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Glowing in the Dark

Consider that McCain will keep us in the Middle East...waging war...perhaps until the whole area is so toxic that life can no longer live there. Read this article and you might see the possibility of that happening. Perhaps we continue to force experimental drugs down our soldiers and purposely expose them to chemicals we might want to use down the road on our on people. Read this article and see just how in cahoots the government, the lousy Congress who has meaningless investigative studies and the pharmaceuticals are. Read how the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISRATION can *authorize* the pentagon to use dangerous, untested drugs on our soldiers without their approval. Read how we knew what we had done to Iraq after the first gulf war and yet.... Just Read the article. It is a reminder of why we have to fight until this insanity stops. To hell with who is President if it is not Ron Paul. We have to fight the government. Read please.

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the government...you can't fight city hall. We have to realize that we ARE the government. Learn the Constitution and become the solution. The problem is that we have forgotten the fact that it is We the People who make up not just the majority, but the governing body. Government workers are just our civil servants and it is up to us to monitor them and ensure that they do their jobs correctly and under our supervision. Join the party. Become a delegate. Run for office. Become part of the movement to CONTROL our government, not to "fight" it. We have a responsibility as Americans to govern ourselves, not to pass the buck and blame "the government". We can and will change the world this year. We have quite a mess to clean up, but we Americans are resilient and resourceful.

Long live the Republic ! !

Go Ron Paul ! ! !

"Aggressive wars, income taxes, national IDs, domestic spying, torture regimes, secret prisons, Federal Reserve manipulation -- we don't have to take it any more." -- Ron Paul

good stuff. i was a tanker

good stuff. i was a tanker in the army. we all had a feeling were getting fed a bunch of bs about the armor being safe. i'm just lucky to have only done one tour. and a lot of that was in humvees. but i did my fair share of tank driving.

No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in - Bill Hicks

Did You Know The FDA

.....can *authorize the pentagon to use experimental drugs on our soldiers. What gave them that kind of power? How can we *undo* that because they have proven themselves by this article to be criminal in their actions. And, of course, we know who sits on the FDA. The pharmas are heavily represented. So lets see....the Pharmas can authorize the pentagon to test their drugs on our soldiers!! This is really outrageous. (okay...it's a baby bump...I wanted some folks to read it.)


I'll help you

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