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Rand Paul gives campaign update on WBKO, KY

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"Kindness Kills"

Hello, this is me again...just wanted to let you know that good things come to those who wait.
After listening to Ron Paul's son I do realize that not only is Ron Paul right for the presidency but his kids are proof that he knows what he is doing!
I had an enlightening experience the other day! You see one of my young friends decided to leave simply because I told him he had to be patient and slow down! He was mad because he couldn't get his comments on Ron Paul's profile. He just went on ranting about how they were censoring his comments because he was speaking the truth! His comments were eventually posted...so this is my point! Us old and crusty hippies have got to teach our kids to slow down! They have it in their heads that this is an actual race or something! I say, where's the F#@king fire? I know it's gonna be hard so we have just got to think back and try to remember how it felt. Just embrace them and let them know it's ok not to keep up with the Jones' in this world...Patience is one of the finest vitues to have! And this is coming from a mom that has been through the wringer a few times...I'm still alive and so are my kids! I will be marching in Washington DC if I can get a ride and my back holds out...
My mom always told me "Kindness Kills"...I have used it quite a few times myself! That's why everyone hates McCain, along with myself, when we see him on TV. He's always looking like he's on happy pills or something...and I know that burns me up enough to turn the TV off and turn on my music! I'm hanging in, so let's get out there and tell everyone to PLEASE SLOW DOWN...okeyday!

Question about nomination

I don't believe that Ron Paul thinks the nomination is beyond him this year. If you look at the number of delegate positions we're filling and the antipathy towards McCain, then you look at how much influence the delegates themselves have over the nomination process (pretty much complete influence, by the way) then we can clearly win it. It'll take a lot of dedication and hard work, but we can win it.

I think that Dr Paul is saying we can't because he can't afford to be seen by Republicans as someone who is trying to do anything underhanded. And whilst altering the process so that it works properly is not underhanded, the other side could easily try to paint it as him try to hijack the party, rather than to bring it back to its true conservative roots. He nneds those voters come election time, so this has to be driven by US, he has to leave it our hands. By being gracious in what appears to be defeat, he retains his integrity to the masses and that's vital come election time.

Live Free or Die - Amen to that

Live Free or Die - Amen to that

Devvy Kidd is right ! !

Read Devvy Kidds information she is right on. Devvy Kidd - March on GOP Convention, not D.C.
Posted February 29th, 2008 by come and take it

Here is Devvy Kidd's latest article. I think she makes a very compelling argument for marching in St. Paul during the GOP convention. This idea has merit and should be seriously considered by all supporters of Dr. Paul. It makes sense to me. I'll make my hotel reservations now so I have a place to stay whether I'm a delegate or not. Article follows...


Why I Don't Support The Ron Paul Freedom March
By Devvy 2-29-08

I have been inundated with inquiries and encouragement to participate in an event being called the 'Ron Paul Freedom March.'


Regular readers of my columns know I am a committed supporter to Congressman Paul's run for the White House. However, this is one event I cannot support for the following reasons.

First, let me give you a little history so you can understand why I believe that while this is a feel good exercise, I don't believe it's a good use of human and financial resources.

In 1991, I " woke up" and began my journey of research and activism. In 1993, after nine months of picketing the Federal Reserve in Denver and collecting signatures from around the country, my Project '93 marched on Washington, DC. Back then the Park Police were still using grids and estimated our crowd at 4,400. We delivered 1,763,000 signed petitions to abolish the Federal Reserve and the IRS. Speeches were made. During the rally, we collected another 23,000 signatures for the petition. It was a beautiful day in Washington and every one felt good at the end of the day.

Despite massive efforts, there was NO media. They were following Hillary around the capitol as she was pitching her unconstitutional national health care scheme.

The Clerk of the House wanted to turn my truck load of boxes with those one million seven hundred sixty three thousand petitions over to the Park Police to count and shred. I said in a pig's ear. A handful of my volunteers broke them down and delivered batches to every congressional and senate office. When it was over and done, Congress went about their business of spending us into bankruptcy while the Clinton's continued their agenda. Nothing changed.

