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TIME for Dr. Paul to Make Himself Super Available!!!

I was going to add this to the Coast to Coast thread, but thought it best not to "bump" it any more. (I think that's not the best show for Dr. Paul.)

THIS IS THE TIME! There has never been a better time for Ron Paul to hit shows dealing with news, money and politics than right now. There is a serious lull--really a vacuum--in political news right now and there have never been fewer candidates in this race. McCain is going to be keeping quiet and we're hearing way too much from the democrats. I'm sure everyone is sick of that. Folks, we need to capitalize on this unique time in the presidential campaign when some fresh air is badly needed!!!

Listening to POTUS08 (ch. 130 on XM Radio) last Friday, they played Dr. Paul's entire message to his supporters! They were trying to figure out if he'd left the race or not, but didn't know how to find out. Unfortunately, they don't make it easy for folks to contact them, leaving their email address only at the end of shows (potus08@xmradio.com).

HQ has GOT TO reach out to radio, tv and podcast shows that do talk and have Dr. Paul become much more available. Now that Ron Paul is not seen as a threat, I think he has a MUCH BETTER chance of getting on programs for some thoughtful insight. Charlie Rose (PBS), Tavis Smiley (PBS), Democracy Now, NPR's All Things Considered or Morning Edition, Fresh Air (with Terri Gross), Air America radio, POTUS08 (XM radio), Focus on the Family.

Dr. Paul needs to go back to places where his message was well-received, but due to time constraints he could not give more time. For instance, he missed out on a good opportunity to reach a huge audience with his very brief appearance on Good Day Live. He has GOT to get back on that program and talk some more because those guys LOVED him and they were bummed that he had to cut the interview short!!!

I know I am not one of the Big Posters here, but I hope enough folks can get behind this and help me contact these outlets and others. What other media outlets are out there that would be GOOD venues for Dr. Paul's message? This is a critical time for the Revolution and for a possible reSURGEnce of Dr. Paul's candidacy!!!

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Book signing tour. This will

Book signing tour. This will happen, but to what extent is still yet unseen. I would like to see a big to do revolving around this.

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."

I agree

now that he doesn't have to run all over the country like a chicken with his head cut off; he could sit back and do a lot of radio and TV interviews. Great idea to get the word out.

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


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We have the excellent product

All we need is more marketing and Ron to outsource as much as possible to us.


Yes, yes, yes - someone help him out BTW - was Jesse Benton actually fired?
SPH Org/ronpaul.meetup.com/926

Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace


was he fired? i'd like to know too. that link does not work.
926 is a lancaster pa meetup group.

Ron Paul is My President



Ron Paul is My President

Video Conferencing

He should have state of the art video conferencing available at his home and offices to constantly provide content for the insatiable 24/7 Cable News cycle.

No talking about quitting or running third party. Only policy.

My 2 cents.


May our efforts in support of Doctor and Congressman Ron Paul's Campaign to be President of these United States of America be blessed with supernatural productivity and success

May our efforts in support of Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty be blessed with supernatural productivity and success!

time for dr. paul...

i'm with you elk and i think the first thing to do is for us to contact hq and let them know what we want....i've called lots of times during the past year when it was pretty crazy down there and got thru. sending e's was a waste of time but calls was no problem.

now we all can see how drastically the staff at hq has been cut...so reaching people is NO problem. they need to be working with the grassroots to make the doc available to us. i don't think the doc would have a problem with it - i know he would make himself available.


Ron Paul is My President

Just called

703-248-9115 and spoke with a young woman.

Make sure that you have a concise message with an action point in it for them as I'm sure they've heard a LOT of folks blabbering about all the same stuff and I'm sure they're a bit jaded at this point.

Simply Call Headquarters

Just got off the phone having talked to a very polite campaign worker named Fernando. He allowed me to vent a good five minutes about Ron Paul.s lack of visibility. I especially stressed the PA. campaign and believe Ron Paul should do a 6 week tour of PA. Got to keep pushing on!! Thank you.


good idea, although coast to

good idea, although coast to coast has a listening body of people who are ready for action and care for this country's wellbeing,

maybe you should post a post giving us multiple shows email and contacts so that we can email them and have ron paul on their show

A list

I will try although I'm at work, but if anyone wants to pitch in, please do!!

I think coast to coast has

I think coast to coast has had enough mail. I think we need to get HQ to send a press release to certain places like the one in the title and say RP is available to speak. He told us he would go wherever we want him to. Now we want him to go lots of places so they need to send something out. Let us letter bomb hq if we have to.

If we want him to go

to lots of places,we need to send him some money!