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Open Thread - Please Help: Why is Ron Paul THE Internet Candidate??

I just got off the phone with a reporter who is doing a story on Ron Paul's amazing popularity on the internet. "How is it," he asked me, "that Ron Paul has become THE internet candidate?" Where does all this support come from?

It is an excellent question, one that he is trying to answer for an article he's writing on the subject. I could only speak from my own experience, which I have written about elsewhere but, in short is:

I had never heard of Ron Paul until February 2002, when I saw him one morning on CNBC as I was getting ready to go to work. He was on live TV, challenging Alan Greenspan and the role of the Federal Reserve - how it simply prints money, and the government uses Enron-style accounting. He was saying things I knew to be true, but things I never expected to hear on TV. (As I said in my blog post about it at the time, I was so happy I cried.) Indeed CNBC hastily cut away for a 'commercial break' - but I had heard everything I needed to know. I made a note of his name and later began researching this Ron Paul character on the internet. The more I read, the more I liked, and the rest is history. When I heard he was running for president, I set up this website. It was not something I really felt I had a choice about - I had the skills, the passion and the ability, so ... I guess there was no reason not to.

The weekend I set up the site, I heard Dr. Paul in an interview talking about how this election would really test the new powers of the internet. I knew that was true, and I wanted to be a part of spreading that message.

So why is Ron Paul so popular? I imagine that a lot of people have had an experience similar to mine - they know about Ron Paul somehow from before. His message makes complete sense, and so the internet is the natural place for us to gather and discuss & support it.

So I'd like to ask for your help. Like I said, I could only speak from my own experience. I'm interested in 1) How did you first hear about Ron Paul? 2) Why do you think he has become THE internet candidate, and 3) any other relevant info.

The reporter I spoke with noted that there has NEVER been anything like what is going on now with this campaign.

Please let me know, and I'll pass the responses along to the reporter. This is well respected news agency, especially among young people. I don't know if he'll use any of the information or not, but it is nonetheless something I am very interested in, and certainly other readers are as well. And it may in fact be useful for gaining new supporters. Please post your responses below. Thank you!!!

Best regards,
Michael Nystrom

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Ron Paul

in answer to your two questions:
1) i first heard of Ron Paul during the Ist Republican Debates 2007.
2) I think he's become such a strong "internet" cadidate because people on the internet are people who generally read a lot - and refuse to accept "mainstream" media AND understand they have been hiding and/or manipulating poll numbers.

i am an independent - in the sense that i think independently. I voted (embarrassed by this) for GW Bush and i was ready to swing the other way and vote for Hillary simply because of my disgust with GW - then i found Ron Paul.
I am a registered Republican, and he is the only true Republican in the race. In fact, I've always leaned to a Libitarian/Constitionalist ideology - but have never had a candidate that really moved me - until RON PAUL!
I have made the mistake (like many have and continue to do) of thinking that a vote for an "outsider" (in a way RP is) is a vote "thrown away" - but no longer. I am going to vote my conscience! I truely believe, if people would do this, and not listen to people who say this is a "waste of vote" - then RP would be our next president.
He has an up hill battle - because even people who like what he's saying, will be afraid to vote for him because the "mainstream" media is saying he "doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell". So what do people do?...they vote for the "lesser of the two evils". I've heard this time and time again -- hell, I've even said this in the past. Well, it's time for people to understand that this is AMERICA - and by God, you don't have to vote for any "evil"! The two party system is a sham - not a dimes worth of difference between the two. The only person out there that wants to bring this country back to where the Founding Fathers thought it should be is RON PAUL.
You mark my words - as RP gets more and more popular - these "crazy" ideas of his will start to be adopted by the people calling them "crazy". They will say what they need to say to dupe voters - watch for it - it's coming. When it does, I hope the people will see where it all started.

jp dupay

The Internet Candidate - The Way I See It

First off - let me say that I agree with the statement that Ron Paul did not choose the internet - the internet chose him. I believe it is ludicrous to state that Dr. Paul paid someone to "bot" the voting sites - first off, even though he's a politician, anybody who actually listens to what he's saying can tell that he's too honest to do that - either that or he's politically suicidal. Second off, he didn't have that kind of money at the time that the claim was made. Third off, it has been my experience that those who accuse others of wrong doing are generally guilty of the same offense - in other words, this accusation is more along the lines of something that his opponents would do. I'll wager that they're ticked off because their bots didn't work as well as thousands of people actually casting votes.

Although this won't make good copy for your reporter friend, I believe that Ron Paul's popularity on the internet is a case of simple economics.

