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For those who want HOPE...

The following letter was received by Fort Worth Meetup Group 529 members and was written by Jeremy Blosser - one fo the main DFW organizers. May he forgive me for posting it to you all - But I think that everything he writes is well written and worth all of our time.

He is a wonderful person and I hope you all meet him one day...

From the questions we are getting emailed, texted, phoned, and in
person, people are still confused about what exactly is going on with
the campaign. Given the somewhat mixed messages being sent by the
PCC, I can't really blame anyone for being confused. But I hope you
will at least belive what the local organizers are telling you over
CNN. What we tell you is coming from the family and Ron, not from
media outlets that have a vested interest in our control and

So here is the real deal as far as I know. I'm telling you what I
know and what I think is relevant about it. I'm not spinning it, and
I'm not going to try to convince you of things I don't believe. Same
as always. If I lay it out, though, you all have to pay attention and
track the full picture. Fair? This is going to be long, of course,
but I'm a firm believer that one of the reasons we get into messes
like this is because the American people have no attention span for
detailed explanations and no discretion for subtle differences in
meaning in short explanations. But everyone on these lists who isn't
a spy can hopefully be counted on to pay attention to detail, right?

Ron Paul is not dropping out of the race. Period.

What he *is* doing is "winding down" his official campaign efforts in
favor of the grassroots continuing the Revolution forward both in this
campaign's primary and delegate fight and elsewhere, which to me basically
means continuing in other states the same approach he de facto used in
Texas due to his need to combat his Congressional primary here while we
took care of the Presidential.

I know a lot of you were not happy with the approach in Texas and will
not be happy he's talking about continuing this way. You wanted more
official efforts in Texas and you hoped for more in the other states
for sure. I can't say I fundamentally disagree with you; I'd like to
see him out being aggressive on the campaign trail and the masses
flocking to him toward some primary wins even now as well. But one of
the things we love about Ron Paul is his unflinching integrity and
truthfulness, and sometimes that means he will make choices we in the
field find hard to comprehend.

The hard facts he is considering include these:

1) The media has reported and will continue to report McCain as the
winner, undisputed. They don't care if it's true, and no amount of
campaign dollars spent will change that, ever. Unless we produce
hordes of grassrootes canvassers the masses in the remaining states
will vote McCain majorities over and over again because that is
what the media tells them and that is how the state education
system programming works. Once declared the winner he gets the
majorities and no millions spent on ads will change that. The
primaries cannot be won directly by the PCC. Given this, them
raising and spending dollars on primary wins is not fiscally

We could have possibly changed this in Texas with a lot more
canvassing and person-to-person advocacy leading to a better
primary showing in his home state, but that's not what happened,
and this is where we are. Canvassing can still happen in the other
states and will still win votes, but TV ads and the other big money
stuff always exist to only supplement on the ground efforts, and
they won't have even that effect now that McCain is reported as
having the lock.

Texas did an incredible job as I will get into below, so do not
read the above as some kind of blame, but remember, I promised no
spin. 5% in his home states hurts, and we would have certainly
loved to work on raising that along with the other work we were
doing if we'd had the hours and volunteers available to do so.

2) Where Texas was incredibly successful by all accounts so far is on
securing delegates and taking the party back from the neocons and
their confused followers. All over the state we are hearing of
success after success, and there's a good chance nowhere was as
successful as we think we were in DFW. This was the task we set
ourselves to once we saw the hard facts we had to work with, and we
succeeded above and beyond the results in any other state so far
that we know of.

We did this without official TV ads (the PCC says they bought them,
but no one I know saw them).

We did this without official direct mail.

We did this without official campaign offices.

We did this without large numbers of campaign staff; we basically
had one available, and she knows enough to let us work without

We did this without a lot of face time with Ron Paul; we had him
the area parts of three days the entire election season, and only
one day during this last stretch.

In short, we did this without any real help from the PCC beyond
their generous shipments of signs and literature.

Given just these two, does it make any sense for a hard fiscal
conservative like Ron Paul to keep spending money on a large PCC
infrastructure? They have never understood the successes or
methodologies of the grassroots, and in the states where they have
tried the most, they have had a very spotty success record and several
times directly damaged things. I can't argue with the logic there,
although I can certainly argue with sending messages that give the
media any more opportunity to claim he dropped out and make it harder
for supporters to do the work and stay hopeful. (And I have argued.
A lot.) But go back to that part about them not understanding the
grassroots, both what we do and how we tick. I just don't think
that's going to change.

So that's the logic and the status as I understand it. I am well
aware some of you will see this as nonsense and may well walk away,
though if the "downsizing" of a central agency that never helped much
in the first place causes you to lose faith then I have to wonder if
you ever got the point of this Revolution. I'm frankly not that
worried about people in DFW walking away. I worry some about the
inferior rest of the country that isn't Texas. :-P

I also know some of you don't see how a nomination is possible at this
point. There are basically two groups of you as far as I can tell.