Over the years there have been many efforts for marches by patriots. They all fizzle with a couple hundred people. Perhaps it will be different for this effort, but it costs a fortune to go to DC; hotels within 20 miles (except for flea bag transients) cost big bux. One lady named Diane (forget, but was in the mid-'90s) spent a fortune on her march. Did every patriot radio show, sent out flyers for months. In the end, about 150 people showed up. Was anything accomplished by Diane and so many other groups and their 150 or 200 angry fellow Americans standing in front of the capitol? Sadly, no. The exception to these events are the Rolling Thunder vets.

Another thing is the climate in DC. After 911, access to the people's house is now virtually impossible. DC is like a police compound. I know, I've been there several times and I resent being treated like a criminal. Any rally is going to be pushed to their boundaries far away from the capitol while the criminals inside go about their business.

I ask in earnest, what do supporters of this event hope to accomplish?

1. Bush/Cheney do not care if a million people show up, just like the pro-life marches which draw a half million or more each year. Besides, neither will be in town on any date selected, you can be sure of that.

2. The powerful unseen hand that owns Washington, DC, laughs at what they consider puny efforts by 'patriots.' Rockefeller and the rest of the money lenders don't care about this event because they own Congress and the White House. It's just business as usual for them. It won't change until the personnel inside the capitol and the White House are replaced.

3. The dominant media will ignore this event. It might make the local news out of MD and No. Virginia, but that'll be about it.

4. I timed my event for September 29th because I knew Congress would be in full session. The budget has to be done by midnight, 30 Sept, so DC is at maximum activity during that week. Everyone was in town.

5. As Ron Paul is vilified by his own party, those members of Congress who might happen to be in DC that day won't care about this event because they still control the legislative process and right along with the Democrats, do not want a limited form of republican government.

6. I have read two dates for this event: July 4th and June 21st. First of all, no one is in Washington, DC on the Fourth of July except tourists. I know, because I've been there on 4 July and seen a half million people converge on the Washington Memorial. I could hardly wait to get to the airport, the congestion was so bad. Everyone is there for fireworks, corn dogs and beer. Demonstrations in DC are as common as birds singing in the trees. They go on every day from every group you can imagine. "Free Tibet" people sit in front of the barrier lines at the White House. "Let's Dance Naked" folks have their 25 person demonstration and on and on and on. That's Washington, DC. Ho, hum.

Congress is gone, out of town for July 4th. So are the major media because there's nothing to cover for their agenda. As for June 21st, this is the beginning of summer. Families plan for their vacations during June. Yes, they are freedom fighters, but let me give you one example. A friend in Sacramento wanted to go to some patriot event in DC many years ago. It was in June and his wife said, no way. We are taking the kids to Disneyland and that's that. The mouse won out.

Why have a freedom march in a location where the only people there are tourists? The king pins and law breakers (Congress) won't be around and neither will the media.

But, the GOP convention is a whole different situation.

The world media WILL be there.

All the delegates WILL be there.

If vote fraud affected the outcome of the primaries, which I believe is the case, then those delegates cannot be committed to McCain.

I believe we can bring McCain down. All of us should be working to expose this corrupt, evil man and drive him out of the race.

Swift Boating of McCain Long Over Due


Moral Obligations to Stop McCain


If we are successful, and I believe we can be, then that puts the GOP power brokers in a tough spot. They will have to draft another neo-con, i.e., Newt, and see if they can sell that stink. It will put their plans in chaos with little time to recover.

You should find out who the GOP delegates are from your state. For California see link below. Call your Secretary of State's office and get their names or go on-line.

This is a fluid situation and, as I said, we should work to get a few hundred thousand Ron Paul supporters to that convention. Can you imagine a quarter million Ron Paul supporters surrounding the EXCEL center with 100' long banners: Ron Paul or good-bye GOP! I guarantee you that would be a huge message to the party and more importantly those delegates.