  • We start with a product: liberty
  • and a demand: people who want to live in freedom.
  • There is a scarcity of product caused by problems with production: politics as usual, welfare state and the resultant breakdown of the family, war, education system, changes in personal priorities, etc. -
  • and a monopoly on distribution: media, education (again), IRS, Fed, group privileges and governmental interventionism -
  • which causes demand to go down: apathy, discouragement, victim-hood - the entitlement mindset.
  • Due to scarcity, a black market is formed: internet, talk radio, specialty magazines, political activism . . . as with all black markets, product is often incomplete and of poor quality.
  • Someone sees the demand and decides to start a business: Ron Paul.
  • He makes a sales pitch: the Republican debates.
  • The sales pitch is so good: raw, unadulterated truth, real workable solutions, constitutional principles -
  • and his credit so reliable: devotion to principle, 20 year voting record -
  • that he attracts many investors: the bump after the debates.
  • The distribution monopoly seeks to artificially curtail availability: main stream media blackout, spin, entrapment -
  • which forces the business into the black market: internet

And that, in a nutshell, is why Ron Paul is the Internet candidate. :-)

the stranger's picture

…a virus in the matrix?

Perhaps the reason the internet still works at all is because censorship can’t be total without systemic damage to the entire commercial enterprise. The web is investigation, communication, and amalgamation – in real time. It is awareness; individual as well as collective. Still, it is tracking and recording every move.

The phenomenon of 'Ron Paul as the internet candidate' is the fusion of multiple solemn events; our mutated government, our terminal financial system, and the limits of energy converging with malevolent synergy. If Ron Paul is the lightning-rod, as Robert put it, the lightning itself is born from the perfect political storm.

Although a focal point, our rapidly fading constitution is simply one of many sacred documents marking civilization’s advancement toward an evolving ideal. It was never perfect, and it was never fair. Pick a moment in time, say, during the gold standard and you may find yourself in slavery’s heyday. But the reality that sprang from this elusive ideal did not endure to deliver justice, guaranteed; it survives that we might merely have a chance.

At this stage of degeneration, no one in their right mind gives a damn about Republicans or Democrats. This isn’t so much a political campaign as the channel of something momentous. Because while many know the situation is dire, countless others feel it. And the resulting quest, augmented by the web, leads to the knowledge of what has been stolen and what is targeted for destruction. It is this grave realization that mushrooms at the speed of thought. Is it a real spirit awakened? …a virus in the matrix? …or just a ghost in the machine?

The more you look, the more you like.

Unlike some others, I had not heard of Ron Paul before the debates at the Reagan Library, and even then, I did not watch that live. Indeed, as a life-long Conservative Republican, I was so disgusted with the empty suits (thanks Savage), the Iraq War, the spending, that I felt like a stranger in my own party, and even considered sitting this round out.

But afterwards, I heard that there was ONE Republican who recognized the folly of the Iraq War from the beginning. That sounded intriguing...but I was still skeptical. He must have some skeletons in his closet. Maybe he was pro-choice. Maybe he's a Lincoln Chaffey kind of Republican. Maybe he has a harem of mistresses.

But no. The more I looked, the more I liked. You want consistency, low taxes, spending frugality, Constitutionality, respect for life, free markets, love of country, integrity, military experience, one wife and absolutely no cross-dressing (that I could find)? Here he is.

I watched the SC debates with intense interest. How does this guy interact with others? Is he for real? The interchange with Giuliani was an incredible flashpoint. The man was challenged by the leader (in polls) of the Republican Party to withdraw his statement about what has incited Muslim hatred of the US and how it ties into 9/11. Cheers, to his detriment, poured from the audience. The other candidates sensing they had missed their opportunity to make points with this crowd, fought amongst themselves to take swipes at Rep. Paul. I half thought they were going to string him up on a cross right there on stage.

But no. The more I looked, the more I liked. He did not sheepishly apologize or rearrange his answer to meet the demands of the angry mob. He did not look for a personal attack upon Rudy to turn the tide. He stayed calm, and relied on the truth, as best as he knew it, and as best as he could explain it (in 15 seconds). At that point, he reminded me what it means to be a statesmen. He showed that the emperor wanna-be's on that stage had no clothes.

In a previous election, I might have just heard about the 'loon' wearing 'the tin-foil hat' on talk radio. Or just read in the paper about the lone Republican who is against the war and, of course, has no chance of winning. And that would have been the end of it.

He is the Internet candidate because there is a vast treasure trove of his writings, of his speeches, of his record. I need not rely on Rush or Hugh or Laura to distill the debates and give me their opinions about this man. I can look for myself. And so can you.

The more you look, the more you will like, too.

Peace be with you all.

