularity

It's not a popularity contest, it's a power ranking. As the often solitary dissenter in the House, I wouldn't exactly call Dr. Paul "powerful," at least not in the sense they mean. A powerful voice of conscience in an out of control den of thieves? Yes. But a powerful mover, shaker and policy-maker? No.

Liberty for Dummies

RP's Power

Dr. Paul has shaken the establishment to it's knees, weather they will accept or not. Dr. Paul has taught MILLIONS of people around, including me, about what really government today is all about. But more importantly, and I thought I knew what freedom meant, he has taught me the real meaning of freedom, and to millions of others around the world. The elites will say they don't even know Ron Paul, like David Rockefeller, but believe me, the know him from a-z. They have spent billions around the world, so his name would never appear anywhere, they have spent a lot to keep him in the dark, why, because he tells the TRUTH. And for them, that would be their end, years of planning down the tube. Dr. Paul was the most revered candidate of all, known by the establishment, and now his base is of supporters wordlwide, of intelligent and freedom loving people, who know more about monetary policy than all the editors of the MSM. Power he has, and growing it will. So count your days, cause your plans for one world government, contrary to Paul Warburg's comment, will not be as easy as he imagined. And the majority of the world's people do not want it! I have seen an awakening of consciousness that will be instrumental in the evolution of us, as one human species living on our planet. Ron Paul is the light that has empowered millions, and therefore I see him to be very powerful.


You're preaching to the

You're preaching to the choir; I'm just telling it like it is in regards to the ranking in question, which isn't based on any of those meaningful things you've stated.

Liberty for Dummies

#1 To Me Too

...however it these times of black-outs and insipid smears, this press and ranking is very good and should be used widely. Now, I want to find out who #1-26 were....I'll probably get violently ill upon discovery.