THAT would shake things up and show the power brokers who run that convention that we're not going to take one of their globalists as the nominee. The EXCEL Center sits down town. St. Paul-Minneapolis in September is beautiful AND it's far less expensive than DC. That convention IS the heart beat of the whole race for the White House.

Instead of broke Americans trying to scrape together some money to ride a bus or whatever to go stand in DC to a non audience, why not organize to make the biggest demonstration in the history of this country at that GOP convention? Where the world's media and those delegates will be - who will hear and see you.

This is just my personal opinion. I have budgeted my limited funds for the convention. I will be there because that's where everything will be decided regarding the GOP nomination. It's the big kahuna. As for the position of the City of St. Paul, precedent has already been set; a good legal team needs to be in place when application is made for permits:

City relents, will allow protests during DNC


With all due respect, I sincerely hope Congressman Ron Paul changes his mind and decides it would be a far, far better use of human and financial resources to target the convention and not go through with an event in DC this summer. As he has only taken the steps for an 'exploratory committee,' not a lot will be lost. I hope to see you at that convention.


Devvy Kidd

Liberty is our campaigns gift to the world it is our manifest destiny.
Freedom is a movement who's time has come. Our campaign will lead world wide freedom.

The Left Will See Through Obama, Clinton

The real Democrats are starting to see they are not for pulling troops out of Iraq. People this is our chance. We the "far right" are the only ones who want to really leave Iraq. The Dems are not even talking about a real change over there.

damn, next election year

damn, next election year lets just get Rand Paul up on the ballot. i love RP but his son is a 10x better spokesman than the original, and then perhaps rand can make ron one of his senior advisors (no puns there).

I love hearing Ron Paul speak

and I think he is adorable. He gives great inspiring speeches, I don't know what you're talking about.

Who else would say "Make fun, buddy!" and "guns and butter" etc. -- he's so unique. Of course his son is great, but I love Ron Paul.

People need to stop this shallow fixation on the outside, people's looks, their age. Too much celebrity TV watching, I'd say.

Perseverance, Patience and..

...hard work for fulfillment of the Revolution...which does not happen overnight. That's what I understand from RP.

Isn't Mahatma Gandhi his fave hero......

"In circuit motorsport, a driver has..."Paul position" when he or she starts a race at the front of the grid."

Why does Rand care if the Republican party has "lost its way"?

Seems kinda of lame too me. I mean who cares about party affiliations...?

Isn't it the political philosophy of the individual candidate that matters?

Any why does he say that "he's not even sure if he'll (his dad) will endorse McCain" ??
Of course he won't! Just come out and say Rand...

Some possible reasons

When the ship you're on is going the wrong way it's a lot easier to turn it than to build a new one from scratch in mid-ocean. Ditto parties. The machinery is allready assembled, it's just a matter of changing its policies - mainly toward what they once were, in our case. We got to the current sorry state because the neocon faction did exactly that. Why shouldn't the libertarian faction be able to do the same?

The political philosophy of each candidate matters a lot. But it takes more than one candidate for one office - even one as powerful as the presidency - to accomplish these great goals. A political party is a large group of politicians with similar goals, working together as a team. It can accomplish far more, and for far longer, than any single office-holder.

Why should Rand commit Ron to not support McCain? Ron himself won't commit to that (just as he won't fully promise not to do a third party run). It's called "keeping your options open". (In programming it's "delay binding time" - don't commit to a design detail until there's more to be gained by doing so than by staying flexible.) Even if Ron will never run third-party, the implied threat that he might can be used as leverage in the political infighting, encouraging Republicans to move at least SOMEWHAT toward the position of Ron and his supporters to avoid Ron taking his supporters away and wreaking havoc on the party's electoral chances. Similarly, leaving open the potential to support McCain IF he changes his positions gives Ron, and us, more pull with McCain than committing to oppose him no matter what he does.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

The reason for the continuation of the campaign is quite simple.