Why I Support Ron Paul

M. Raborn I posted my comments on Why I Support Ron Paul back on March 4th. However, I don't expect Michael's reporter friend to research all the way back there, so I will copy it below. So far as being the "Internet" candidate, I learned about Congressman Paul from a radio talk show. Whatever, the vehicle whether it is read, heard or seen, it is Congressman Paul's message and his personal integrity that cause people to want to support him. It is just a matter of getting his message out to enough people, and then he will be the "front runner"
I grew up in a very patriotic home. My dad had fought in the First World War. I joined the Air Force myself as a physical therapist. I met and married my husband, a career fighter pilot. There were difficult times with many separations, but I felt proud to be a supportive military wife. This was during Viet Nam. Bob served two tours there. We lost several good friends over those years. Bob was frustrated when he could not fire on known targets, unless he or a wing man was fired upon first. However, we never questioned our leaders decisions. It just was not done that way back then. Yes, there were protesters, but Bob always said that if they didn't support the war effort, then he did not want them working on his plane or flying cover for him. We believed what we were doing was the right thing.

Years later, after Bob retired and we returned to Texas, one day I was listening to a talk radio show from San Antonio. I could not believe my ears. I heard this Congressman, Ron Paul, saying we could not necessarily trust everything our government was telling us. He was particularly speaking about a plan at that time to issue a new currency. The government claimed it was necessary to tract down counterfeiters and those who might be laundering drug money. However, Congressman Paul said countries historically did this when they were trying to track down money leaving the country, or when there is hyperinflation or to find those individuals who are not paying income taxes. Then he went on to say, it was unConstitutional for the government to issue paper (fiat) money in the first place and that the IRS was equally unConstitutional. I was shocked, but he said he would send more information to those who were interested. I still have that first packet of information I received from Congressman Paul back in 1984. That was the beginning of my real education concerning American history, our Constitution, economics and the real meaning of Liberty and Freedom. Over the years, through Congressman Paul, our family was introduced to such scholars as Hayek, Read,
von Mises, Bastiat and too many others to name. Once at an event for Congressman Paul, I noticed the name tag of the gentleman next to me and it was Llewellyn Rockwell. I got as excited as a teenager meeting her rock star hero. I felt really silly, but it was a wonderful experience to meet face to face with one I had come to admire so much.

We kept up with Congressman Paul's career and supported him in his run for President on the Liberterian ticket. Then in 1996 we moved to Columbus, TX and learned that then Dr. Paul would be running for Congress again and this time we would be in his district. My husband and I immediately volunteered to be his campaign managers for our county and continued as such until he was recently redistricted from our county. I am happy to report he won his election in our county every election cycle. Over these past 10 plus years, Congressman Paul has become more than my Representative, teacher and mentor, he and his family have become dear friends to us. We have been privileged to meet many of the family members at Ron's annual birthday bash and other political gatherings.

There is no way we can ever adequately repay Congressman Paul and his family for the sacrifices they have made so that the principles of our Founding Fathers have continued to be proclaimed from the halls of Congress, supporting our Republic, defending our Constitution and advocating for Liberty and Freedom.

Now we are given a bigger opportunity and a greater responsibility. We now have the privilege to do everything that is possible to make sure that Ron Paul is the next President of these United States of America. I do not believe there is any other individual who is so well prepared to take on this tremendous responsibility, a this most difficult and historic time for our country. The question is are we, his supporters, up to our job of making sure that he not only wins this race, but that he is the convincing winner?

If there are those who are reading this post, who are not sure of Congressman Paul's credentials, I challenge you to do your own homework. Do not just trust what the media tells you (or fails to tell you.) Ron's voting record is open to the public and if you question why he voted as he did, he is always willing to share his reasoning. Do your due diligence, and I believe you too will be convinced, Ron is a "proven product!" After nearly 20 years in elected office, his friends and his foes agree, he is not swayed by political pressure. He is a man of principle! What you vote for is what you will get, when you vote for Ron Paul for President!

Now it is up to "we the people" to make this happen, not just for ourselves and our children and our grandchildren, but so that America can continue to the that beacon of hope to the world that it has been in the past....not just by means of war with rockets and bombs, but by being the world's best example of Liberty and Freedom for all. Many thanks to Ron Paul and now let's finish the job! Ron Paul for President in 2008!

M. Raborn

How to spread the word...

The Daily Show! That was my first introduction to Ron Paul. I voted Libertarian in the last election so my interest was natural. His appearance on The Colbert Report further solidified my interest (I love The Colbert Report). Quite simply, I think he has become THE internet candidate because right now, the ability to choose what you read/view/hear on the internet is much greater than any other media source.
My question is this: how can Dr. Paul's ideas get mobilized and spread to those who want to know but might otherwise not pay attention? Certainly it's great to have all these Ron Paul websites, but that's not going to get the people who have never heard of him to gain an interest. There's some truth to the notion that it's all just an internet phenomenon; that's good and bad because it's a solid foundation, but there's got to be better ways of spreading the word. This wiki has some suggestions:
I think that political debate has become a taboo issue for many, but that's what we're up against. The more we engage others with different points of view in a non-confrontational manner, the more we can accomplish. I went on a MSNBC news forum called something like Romney in 2008? and posted a few comments (without being confrontational like I said) and I think I had an effect. But that's still just the internet. Any ideas?

