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Website and radio ad

We are in southern Indiana, we have put a website up as well as running a local radio ad for Dr. Paul on WOCC 1550AM. The radio ad can be listen to as well as downloaded to be used elsewhere if needed. We will be working on other radio ads and possibly videos as well. Our primaries here are May 6th. Support here is still growing. Please feel free to come check it out and any donations to the ads would be greatfully appreciated. Since the good Dr. believes in transparency, if we receive any outside donations from our current support group, we will post the receipts up as well.





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I have added more advertisements to the website.

I have four new advertisements that cover such issues as health care, gun ownership rights, income tax, and rights of the unborn. Please feel free to download them and put them on your local radio station.

New advertisements

I have made some more advertisements in recent weeks and I have also expanded the website. You can find the new website located here.

There is much more that I need on the website because it is an educational website. You are encouraged to download my advertisements and distribute them as well as put them on your local radio stations. I plan to have more ready for May.

Bump this

I hope you can get some solid donations.

This is a wonderful radio ad. It is very moving. I wish everyone in the country could hear it.

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


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Skills for information delivery

Yeah, I do to. Thanks for the appreciation, I can't remember of anyone who does not like it for what it is. This is also my first advertisement that I have made. Beginners luck? If you want, you can help the rest of the country to hear it, just download it and distribute.

I don't believe in patents, copyrights, or Digital Rights Management. So I don't have a problem if you put it on disc and give it out to people or even put it on the file sharing networks. I don't do much of the file sharing, or else I would have put it on there myself.

Another cool thing is the fact that the music I used is royalty-free. I think the song was made by Kevin MacLeod. It's called Rumination. Here is where I got it.

I listened to some music for a while to determine which would best match my approach that I wanted to use. But I got good at what I do when I was working on the Transformers music video that I made. I really worked on timing and meaning of content. You can watch it here on Youtube.

I am in the process of modifying my Transformers music video and making a general version of my Ron Paul advertisement that is not area specific like the current version that has my county mentioned and my phone number so I can organize supporters.

Then with that one, anyone can place it on any of the networks, file sharing, TV, and radio.



Thanks merlin for helping me with this. Good job in describing the information to get people on Daily Paul to be aware of this. Anyone can download my advertisements to listen to and distribute. If people want CD copies, I can provide them, but mostly when I get more advertisements made.

And I do favor the transparency. I just heard my advertisement today on the radio, I don't usually get to hear it because my job requires me to sleep during the day.


Great I Grew Up In Indiana

I will give to the cause. They are very Republican up there. Hopefully they see that a real candidate is still in representing there values.


needs to let people know their is still another choice for president. McCain has not won and their vote can make the difference.


Don't worry GoldenRule, I have created my first anti-McCain advertisement and you may like the results. You can download it also in high quality MP3, High quality Vorbis, and in lossless FLAC.

You can download the advertisements, burn them to disc to give out, even pay our own money to put these advertisements on you local radio station.

I plan to make some advertisements about the other candidates to help Americans to understand that Ron Paul is the only wise choice for president and the only legitimate choice for president according to the principles of the Founding Fathers.

Chosing freedom

I have plans to make other advertisements with more information about Ron Paul. I don't know if you have seen the slim jims that he sells on his campaign website, but they cover topics and he addresses issues. I planned to make advertisements in this format of covering topics and mainly showing people that Ron Paul is different than the mainstream establishment candidates because Ron Paul resembles the Founding Fathers.

We are also....

We are also planning on running anti McCain ads as well. We will keep the site updated. Also a shameless BUMP!