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Why I Support Ron Paul for President

I grew up in a very patriotic home. My dad had fought in the First World War. I joined the Air Force myself as a physical therapist. I met and married my husband, a career fighter pilot. There were difficult times with many separations, but I felt proud to be a supportive military wife. This was during Viet Nam. We lost several good friends over those years. Bob was frustrated when he could not fire on known targets, unless he or a wing man was fired upon first. However, we never questioned our leaders decisions openly. It just was not done that way back then. Yes, there were protesters, but Bob always said that if they didn't support the war effort, then he did not want them working on his plane or flying cover for him. We believed what we were doing was the right thing.

Years later, after Bob retired and we returned to Texas, one day I was listening to a talk radio show from San Antonio. I could not believe my ears. I heard this Congressman Ron Paul saying we could not necessarily trust everything our government was telling us. He was particularly speaking about a plan at that time to issue a new currency. The government claimed it was necessary to tract down counterfeiters and those who might be laundering drug money. However, Congressman Paul said countries historically did this when they were trying to track down money leaving the country, or when there is hyperinflation or to find those individuals who are not paying income taxes. Then he went on to say, it was unConstitutional for the government to issue paper (fiat) money in the first place and that the IRS was equally unConstitutional. I was shocked, but he said he would send more information to those who were interested. I still have that first packet of information I received from Congressman Paul back in 1984. That was the beginning of my real education concerning American history, our Constitution, economics and the real meaning of Liberty and Freedom. Over the years, through Congressman Paul, our family was introduced to such scholars as Hayek, Read, von Mises, Bastiat and too many others to name. Once at an event for Congressman Paul, I noticed the name tag of the gentleman next to me and it was Llewellyn Rockwell. I got as excited as a teenager meeting her rock star hero. I felt really silly, but it was a wonderful experience to meet face to face with one I had come to admire so much.

We kept up with Congressman Paul's career and supported him in his run for President on the Liberterian ticket. Then in 1996 we moved to Columbus, TX and learned that then Dr. Paul would be running for Congress again and this time we would be in his district. My husband and I immediately volunteered to be his campaign managers for our county and continued as such until he was recently redistricted from our county. I am happy to report he won his election in our county every election cycle. Over these past 10 plus years, Congressman Paul has become more than my Representative, teacher and mentor, he and his family have become dear friends to us. We have been privileged to meet many of the family members at Ron's annual birthday bash and other political gatherings.

There is no way we can ever adequately repay Congressman Paul and his family for the sacrifices they have made so that the principles of our Founding Fathers have continued to be proclaimed from the halls of Congress, supporting our Republic, defending our Constitution and advocating for Liberty and Freedom.

Now we are given a bigger opportunity and a greater responsibility. We now have the privilege to do everything that is possible to make sure that Ron Paul is the next President of these United States of America. I do not believe there is any other individual who is so well prepared to take on this tremendous responsibility, a this most difficult and historic time for our country. The question is are we, Ron's supporters, up to our job of making sure that he not only enters this race, but that he is the convincing winner?

If there are those who are reading this post, who are not sure of Congressman Paul's credentials, I challenge you to do your own homework.
Do not just trust what the media tells you (or fails to tell you.) Ron's voting record is open to the public and if you question why he voted as he did, he is always willing to share his reasoning. Do your due diligence, and I believe you too will be convinced, Ron is a "proven product!" After nearly 20 years in elected office, his friends and his foes agree, he is not swayed by political pressure. He is a man of principle! What you vote for is what you will get, when you vote for Ron Paul for President!

Now it is up to "we the people" to make this happen, not just for ourselves and our children and our grandchildren, but so that America can continue to the that beacon of hope to the world that it has been in the past....not just by means of war with rockets and bombs, but by being the world's best example of Liberty and Freedom for all. Many thanks to Ron Paul and now let's finish the job! Ron Paul for President in 2008!

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da bear great story.

da bear

great story.

da bear