-Phil Hemingway III

-Phil Hemingway III

Your skepticism is warranted. Two Ideas:

1. Join your local Ron Paul group at! If one does not yet exist in your city, start your own! You are right to recognize the Internet cannot win this fight for us. But it IS a facilitator, allowing us to work together in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. Creating and nurturing these groups allows us to organize and make a presence out in the real world.

2. Make a contribution! Go to and donate. I had never made a contribution in my 17 years as a registered voter...until two weeks ago. Even if it's just $25. On June 30, the candidates must announce how much money they have raised for Q207. This will be a tangible test of how much support RP really has. He had well under $1 million as of 3/30. If he is well into the millions by 6/30, the media will HAVE to pay a little more attention to him. After all, where do you think most of that $ will be spent?

Good Luck!

Why is Ron Paul the Internet Candidate?

The Internet is the most powerful medium that people have for spreading and acquiring information.

Those who seek to spread or acquire information, are drawn toward candidates who offer information, not politically popular soundbites. This is one thing that drawn many Internet fanatics to Ron Paul.

The other thing, is that thousands on the Internet have learned that there is a divide among politicians that represent a divide in the world. There are the politicians who serve the power of government and its vested interests, and there are the very rare politicians, such as Ron Paul, who serve the power of the people, against the government.

Those who know this are fighting for freedom, much as the founding fathers did. I'm sure many would give their lives for the fight for freedom. This new founding army has its battleground on the Internet. These founders work diligently to recruit those with a thirst for truth and freedom.

Ron Paul's are not your standard political supporters, they are an army with powerful weapons (videos, articles etc spreading their message). In constrast, the fans of other politicians rarely have more enthusiasm for their candidates than a teen may have for fasionable new dress.

Those most active in supporting mainstream candidates do so mostly as a stepping stone into the world of power and influence. But these people get burned when exposed to the light of truth in Internet forums and in the blogosphere.

In conclusion, the Internet is the new land that is most efficient in finding truth, and truth leads us to want freedom. And that is why Ron Paul, and freedom fighters like him will find their home online.

Freedom is the Destiny, Truth is the Fuel, the Internet is the Road.

Technical Aspects/Charisma

This link below is a good assessment, technically, of why Ron Paul's internet presence is so strong. Of course, like others have said, the internet is only the tool or vehicle; ultimately, it is Ron Paul and the ferver he arouses that makes the difference.

Ask someone why they are for Hillary and they might say, "Well, I think she'd be good for the country. Or if they say Rudy, they might say,"I think he will make the country safe (has something to do with his being mayor during 911 although I don't get the connection). Many of these people know nothing but what they have been fed on Fox or the other mass media networks. Encounter a Ron Paul supporter and you are going to hear a different kind of answer. Passionate, informed and no thinking about it . There's a determination and urgency.

Have to note that Ron Paul's best advertising campaign, his best ads, have been simply RP telling the truth. Talented supporters at no cost to the RP campaign have put together many, many videos, creative but all built around RP telling the truth and about issues with substance. Many talented musicians have written songs about him at no cost to the campaign. These are contributions that supporters are happy to make. They want to be a part of this and contribute.

Compare this to Hillary's tv ad obviously prepared by a big deal ad agency and shown on primetime mass media (saw it tonight.) That's what she is spending her time on and the incredible thing is that the point is obviously to make her appear more human. There is NO substance. Chelsea can't parallel park, Hillary makes Bill eat carrots, they can't agree on a campaign song and Hillary picks a Celine song called You And I (ad for superhighway?) I'm speechless. I mean, this shows to me how good she is at throwing money away.

Look at this and then at a Ron Paul internet video-Ad made on a shoestring with passion and showing an intelligent, dedicated serious Statesman. $cost? Nothing. Substance? Priceless.

I read a negative article that said Ron Paul lacked charisma. Read the definition of charisma.."A rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm." Think about it. "A rare personal quality" (it sure is rare in this plastic, mass media, advertising world)...attributed to leaders (to me Ron Paul is the only member of Congress who has demonstrated real leadership)...who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm (that's demonstrated by everyone here). So, yet another reason that Ron Paul is so successful on the internet is that he has charisma in the true, not slick ad concocted, sense of the word.



I first saw Dr. Paul on Aron Russo's AFTF. From there, I began researching him on the Internet. The more I read, the more I wanted to read.

I think Dr. Paul has become THE Internet candidate because his message is universal, honest, truthful and relevant. The only place to get his message, to this point, has been the Internet. The timing of his campaign and the need for truth were in synch. Oh, and dedicated people like Michael Nystrom certainly don't hurt the cause!

Why do I support Dr. Paul?

