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What do you think of this for a super money bomb idea? Please read my thread on Ron Paul Forums!

I just came up with a great money-bomb idea. Please, if any of you like the idea, contact HQ. Anyways, here's the link:


And if you have any ideas, I'll be glad to consider them.

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Keep up the fight.

Ron Paul is leaving it up to us folks! So put your creative energy behind the Revolution. We talk about not wanting government in charge, well Ron Paul is giving us a chance to demonstrate how this is done. Don't look to Ron Paul to do all the work, and just throwing money at the problem isn't going to work either!

Be in Washington on the 21st of June as requested by Ron Paul.

If you can't be a delegate, then volunteer at the convention, you will be able to influence undecided voters.



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In his recent video RP said we would need financial resources

Thank you for thinking of this. Just remember the donations should be at least $25. because the campaign has to process all those credit card transactions, and less than that would take too much of their time.

respectfully..... we don't

respectfully..... we don't need a money bomb.. we nned butts in the delegate seats! thats where we win guys! DELEGATES!