One (smaller) group thinks you understand the process 100% and that
the MSM numbers are accurate and it's a completely done deal and that
we must surely be talking about breaking rules and pledges and other
things that you think would force us all to go live on a desert island
after the nomination to protect us from minivan fleets of angry
McCain-supporting soccer moms who would feel their votes were stolen.
You have never taken our suggestions to actually do the bound/unbound
math, or to read the entirety of the rules, or to pay attention to the
massive amounts of unrest from the GOP faithful around the country
against McCain. In short, you're not that interested in the success
we're actually having, you're interested in being fatalists or
diverting people from the success here to other projects which are no
doubt admirable on their own but in my humble opinion mostly get
promoted now because they seem familiar and safer.

The hard numbers are still open, that's a fact. See
Many of McCain's supposed delegates are not required to vote for him.
Does it matter to you, or is your response just that he's close enough
and we must all give up? This is our Tora Bora, and some of you want
us to change direction now just because of bad math.

To the rest of you who are working and became delegates and just want
to know what real hope the future holds -- please hang in there with
us. The simple truth is we don't know exactly what will happen
between now and St. Paul, but we have great hope given what we have
accomplished so far. We know that we are winning right now, on a
massively significant front that is frankly more critical than the
nomination itself, yet contains in itself the very real potential for
the nomination. A full Ron Paul majority on the floor in St. Paul is
*incredibly* possible right now, and whatever you think you've been
told about the rules binding delegates, comprehend what exactly it
would mean to accomplish that, not just for the nomination but for the
nation and the world. Think what we would have accomplished along the
way to get there, and what it would mean for the future in and outside
the party. That is victory, regardless of the final nomination
options or outcome. You saw it in your precincts when you argued
resolutions and came in with majorities and took your own areas back.
Keep going and bring your numbers and passion to help us take back the
counties, the states, and the rest. McCain's wins in the GOP are not
party-generated or party-supported, they are media-generated and
media-supported, and the party will fight him if we continue to give
them the will while we take them back to conservative values.

In the end, hope is not something you can plot on a timeline or
quantify with rules or research exhaustively in an encyclopedia. Hope
is not something that someone else can produce for you, and it's not
an entitlement. Hope is not someone else's promise of "change you can
believe in". Hope for our country, our future, and our kids is
something each of us has to take ownership of. We have to make it, we
have to secure it, and we have to continually fight for it. Together
whenever possible, but alone if we must. Personal liberty demands
individual responsibility.

So I think winning is very possible, but to be honest I wouldn't care
if it did seem impossible. I never have. If I had, I wouldn't have
gotten involved in this in the first place, and look where we are now.
I will always strive to pursue liberty and truth the most direct way
possible, no matter the vulgar odds, and it's not even a question to
me that fighting for this nomination and continuing what we are doing
right now is the direction that is going to produce the most long-term
benefit. We are already doing the impossible, so why in the world we
give up now?

The fight has to continue on. We did not win the battle here
to turn around and give the ground back to the neocon minority. We
did not win the battle here to see the rest of the country decide it's
too hard to take the responsibility for themselves to do what we and
the states that went before them did. We did not come this impossibly
far in this impossibly short period of time to let it fade away. We
won, and the other states need to win too, so that when we all meet in
St. Paul the full strength and dedication of this Revolution can be
apparent to everyone.

Including Ron Paul.

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Yes! We must work for it ourselves...

I am one of Prospector Sam's peeps. I agree. This is exactly what we need. Maybe shortened a bit, but very informative. Thank you.

"Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must... undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine

"Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must... undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine

fantastic post

That one is going out to my peeps.

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Never give up, never

Never give up, never surrender!




Thank you! I needed to read

Thank you! I needed to read that today!

With all due respect

The above letter is a for the most part a weather report. And weather reports are useful for telling us the weather.

What we're about is very different. What we're up to is a declaration. An act of decalration.

It's not about being fool hardy but it IS about being AUDACIOUS.

If the Founding Fathers ever heard this kind of resignation they would be outraged.

We have six months, freedom lovers. And dreams will perish without an audacious vision.

So we can't give the weather report mass. Even the weather changes unexpectedly.

It's like any other endeavor of change. It takes commitment. It's not about feelings or even about thoughts. It's about speaking and acting.

We each need to practice the power of speaking and the power of being.

Our words shape our thoughts, actions and results.

Our being-ness shapes the influence we have on the environment around us.

These are both free yet powerful assets that each of us possess.

Let's use them.

I declare that when we emerge from the GOP National Convention - September 2008, the nation is going to clamor for Ron Paul as their next President.

Voted Best Post of the Day

Great words of hope overall and especially with regard to the reality of delegates & the very real possibility of winning as well as the explanation of why the brilliant Ron Paul prefers our grassroots efforts over paid campaign staffers. Thanks to the writer!

and I always

agree with myself - hope springs eternal


this is more important than the McCain supporter post and those asking if there's any hope to spare!! (hello?)