-First of all, I'm amazed at how much the activity on this site has increased in a short period of time. That, to me, is a true testament to the unifying power of Dr. Paul. It also shows me that we are not the "unpatriotic curs" that the President and his cronies think we are. We are America. We are the body and soul of this nation. We have the majority of the wealth, wisdom and power. We've just forgotten how to wield it and have let our guard down.

-Dr. Paul's unwavering character and straight, honest talk have struck a chord that resonates within many of us. He is the modern embodiment of all the patriotic souls that we remember from our history books. It's almost as if one of them, Paul Revere, perhaps, has ridden into the future to alert us of impending danger yet again. In my opinion, no matter the outcome of the next election, he can already claim victory. Disenfranchised peoples from all sides of the political spectrum now have an object towards which they can gravitate. Citizens are now discussing important issues; issues other than the distractions seen on the nightly news. Political constituents are now questioning the parties that claim to represent them. The whole system has been called into question.

-One troubling thing that I have seen, even in some of the blogs here, is that some people will not even consider a presidential candidate if he/she doesn't fully endorse their position on one specific issue. I think that dramatically underscores one of Dr. Paul's main assertions. What do you think the role of federal government should be? How involved should it be in our lives? He believes that it should stay out of the day-to-day affairs of individuals. The Constitution is clear on issues of individual rights, equality and the extent of federal power. State and local governments should be left to decide what is best for their citizens, at their behest. In my opinion, if you believe your presidential candidate of choice will always put the Constitution and Bill of Rights first, there's really no need to know what his/her opinion on religious or social issues are. In Dr. Paul's case, he may vote "no" on an issue because he feels that the government has no business being involved in it, not because it is a personal belief. Foreign aid is a good example. He doesn't want the government involved but encourages and supports existing humanitarian organizations outside of the government. Concerned citizens can support them directly. Another is welfare. Many feel that they are owed something from the government. We must end the entitlement mentality and be willing to care for our own. If charity is needed locally, it should be funded at the state or local level. Federal bureaucracy has proven that it doesn't work. Of course, if we were allowed to keep our own money in the first place, welfare would be largely unnecessary. Dr. Paul is the only candidate willing to tell the painful truth on these issues.

-We have conditioned ourselves to believe that the federal government will do what's right for our country and we don't need to be involved with them. We all know that politics are corrupt and as long as the politicians leave us alone, they can do what they want. After all, we have a Constitution, Bill of Rights and a fair justice system to guard our liberties. As long as they protect us when necessary, we have better things to concern ourselves with. Wow! I used to think that way! Then 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina happened. The governmental follies that followed those events compel all of us to wake up and take a look around. It is clear that they are not willing or capable of protecting us and they have used these tragedies to further their own agenda. Dr. Paul is the only candidate willing to admit to these failures and propose solutions to them without destroying our liberties.

-Dr. Paul has been the lone voice of reason for the last few years in regard to the "wars on everything" and our looming financial woes. He has had the courage to suggest that our elected officials obey the laws that they swore to uphold. What a concept! So foreign is that notion, he is the outsider! He dared suggest that our actions around the world might actually reflect negatively upon us. He suggests that we should be protecting our own borders and not Iraq's. With sound reason and a wealth of knowledge and experience, he is willing to tackle all the major issues that face us. For that, he is shunned by the establishment. Is the truth so dangerous and scary that we should dismiss it and continue on in blissful ignorance? Shall we again put our fate in the hands of those who have already ignored and betrayed us? I know who has my vote!

A Forgotten Dream

Dr. Ron Paul woke in us an almost forgotten dream, the dream of freedom.

My awakening

I watched the first two debates and kind of had an idea that I liked some of the stuff Ron Paul said. I looked up some more stuff on Dr. Paul and was hooked. It was an eye opener when the smack down with Guiliani happened it and the spin machine was so obvious. Fox buried the text poll results and Hannity basically acted like a schoolgirl with a crush when interviewing Guiliani and didn't let Dr. Paul finish sentences. The media is so corrupt. I watched Freedom to Facism and holy crap did I feel like I was in a bad sci-fi movie.... too bad it is happening right now. I kind of felt like the character in The Matrix when he realizes that everything he thought was real really wasn't. I was hardcore Republican, support the troops, keep us safe, remember 9/11, Sadaam is bad, what's so bad about a national id card, America is so great- brainwashed Republican.

My younger brother was always an Alex Jones fan and we debated how evil Bush was. I rolled my eyes when he mentioned how biased the media is, how there is a move for one world government and that they have secret meetings to plan the fate of the world (Bilderburg Conference and CFR), that 9/11 might be an inside job or that someday we would be microchipped. I really was concerned he had paranoid delusions. Seriously, I mentioned to my mom how worried I was about him being "crazy" and how he was really worried about such random things. I thought my college degree and critical thinking skills were better than his. Like many families we just got to the point we didn't discuss politics in order to have nice Thanksgivings. A few weeks ago I called him and sincerely apologized, from the bottom of my heart. I said, "I am so sorry for my ignorance and arrogance." I gobbled up all the crap mainstream media fed me and gloated like a winner at a pie eating contest.

