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Merged radio network to battle 'disinformation'

This is just way too cool !!!

A merger has been announced involving two radio networks that has created a new powerhouse called IRN USA Radio News that the new chief executive officer says will be on a mission to counter the "disinformation" from the "controlled media" so that listeners will have the truth.


This folks, is HUGE ! I hope it takes off like a bat out of hell, because there's a whole lot Americans need to know about.

Worldwide, people are expressing their support for Ron Paul !

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I'm going to read that

I'm going to read that article tomorrow - but it sounds great!



this has great potential. i'd like a list of outlets to find one in my area. i'd like to hear what they're sayin. anyone got a list

hope it works!

hope it works!

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Selfish bump, I know :-)
People worldwide support Dr. Paul too !

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!