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McCain Angry?

First, I am in no way a McCain supporter. I believe he will say and do anything to get into office and for that I can never respect him or vote for him.

That said, the media is absolutely pathetic and needs to be put down like an old, decrypted produce donkey. Watch how they completely blow McCain's anger problem out of all logic.


Don't these reporters have bosses, fathers or even mothers?!?!?!

This is completely mind-numbing. You have to wonder, why is everyone ganging up on McCain? Why would people jump parties to support Queen Hilliary over McCain? Something stinks here really. Is Hilliary more conservative than John McCain?!?!?!

Something is wrong here, something smells really bad. Does is have to do with the CFR? Are people that afraid of McCain?

Watch this video, please, this is not anger, I'm sorry:

I want Dr.Paul to win the nomination and I honestly don't want McStain anywhere near the White House but what gives?

Please help me figure this out....

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I still can't understand why

I still can't understand why people like Rush Limbaugh are jumping on the the Clinton wagon, it doesn't make sense. Moreover, there are other "conservatives" jumping on Clinton's bandwagon.

If you were to compare voting records between Queen Hillary, and mix in Bill's track record, McSlime still looks more conservative--there is something up here.

I guess I'm not smart enough to figure it out....

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of course you know the only reason they were voting for

of course you know the only reason some republicans were voting for hillary is because they think she will be easier to beat than obama and they want her to be the one they eventually run against. they voted for her because they felt mccain would have enough votes to win the primaries, so they switched to vote for her and took a shower after.

Here's why

The 'conservatives' you refer to aren't conservative. Plain & simple. I honestly believe that it's become a game for the people pulling the strings...'lets see how many sheeple will actually believe this crap today'... The not so funny thing is there are so many of them willing to follow what they are told by these fakes it's scary.

McCain was asked a direct question regarding an issue.

If he wants to run for President he must address the issues. If he is ever allowed into the Oval Office he will hide behind his press secretary and not answer any questions. He is as great a coward and just as evasive as his newest supporter: George W. Bush. This circumlocution may not be construed as anger but it is undeniably rude in the extreme.

Ask yourself this: if you asked someone a question that you felt to be important would you want that person to interupt, talk over you or try to ridicule you? As an American you are afforded a certain level of dignity from your subordinates. This man is a public servant and you are his master. Never take lip from a servant. That is not what you pay him to do. They will try everything in their power at this time to switch roles and make you subservient to the government. McCain's demeanor will have exponential effects should he gain any more undelegated authority.

"I don't want to run your life, I don't know how to run your life, and I don't have the authority to run your life." - Ron Paul

It didn't

It didn't look like McInsane was angry. He looked annoyed. The liberal msm built up McInsane's candidacy to then tear him down. He is an easy target. Reason: there really isn't any defense for his position amongst the conservative base of the republican party that is going to come to his defense. He can only look to liberals for protection. Apparently to all, those libs are backing Obama and Hillary.


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"