When you get on the internet it is like Alice falling into the rabbit hole. You find out about Executive Directives making the president a dictator if he feels the need to "protect us". You see amazing youtube videos quoting founding fathers warning of exactly what we are facing. You realize that any day we could be thrown into financial chaos. You hear about all the candidates Republican and Democrat who are part of CFR and one world government. It can be overwhelming. Before you sell you house, head for the mountains and build a commune to hunker down in for the coming apocalypse you get to see the message of hope that the most delightful man offers. Ron Paul- the lone voice in the wilderness. Maybe all isn't lost. Maybe we can get our country back.... but it is going to take people like us. Modern day Patrick Henry's, or Paul Revere's to spread the message... but instead of a simple lantern in the window there are thousands of blogs, chat rooms, meetup groups. Now the roles of patriots and revolutionaries can be played by thousands rather than just a few. The globalists are coming! Let's have a few tea parties of our own, save our country, our freedom and our future. Dr. Paul rules the internet but with the work of those of us who are now wide awake- Dr. Paul will rule the polls and not just the internet.

Consistant principled candidates are so rare today.

I am sad to say, I hadn't really heard much of Dr. Paul before May of this year. I ran across a video of his on YouTube, or another site of that ilk, and was first taken by his principled consistency. In the modern political climate, there really aren't many people you can trust and it's driven the country into the ground. People don't vote anymore because they have to pick from a field of people they know for a fact to be lying to them and saying whatever they need to say to win. In that murky mess somebody bluntly speaking the truth with a record to back up his words stands out like a beacon.

After my interest was piqued, I started reading and watching everything I could on Dr. Paul and found I agreed with him on many issues and, even more importantly I think, also found out many things I didn't know. I didn't realized the workings of the current economical system. True, it's been a few years, but I remember going over economics in school. We learned how currency is backed by hard assets and they never said one word about that not being the case anymore. I also had a number of misconceptions about the Fed. I wasn't a economics major, but we went over it in some honors HS class and I had an economics class in college. I was appalled at how little I really knew. So, I'd love to let Ron have a chance to try some reforms.

Another issue I am highly supportive of Dr. Paul on is cutting back on our size of government and the future they seem to have in mind. I thought we studied "1984" and "A Brave New World" in my public school to learn literary structure and because it was a future to AVOID. That's certainly the way our class discussions went. Appearantly Washington had it more in mind as an instruction manual. So, I want Ron to have a chance to reconstitute the government.

Finally, I think Dr. Paul is THE internet candidate because that is where you have to go to find out about him. Also, the people who don't have faith in the mass media and use the internet to gather most of their information are just the people with whom Ron's message resonates. Also, I think internet users are a bit more savvy than your average "couch potato." They seek their information rather than accept what is fed to them, so they are more proactive and in turn more likely on average to help spread the word, especially by electronic means. I'm sure also a large portion of the internet base are people who remember their science and physics classes and are perplexed by strange phenomena of late, but will happily keep helping because there are some questions which might not be able to be answered aloud. The one thing that is certain is Dr. Paul is the only one of the twenty that I'd want running the country. So, that's why he has my support.

Ron Paul’s message is

Ron Paul’s message is Freedom and Liberty - and that’s some powerful stuff.

I think one reason Ron Paul is so popular on the Internet is because lots of people surf while at work or at lunch and are looking for real news.

The mainstream “news media” is a national disgrace and has become irrelevant due to the Internet and most people familiar with the Internet are aware of that.
TV today is for old people, uneducated people and poor people.

Most TV/Cable “news” is horribly biased, poorly written and an insult to ordinary common sense and to intelligent people everywhere.

The Internet has put an end to TV talking heads and " journalism ".

Left up to the "news media", Wolf Blitzer would have Ron Paul still sitting backstage.

I found out about Congressman Ron Paul from reading Lew Rockwell’s blog.
Ron Paul has posted there quite a bit over the years.

The first time I saw Ron Paul in action was a YouTube clip of the South Carolina “debate”.

He just blew me away! It was love at first sight!

If I had been watching TV, I would have been one of the people calling my vote into FOX - just like all the other so called text message “Spammers”.

After S.C. I learn more about Ron Paul and made up my mind to help with his campaign.

I don’t have to work a pay job.

So I’m giving Ron Paul’s campaign about 14 or 15 months of my life. I plan to work it like a full-time 50 hour week.

On the open market I’m probably worth about $ 38,000 - $40,000 per year (depending on location) so hopefully that can be part of my contribution.

