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Why is Gold & Silver going down for 4 straight days?

During a week in which the U.S. Dollar fell even more, inflation and price pressures rose (including Oil), Stocks (both domestic and foreign) were completely battered up, etc., why then has both Gold and Silver also lost its value and gone down in price for each of the last four days?

Wouldn't these hard commodities have represented really the only safe place to hold assets given all the other terrible economic and financial dynamics before us here?

I could understand a flat performance perhaps, but this is very different. Why are Gold & Silver going down and down along with everything else? and for four straight days?

Is everything going to hell then?
Should I be keeping my money under my pillow at this point?

I thought that commodities would be inversely proportional to dollar devaluation, rising prices, Stock devaluation, etc.

Anyone know what is going on?

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ahh see liberty

ahh see liberty baby...silver now coming back down only .26 cents compared to being down .90cents earlier! Don't panic! Volotitlity for this market is good! buy -hold..... buy more on the dips!

Normal market action

If you look at a chart of the price movement going back to 1999 when we started this long move from about $250 to where we are today, you can see lots of instances where the price moved down.

The price moves in pulses that take it too far in one direction so it needs to correct having gone too far at once, by giving up some of the price gain. The general trend is up since the up pulses are larger than the down pulses giving a ratchet look to the overall move.

You are in a panic over watching one of these corrections from having gone up too far to fast; you are not looking at the overall trend. By the time we hit around $1,600 to $1,800 next year about this time, you will probably be insane from your tendency to panic from keeping your focus on day to day price movement. The price swings will get even more dramatic as we move further up into the steep part of the parabolic curve so either get accustomed to it, or save yourself some grief and find another place to put your wealth.

Greed and fear are the primary mindsets of people in these markets, so notice your own feelings and calm yourself down.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

a lot has to do with margin calls

and people liquidating gold and silver to come up with the cash.
It will be going back up soon.
If you examine the charts at kitco.com you will see this is quite normal for the gold and silver markets.

Ditto - people forced to sell gold to cover losses

When they run out of it, it goes back up.


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

"Anyone know what is going on?"

It's called slaughtering "the herd". A round of selling against the late comers who got caught up in the frenzy.

Smart money sells and causes more panic selling which accelerates the move down. The herd makes smart money's short positions more valuable by bringing additional selling volume in.

Wait. Watch. Opportunity will return.

Folks please remember

Folks please remember this...... GOLD AND SILVER ARE MONEY! they have been since the beginning of time.. they are not commodities! even the the liberal idiots want you to believe that! what we call money the dollar bill is paper...and is worthless... just a government promise.. but gold and silver stand on there own!


You think markets move in one straight line?


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

Catch 22

The Federal Reserve is working together with central banks around the world to support the dollar for a little while longer, why? Good question, but we do have the Olympics in China this year, which would like to see profits and we have an election this year as well. But it isn't going to be easy, the bankers are going to have to manipulate the markets, just be patient. Asian markets fell drastically today, this would definately generate the sale of gold to cover their loses, but it may also generate many to switch their stocks in and buy gold. I am hoping that both gold and silver will take a nice dip for an oportunity to buy. Just remember that the dollar is made of paper, backed by nothing except the military in Iraq demanding payment for oil in dollars. The question is how long can they control the oil to protect the dollar? Another thing to remember is that if the price of oil was to fall, this would lead to an excess of dollars on the market to drive up prices of other products, so it is what they call a "Catch 22"!

Ron Paul is leaving it up to us folks! So put your energy behind the Revolution. We talk about not wanting government in charge, well Ron Paul is giving us a chance to demonstrate how this is done. Don't look to Ron Paul to do all the work, and just throwing money at the problem isn't going to work either!

Be in Washington on the 21st of June as requested by Ron Paul.

If you can't be a delegate, then volunteer at the convention, you will be able to influence undecided voters.



the silver and gold markets

the silver and gold markets are manipulated... please get and read this free ebook.
investmentrarities.com the book is written by ted butler.. silver and gold are valued in the paper futures market.. this manipulation is about to end.. when it does HOLD ON! on a 1980 inflation adjusted basis... gold should be at 2200.00 and silver at 160.00/ oz. with this dip you should BUY.. the shorts will recapture some of there losses and they will jump to the long side... I'm not sure how low it will go tho.. and this may be it today.. DON'T BE CONCERNED... The gold and silver market get even more volotile. high ups and low sells but the trend will still be up!


...to give me an opportunity to buy more silver on the cheap!

From TragicHipster's post on Bank failures

Given the speculation in commodities and panic buying of contracts in a manner that is inconsistent with demand, I sense smart money is quickly moving to tangible assets (like gold). If we have a sudden crash in prices of commodities, I'd interpret that to mean investors are liquidating anything they possibly can in order to meet obligations and the Fed's attempt to inflate is failing. Or, prices could keep precipitously rising as an early warning sign of pending monetary inflation brought on by the Fed's policies. We'll be looking at 10% monthly inflation in 12 months or half of all banks will be out of business. Or nothing will happen. Either way, we'll have a much better idea of where things are going soon enough.


It can't always go up. There will be pull backs and profit taking along the way. As we approach the psychological $1000 barrier, many people are taking profits and asking themselves if gold is overpriced. Use this opportunity to get more for your money. Gold and silver are just getting started.

Steve Stratton
Proud member of the R3VOLution

Steve Stratton
Proud member of the R3VOLution


Read: http://www.dailypaul.com/node/24110#comment-381161

Because the Fed has an additional 100 billion to intervene with.

Referred by Tim Kelly TXPPA

Can the Gold & Silver markets be manipulated?

Either by the Central Banks or other forces?

I just moved some savings into Gold/Silver ETFs, thinking that this would be the smart move, and it is a little unnerving to watch both Gold and Silver move downward for 4 straight days -- during bad economic times.

Anyone know what's happening?

yes they are.... no doubt!

yes they are.... no doubt! if you understand this you will know what is happeneing... investmentrarities.com download ted butlers free silver book.
61 pages and this is explained how they do it!.. but it will end soon!