By continuing the campaign Ron Paul will acquire more delegates. These delegates in turn will help educate the uncommitted delegates at the GOP convention about Ron Paul's platform. This will snowball and Ron Paul will receive the Republican nomination to continue on to become our next President.

As far as a "revolution" is concerned only a small minority of the media will cover it, let alone discuss it. Ethics and accountability are not part of their criteria as was stressed by Tucker Carlson recently on an international interview. Joe Sixpack, sitting in front of the TeeVee, would barely be able to comprehend any thoughtful and intelligent discussion on any issue except the American Idol results.

WTF is going on?

So we have Ron and Rand stating the Republican nomination is not possible, yet there are other posts here that say the nomination still IS possible.

I am confused and disillusioned. If the nomination is in any way still possible, why aren't we hearing about this from the official campaign people?

"As long as the Matrix exists, the human race will never be free." - Morpheus, from The Matrix

The goal isn't the presidency.

The goal isn't the presidency. The goal is to change the politics of the country.

The presidency would have been a very useful tool. But its utility is limited by the powers of the office and its duration is limited to eight years.

But the presidential nomination process doesn't just pick the candidate. It also picks the people who run the party and set its policies. And party support can make or break candidates for other offices. So continuing the run to accumulate more delegates and have more voice in the party's future function is very useful. Getting more like-thinking supporters into the machinery and making contacts at the convention is useful, too. It creates a power block to promote the agenda. The bigger the better. So the run continues.

Similarly, getting seats in congress is very important long-term. The House can potentially be turned around in two years, the Senate in four to six. (Of course it is likely to take longer.) Ron's own congressional success shows that it IS possible for honest, freedom-promoting, people to make it to congress and have an effect. His presidential run gets this message out, brings together thousands of like-minded potential candidates and functionaries, and gives them political experience and connections. So the longer it goes on, the more potential freedom-agenda congresscritters and support teams are created.

But if the campaign folds its tent as soon as somebody else accumulates enough delegates to take the nomination, this fails. The idea spreads that it WAS just about Ron Paul, not about freedom and re-directing government, spiking both the redirecting of the party and the creation of new freshman congressmen and other office-holders.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

I think that's a great question

I know SGP still believes he can win. I haven't taken the time to read his explanation yet though.



Don't wait for the campaign to guide you - just do it.

2008 Presidential Election Weekly Poll

2008 Presidential Election Weekly Poll
Our Poll Progresses Throughout the Week, So Come Back Often and Check The Results!

keep your fire for freedom alive

Keep supporting Ron Paul if you believed in him and his voting record before believe him now, this campaign is not over. Re activate your self and become a delegate or do something to help this campaign to end the war and the killing and the torture. .... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBCKMTo210k .................
Now McCain is voting for waterboarding which in debate he called torture. Waterboarding ... Former POW and current GOP frontrunner John McCain certainly has. The senator, who once rather poetically referred to the technique as "very exquisite torture," voted Wednesday to authorize waterboarding as a means of collecting information from terror suspects. A bill was passed on to the president despite McCain's virtuouso D.C. pirouette, with 51 non-like-minded senators voting to ban the practice. But! McCain will get another chance after George Bush dismisses the bill with a condescending pat on the ass and tosses it back in the senate hogpit.

Seems the Army Field Manual, that occasional military bible, is a bit harder to read than first imagined. Of the 19, oh, let's call 'em torture techniques, permitted by the Manual, waterboarding is not included. ................. So says Steven G. Bradbury, acting head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel. Yeah, that's the same Bradbury who, in 2005, under cover of night, signed the documents that legalized the practice in the first place. ............................ Now: "The set of interrogation methods authorized for current use is narrower than before, and it does not allow waterboarding................................................... Has anyone here heard Obama, or Hillary oppose waterboarding ?????

Liberty is our campaigns gift to the world it is our manifest destiny.
Freedom is a movement who's time has come. Our campaign will lead world wide freedom.


