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Nader Begins Petitioning In New Mexico

Nader Begins Petitioning In New Mexico
The Nader campaign has launched its first petition drive. It is in New Mexico, and will attempt to qualify the Independent Party for the ballot. The petition needs 2,794 valid signatures by April 1.

That New Mexico deadline for new parties is surpremely irrational. New parties in New Mexico do not nominate by primary. Therefore, there is no reason why the deadline should be so early. That new party deadline had been in July, until 1995, when the New Mexico legislature moved it to April. The motivation was that the Democratic majority was unhappy that the Green Party gubernatorial candidate in 1994 had polled over 10% of the vote, and was perceived to be responsible for the election of Republican gubernatorial nominee Gary Johnson.

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Speaking of New Mexico,

Speaking of New Mexico, whenever I look at the map that shows where all of Dr Paul's meetups are, I always see a too-empty swath of land starting in southern AZ/NM, through the midwest and extending right on up to Canada. I wonder how we could change that. The map looks so much better in the areas where the red dots are all over each other and you can't even see the map

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