But I'm still sending checks :-)

I wouldn’t give Romney, McCain, Rudy G. or any of the other candidates, the time of day, much less 25 years of professional skill, insight and education.

I rejoined the Republican Party (I left for 10 months after 34 years) so I can vote for Congressman Paul in the Pennsylvania primary.

I haven't been this excited about an up coming election in years.

Austrian Economics and Ron Paul

I first learned about Ron Paul when I graduated from college in 2002. I was puzzled why the standard of living seemed to keep falling for the middle class and why it seemed everyone was working harder and harder just to stay in place. I found 2 great financial websites: and, which explained the root cause of ALL our economic troubles: abandoning the GOLD STANDARD. Without gold (or another commodity) as money, governments can print as many dollars as they want, saddling the public with debt and inflation. Then they lie about inflation figures (see to convince us everything is well. Eventually though, the cognitive dissonance becomes overwhelmingly and people search for the truth about how the world works (

In order to reform the dollar standard monetary system, we need to re-invoice dollar-denominated contracts (especially internationally traded commodities on the COMEX/NYMEX like oil) to be priced in gold. Only then will the government/banking institutions be weakened enough to restore liberty for the common man.

Why did it take so long to find him? (Thank you, YouTube!)

I am in my early thirties and have run the spectrum from growing up in a house that subscribed to the National Review during the Reagan years to disinterested cynicism after beginning to feel that the two-party system was a complete sham that served only to advance the interests of those who could "vote themselves the largesse from the public treasury." Whether it's capricious and dependency-building social programs, or wars to feed Eisenhauer's military-industrial complex, government has been growing beyond its means at an astonishing rate. I checked out of politics after going through college and into postgraduate work to the point that I stopped voting and considered our nation a lost cause. This cynicism was compounded by my recent efforts over the past 5 years to understand our economy and financial systems, trying to make the transition from someone who "sold my body to science" through schooling to someone who could reasonably provide for my family in an uncertain world.

My cynicism around politics was multiplied a hundredfold upon learning that the fiat currency upon which much of our global economy is based is just a couple years older than I am. Furthermore, the history of every civilization that has progressed to a fiat currency with an "unholy alliance" between those who can print money and those who desire to spend it is inevitable economic catastrophe. With this unsettling information, and my underlying cynicism about the overall situation, I had basically given up looking for a solution. Dr. Paul didn't cross my radar until the second Republican debate -- and then only because a friend who shares my concerns sent me the link on YouTube.

Now I'm back in the game. Politics matters again, because there is someone who has been relentlessly speaking the truth for thirty years -- our nation has just been deaf and blind to his message. I am thankful for the Internet as a vehicle that has allowed this to truly be an "on demand" educational experience. Now, an informed electorate does not depend on waiting for 30 second sound bites. My wife and I watch more YouTube than TV, and we seek answers to questions and rational discussion instead of listening to talking heads.

The Internet may be the catalyst for Dr. Paul, but I no longer consider him an "Internet candidate". We are indeed real people who support him. Real people with real jobs, real concerns for our world and our future, and rational folks who don't think everything is a conspiracy although we recognize that there are systems and institutions in place that are decidedly non-sustainable and threaten the soul of our Republic.

Candidate for Congress, North Carolina's 4th District

The real reason why Dr. Paul is THE Internet Candidate.

If you notice many of the responses here, newer Ron Paul supporters were driven to the internet fo find out about him because there was a dirth of coverage on the MSM.

Sure, some of his supporters, like me learned of him first via internet resources. However, it wasn't until the debates, when his breath of fresh air performance shocked and encouraged, that the internet exploded with supporters.

This is why most commentators are simply wrong about Ron Paul's support. I think a very large part of his internet support came from the debate coverage and the subsequent whining by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Because he's the exception

When reading news articles about Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul, his name very often follows the remark, "with the exception". Americans desire an exceptional candidate, and he's it.


I first found out about Ron Paul before Tim Berners Lee (not Al Gore) created the internet. Back then, the "internet" was usenet. Ron Paul's speeches and columns were often posted to talk.politics.guns. Living in California as I did, this was a big issue for me. That was 17 years ago.

In 1998 or so, I discovered free republic. I had changed my party affiliation to Libertarian and found lots of Ron Paul articles posted there. At the time the Free Republic community was very activist and libertarian leaning and Paul's articles got mixed reviews. The libertarians loved him and the country club republicans despised him.

Well, in 2000 I moved into Ron Paul's district. By then, Jim Robinson had purged most of the libertarians and packed the site with establishment republican supporters.

Shortly after 9.11, those of us left on FR with libertarian leanings saw that we were going to be demagogued into war. One of my friends on FR was friends with Kent Snyder of the Liberty Committee and believed that a military action was not the way to go in this case. Telegraphing your intent and then actually acting 3 months later (it takes along time to mobilize the army of an empire) made no sense.