My hometown is Bowling Green, KY and My Great Grandmother was one of Rand Pauls patients. I'm very happy that such a crappy news station such as WBKO has given Ron Paul and Rand so much coverage. I was just in BG this weekend, and their news casts make me cringe but this is quite refreshing..

Also, if you think I'm joking about WBKO, just google Chris Allen WBKO video or youtube it and you will see what a joke this station really is...

Yes, this is the same station that had the weatherman lick the boob on TV

I notice they left out the word "conventional"

Unless it was transcription error.


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Anyone from Louisville Here?

Any DailyPaul ppl going to be at the Ron Paul event at the River on May 10th? Count me in!

Yeah I am close to louisville.

What time and where will it be held???

We can all say what needs to be done, but who here lead by example today?

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

Ron Paul Will Be Attending Louisville!!!!

The Event Is Currently Still Being Planned For May 10. There Have Been Many Suggestions Sent To Me. I Will Be Forming A Commitee To Plan And Help Make This Happen Very Soon. If Interested Contact The Louisville Ron Paul Meetup Group. This Event Will Be Huge!!!

Im in the highlands and I'd

Im in the highlands and I'd love to help. I only get online at work.. so Meetup.com is blocked... Any ideas?

This makes living in this wonderful city even better.

There are quite a few individuals from Louisville on here, and you better believe every single one of us will be there. We have such a beautiful waterfront park, and big concerts are held on "The Great Lawn" all the time. Its the perfect venue. May 10th is exactly one week after the Kentucky Derby. This will be the perfect ending to one of the largest parties in America.

If you are out of town, everyone should come visit. We have "Thunder Over Louisville" (was the world's largest fireworks display until China beat us a few years back), the festival, The Pegasus Parade, The Kentucky Oaks, The Kentucky Derby, and a lot more. If you come visit you'll want to stay. Bring your family and friends and end a small vacation with a speech form Ron Paul on the waterfront in some of the best weather around.

This makes living in this wonderful city even better.

- kipload

I just moved here 9 months

I just moved here 9 months ago I've fallen in love with this place. =) You are totally right, Louisville is one of the most underrated cities in America.

The Waterfront could easily hold 20,000 if not more... They routinely hold 250,000 for Thunder! I will be at Thunder wearing my Red "I support Ron Paul" shirt.

I dont care, nor have I ever cared if he won.. It would be nice, but his message transcends the candidate. With that said, Ron Paul is my hero in life.

Michael Nystrom's picture


Original video link here. Transcript below:

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul has conceded that John McCain has enough delegates to win the Republican nomination, but come May 20th, you'll still see Paul's name on the Kentucky primary ballot.

"Though victory in the political sense in not available, many victories have been achieved due to hard work and enthusiasm," explains Ron Paul in a Youtube video.

It's a message that made many think Ron Paul had dropped from the Presidential race.

But according to Paul's son and Bowling Green ophthalmologist Dr. Rand Paul, this campaign isn't over.

"He has made an announcement, basically, that he cannot get the nomination at the same time saying, we will continue to have our name on the ballot. We will continue to contest the remaining primaries," says Dr. Rand Paul.

Dr. Paul adds the reason for this is to send a message to the Republican party.

"We used to believe in balanced budgets and smaller federal government," he says. "We've lost our way and that's why we're doing poorly at the polls."

But one job Ron Paul's not considering is Vice President.

"My dad and McCain are so different, I'm not sure he'll even endorse McCain," says Dr. Paul. "My dad wants to pull out of Iraq. McCain thinks we should stay for a hundred years. I truly think the Republican party's lost it's way and we're going to go down to a utter crushing defeat if we don't change our ways."

Dr. Rand Paul adds that his father will be speaking at Riverside Park in Louisville on May 10, in preparation of the Kentucky primary.

He's the man.

He's "not sure he'll even endorse McCain"???

I am! RP has said repeatedly he won't, unless McManiac changes his positions, which is not going to happen, and who would believe it if he did?