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The Revolution: A Manifesto - Read excerpt on Amazon!!!

The Revolution: A Manifesto

Read 6 pages of Chapter 1: The False Choices of American Politics
It's really awesome! So glad I pre-ordered a couple of copies!!!

Here is the link.

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Great great great idea!

Hey lets just get like 10 copies or so each and spread them everyone. Donate a couple of copies to our local libraries as well!!


Book bomb idea: Republican Delegates to State Conventions

Here's a way to make friends and influence people using The Revolution: A Manifesto -- and potentially make a huge impact on the Republican Party this year.

A Republican Delegate Book Bomb!

Let's say a state has a couple thousand delegates to the Republican Party state convention. Let's say 50% of them are already Ron Paul supporters. If each Ron Paul supporter delegate gave a copy to another delegate, then all delegates to every state convention would be exposed to these Revolutionary ideas. Then when platform items come up for a vote, hopefully we'll win enough converts to pass them. So for a mere $14 effort for each Ron Paul supporter, we could double the support base.

This would be best done locally. Find out who the delegates are from YOUR congressional district. Organize with the Ron Paul delegates to be thorough in the outreach effort. Everyone should find at least one person going to state who is probably not a Ron Paul supporter (yet).

Give the delegate a copy of the book. Invite them to lunch to discuss the ideas. Start a dialog. Make a friend. Find points of agreement. Find points of disagreement. Figure out how to address their concerns. Refine your message for the state convention.

This nationally, act locally. This will pave the way for sucess at the National Convention.

wonderful! I can't wait to

wonderful! I can't wait to buy and read the whole thing! I'm waiting till it comes out though so I can buy it person and everyone can see ; )

where can you read the first

where can you read the first 6 pages at????!!!!

I cant wait for it to be shipped.

You can read

the first six pages on the Amazon link. Just click search inside the book and click on excerpt.

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


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great deal! I just ordered

great deal! I just ordered :-D

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I can't wait till my copy is here! : )

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