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That's it. Invite the FBI to your meeting. I just did.

I just called the local FBI office and will send in a request for an Agent to come and talk to our Constitution meeting. They can't come to a political group meeting, so we will stay focused on our security and the Constitution. I'm tired of talking about the "Feds" etc without really talking to them. We all need to do this. There are many, many good Americans in law enforcement, local and Federal. Lets STOP fearing them and make an effort to meet them and share our fear. They need to hear and see us. We are also good Americans. Lets hear your thoughts.
For our more paranoid brothers and sisters: Please read


*Update: Well here we go again. Three posters, Twin, Mart and Paulver are disrupting another thread. Sit back and watch. Very sad.

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Those units I mentioned served with distinction in the War.

I am not trying to criticize those units I mentioned, I believe they served with distinction in the War. All I was saying is that those are not the type of people you want angry with you. I guess it was good that at least they inspired some fear in the enemies of the U.S.A.

I think that perhaps our country’s intelligence agencies did interfere with the internal affairs of foreign nations too much from time to time. I don't advocate all of the policies, but like I said; some of those people had patriotic intentions in mind. I guess that most of that generation has retired by now. There is also a different group of people who were in the agency who come from a civilian background. I suppose it is a new CIA at this point.

The FBI had a good reputation in the distant past to a certain extent, but they did engage in spying on American citizens. Plus, we all have heard about the attacks they made against people in the past, and mostly only due to the people’s beliefs. I don’t know about how you feel, but this is America and people are free to believe what they wish. It is also a new FBI at this point and, in my opinion, they have the wrong focus to a degree. The FBI came more from a law enforcement origin than the CIA. The CIA was supposedly banned from domestic surveillance activities, although I believe they did engage in some domestic activities. It is questionable whether these alphabet soup agencies have any legitimacy under the Constitution.

VPA, you wouldn't

OK, we got it.

why would a self professed anarchist

promote the constitution and invite the FBI to come?
"I oppose government. I believe in the absence of government" http://www.sovereignlife.com/essays/22-12-03.html
"Either we continue to believe in the myth of the state, and grant it ever more power over our lives, in order that it may fulfil its avowed purpose - or we discard this outmoded method of organising society in favour of one based on mutual recognition of property rights and personal sovereignty, where free individuals deal with one another on the basis of voluntary agreements and contracts." http://www.sovereignlife.com/essays/12-09-05.html
Why would someone who believes these things come here and cause trouble among people who feel exactly as he does in the above comments?
Just curious...

Yeah man they all "retired in the early eighties, man"

Are you high, LB4?

Nope. Never been high!

Are you a small town PIG?

Hey prick

We have police officers in the revolution. Ron Paul was endorsed by about 100,000 thousand of them, so how about you scurry on back to the crack house and grow up.

100,000 thousand, huh?

Boy, 100 million cops. This really is a police state.


Boo Hoo. McCNuts probably has a 500,000 sponsoring him, and I'm sure theres even some sponsoring Hillary! I'll give some credit to the ones in the revolution, but its reluctant credit. P.S. will you show me where the crack house is Davey. You seem to be the one that has the freakouts!


Gee thanks for the credit :) I feel really warm inside.

The Pigs

are all a bunch of losers. No one becomes a cop in this day and age if they are cool. The cool cops retired by the early 90s. They are all brainwashed now! All they are now is tax collectors. They just love giving people fines! And before some smart guy gets the idea to say " they put their lives on the line every day." Don't bother cause they aren't even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America. I'll give the police in huge inner cities some credit but thats it. Screw the rest of em!

Cool ? Im not bashin u homie but c'mon

wut in the fvck is cool ???

a high school term , maybe jr high

i am only 18 but i am understood that being "cool" is actually being a complete moron and a FvCKING duche bag

smoke some weed
drink some beers , get yo dick sucked and chill out to some 911 truth vids and some What The Bleep Down the rabbit hole ... finding ur natural peace of mind

all love to all of you -- till yall bash back

peace and love

"Universal Truth Is Not Measured In Mass Appeal" - Immortal Technique - The 4th Branch.

What the bleep is an

What the bleep is an interesting movie ive heard. But its all bullshit if you listen to any quantom physics expert.

Please support local music.

Sir and iheu, great comments

Several RP supporters after our meeting with the sheriff simply felt better and the Republican chair in our county said the sheriff, his friend, told him to contact us. He liked what we had to say. It was a great meeting.

FBI, eh Dave?

