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McCain considered switching to Democrat in 2004?

Came across this article tonight:


So McCain is a Republican, but he wanted to run as John Kerry's VP on the Democratic ticket?

So much about McCain simply does not make sense.

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was arm in arm with Joe Lieberman tonight in Boston. We went down to greet him with RP signs tonight. All the hacks were there $2300 per plate

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that there is no difference between Remocrats and Depublicans. Please, if you are new here, don't be fooled by the OLD argument that it would be "worse" to have Hilterly vs. McTraitor.
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one of many reasons "Their" choice of McCain is odd

Several of the chief objections to RP are just as true of JM.

- no executive experience
- not a staunch party-first loyalist
- old

So, it comes down to just the war, and Israel. Seriously. We've got boxes and boxes of all kinds of slim jims putting RP totally out of JM's league in practically every other area. (And, of course, RP is right about those issues too, it just takes a great deal of work to open the average Republican's eyes to that.)

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I'm sure you already know

I'm sure you already know this, but there are many more differences between them than that. It's shocking, actually, that our party would support someone like McCain.


Not supprised, they are in

Not supprised, they are in bed together on the Navajo genocide.

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