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TODAY! Election in Indiana 7th district

In a special election today, voters in the Indianapolis (district 7) area have a chance to cast a vote for Sean Shepard, Libertarian candidate for Congress. Please help us have a good showing by voting and/or letting Freedom Loving folks know about this candidate.

Of course Sean is a Ron Paul supporter! - Find out if you live in the 7th Congressional district here: http://www.in.gov/apps/sos/legislator/search/
locate a polling place: http://imaps.indygov.org/pollinglocator/

Sean Shepard is a lifelong, 38 year resident of Indianapolis, including 25 years in Pike Township. He is married with two children who attend private Christian school. Mr. Shepard is self-employed in the Internet/telecommunications industry.

Beyond his activities as a local businessman in the technology and telecommunications industry, Sean has been active in promoting tax reform at both the Federal and State levels including efforts in 2007 aimed at assisting with property tax repeal in Indiana. He also helped manage Andrew Horning’s Republican campaign for Congress in 2004 (Mr. Horning was the 2002 Libertarian Candidate and 2004 Republican Candidate for the 7th District U.S. House).

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I'll help too.




"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

me too


Daily Paul Team Spirit

Thanks go to Golden, Dr. Steve, Merlin, and John! C'mon all...changing DC from the inside out....It's part of the "plan" = ]

Polls close at 6 pm..let's keep it up front till then!




Dr. Steve Parent

Dr. Paul...

not only cured our apathy...he spiced up our marriage! We are both on the ballot for our county! shhhh it's a secret.

Best to you Indiana

Go get'em!!

Another Bump!

Another Bump!

Another bump Dr. Steve

Another bump

Dr. Steve Parent

"problems" already reported..

at 7 polling places. If you live in the 7th and are unsure of your polling place http://www.indygov.org

O.K. that's my last bump on a CURRENT RELEVANT topic. After all, no one in Indianapolis is likely to visit DP. Let's passively vote to continue the Carson legacy or a Bush Republican (Elrod)...and ignore this topic.

You might be surprised

you might be surprised how many people in Indy get on the DP.


New links INDIANA!

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Hoosier or Not

Can we please keep this bumped today. D-Andre Carson (grandson of the late Julia Carson) has had an abundance of media coverage. Good Luck Sean Shepard!

I'll help you bump it Dr.

I'll help you bump it

Dr. Steve Parent


Hoosier Bump!


Fortune Favors the Bold

Fortune Favors the Bold