Is there a name and a number for this FBI agent you arranged this with? We'd sure like to set something like this up here. Do tell. Details man...post up details.

Ah, you just pick up the phone and call your local FBI office

They will put you in touch with their community outreach person (yes, they have a community outreach program). They will ask for a written request. You fax it. Agents can't attend political meetings, so make it about the Constitution and security. Ask how you can help, etc? Really NO big deal. Simple. No courage needed. No guns or sniper teams. Just a meeting with an FBI agent your tax money pays for.


Bumpity Bumpity Bump



For the Love of the Holy Sacred Lord...

...Jesus Christ, whose flesh we tear and blood we guzzle, in the name of all that's holy and those things that are unholy yet fun, can this inane piece of crap, whut started with the Zealot's (Dave) lie about having an FBI agent at his girl scout or whatever meeting, stop popping to the top of forum topics. Let it die (I'm not helping with this, I know. But still.).


.. I think keeping DaveMac's posts alive serves the purpose of teaching Daily Paul'ers to stay away from posts with his name as author.

Good point


I also wish to note, apart from the things.

I also wish to note, apart from the things I mentioned here, that, according to the Bible, there would come a day when the world government at that time will begin to persecute and even kill born again Christians. The Bible talks about this in detail.

I don't want to be overly dramatic, but I am trying to warn you about things to come, especially if you believe in the Bible. Perhaps there are some people in government with good intentions, but there are many corrupt ones and that is a fact.

There were undoubtedly some people.

If you are going to involve the FBI in your constitutional group, you stand the risk of getting the people in your group in hot water. The individual might be nice, but it doesn’t matter if someone smiles at you while they lock you up, or worse. Just the fact that you don’t intend to do anything wrong is no protection. The constitution is illegal to the mind of some of these people.

There were undoubtedly some people in the various intelligence agencies, in the past, who had good motives. Perhaps they felt that they were fighting the Nazi’s during WWII, or the Communists during the cold war. Even the secret societies, like the Masons, have had some people with good intentions.

If you want to take the case of the founding of many of these intelligence agencies and special operations:
During WWII you had the Jedburgh groups and the OSS, and the First Special Service Force, people like that. No one would say that they were not brave soldiers, since this is obviously not true. There was always an idea however, that the type of people who would be involved in elite operations like this were exceptional in the fact that they would be required to participate in extreme violence most of the time, killing people at close quarters, etc. If you read the Studs Terkel book about WWII, it has a story in it about a Marine who was asked to join OSS, but refused.

DaveMac's point..

.. is that Ron Paul supporters avoid law enforcement officers because Ron Paul supporters are generally paranoid isolated kooks driven by fear. Such Ron Paul supporters are mythical creatures that exist only in DaveMac's collection of strawmen.

Re-read the forum topic and see for yourself.

Who is to say that these agents?

I think I read in the Bible that, “every man is justified in his own heart.” Who is to say that some of these agents are not paranoid and fear us in an unwarranted way, when all we want is liberty for our country?

Please take a moment...

.. and re-read the forum topic text.

Notice that DaveMac is implying that Ron Paul supporters are isolated and paranoid people who avoid social contact with law enforcement because they think law enforcement people are evil.

It's the EXACT same trick he plays in ALL of his posts. He tries to point out some fictional evil group within the Ron Paul movement and isolate them for expulsion and criticism.

Three of DaveMac's forum topics this past weekend were focused on the theme that libertarians hate the Constitution and should be kicked out of the Ron Paul movement. He LITERALLY said this repeatedly. Al three of his posts were deleted within 24 hours.

He's a pure troll trying to stir up divisions.

you guys need to take a break, eh?

'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'

'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'

I take breaks..

... between DaveMac's posts getting deleted. Which means I get alot of rest!


The Pattern.....

All of DaveMac's forum topic posts go like this:

DaveMac: We should all love puppies. There are puppy haters on Daily Paul.

RandomPerson: I love puppies but they poop on the floor.

DaveMac: See!!! Random hates puppies and should be kicked out of the Ron Paul movement.

Same exact thing over and over and over and over again.

How thoroughly droll....

Are all American bad too!

There are FBI agents that are intellegent and good people, the same with all walks of life. We can't generalize all in the same light. Not all Americans are imperialist warmongers either, however this is how a lot of the world views us.

Are all American bad too!

There are FBI agents that are intellegent and good people, the same with all walks of life. We can't generalize all in the same light. Not all Americans are imperialist warmongers either, however this is how a lot of the world views us.