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Ron Paul Yesterday on Iran

One of the most disturbing items in recent news is the US posturing toward Iran and threats of US using nuclear power. Here is what Dr, Paul said yesterday on the floor of the house:


That is the voice of reason I want speaking for me. Here is H.ConRes21, who introduced it and who has signed on to it at this point. Interesting to note the dates by names.


There is a wealth of information and education by first going to Ron Paul's congressional site, reading what he has said on the floor, then going to the Library of Congress to read the bill, act, resolution and finally seeing who has signed on and when and sometimes you can even learn why by following the clues online. I've stopped playing Suduko...this is more fun and more educational!

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So this is what our elected officials...

So this is what our elected officials think is an important way to spend their time? They are spending time voting and debating on something that "charges" the Iranian leader for "calling for the destruction of Israel".

I'm beyond even debating the resolution itself. We should be debating whether or not to have ANY resolutions of this type. It does nothing. Jeez.