Since I was in Paul's district, I was nominated to approach Ron Paul with a proposal that we re-institute a constitutional approach - Letters of Marque and Reprisal.

That was on September 14th. The smoke was still rising when 'Uriel' proposed the idea. The thread is still there:

CAPITALISM AT ITS FINEST... A Modest Proposal for Citizen's War

I called Ron Paul's office as his constituent and let them know that the Liberty Committeewould be forwarding a proposal and would he please consider the proposal because it was currently the only sane thing I had heard in the days following the attacks.

On October the 10th, Ron introduced two bills the details of which I posted on Free republic here:

Breaking: Ron Paul introduces Marque and Reprisal Bills in House

Another post from that time is here: Freepers! Mount UP! Letters of Marque and Reprisal: How YOU can help stop terrorism!

Name me any other politician who would have responded with seriousness to what was being proposed.

"That's nice, here's a form letter."

This is why I will forever be grateful and loyal to Ron Paul. He's the one guy there in Washington who gets it.

Information flow

I suggest it is largely to do with the speed of information. Both facts, and opinions are distributed many, many times faster on the internet. The discussion and research element in forming opinions is accelerated. For instance, a single internet user can read tens of peoples opinions within reasonable time, and search for facts immediately. They can then comment on a blog, for example, and then hundreds of people could read their post. Compare this to a hypothetical family watching the news without internet access and they can only get the opinions of the few people around them and it would take too much time to do research. Also, the source of their news could be biased or simply not saying all the facts. The internet not only makes research and longer discussion possible it accelerates it by orders of magnitude.

So, the internet gives a glimpse into the future of mainstream opinion. People are people, the same reasons that make things on the internet popular will also make them popular in the mainstream.

U.S. Representative Dr. Ron Paul

I've been aware of Dr. Paul for many years dating back before the 90's. Why? He takes an oathe to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and he does so. Perhaps, the mainstream media's regard for Dr. Paul's record is censorship which is countered by the internet. Ergo, THE internet candidate is born.

I continue to inform others of Representative Paul's candidacy and encourage them to research all that I talk about. Unlike many other folks, Dr. Paul and I have nothing to hide.

Thanks for the venue, Mr. Nystrom. Bravo!


Why is Ron Paul THE internet candidate?

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Paul back in 1988 when he ran on the LP ticket. I have been following him ever since. Even though I lived in NY, I considered him "my" congressman.
Ron Paul is THE internet candidate because Americans have finally realized that the major news media lie. They lie by leaving out the truth. They lie by diverting our attention with idiotic stories about Paris Hilton. They lie by telling us which candidates are "electable" and which are not.
The only place a person can find the truth today is on the internet. You have to dig to find it, but at least it's there.
Ron Paul tells the truth and he doesn't sugar coat it. He comes right out and says that it is our own disastrous foreign policy that motivates the terrorists. He comes right out and says that the Fed's expansion of the money supply IS inflation and the result is rising prices. He comes right out and says we can repeal the income tax and replace it with nothing just by cutting spending back to where it was when GW Bush took office. (Nobody accused government of being too small then, but it has almost doubled since.)
Ron Paul is the internet candidate precisely because the major media do not want you to know who he is or what he stands for.
The major media face a serious problem - nobody listens to them any more. Expect their cries to become ever more shrill as they cling to straws to stay alive.
The Revolution will NOT be televised. It will be YouTubed.





we need to put this sight on here

Why the internet?

I think it is abundantly clear, the internet is the last vestige of the Free Press that Jefferson so passionately believed in. The mainstream media has done me a favor by not airing news of Ron Paul. They caused a craving that will not go away, I, like others, joined the ranks of the internet followers because after hearing Ron Paul in the Republican debates I cannot get enough. So, now I am a Republican. If Ron Paul is, then I am, too, because I am an American first.

'...truth is loved in such a way that those who love some other thing want it to be the truth, and precisely because they do not wish to be deceived, are unwilling to be convinced that they are deceived." --- St. Augustine, Confessions (10:23), 5th c.

How I learned about Ron Paul

I'm a 28 year old male from Nebraska. I first learned about Ron Paul due to his stance on gun control through a gun forum I frequent. I then started researching into him a little bit more and found that he shared the exact views that I have on many issues.

I think his popularity on the internet is due to the fact that this is the last place where us normal people can share our information together in a big way. I can spread the word about Ron Paul to 100 people through an email in an instant. I can't do that so easily in person. I can tell people to research Ron Paul, but it's much harder to give them all the information on him.

On the internet we don't have the mainstream media force feeding us garbage on their media darling candidates that they are pushing so hard. Here, we get to make up our own minds who we like and don't like. We get to find the truth through the internet.

NE is cool

I lived in Omaha for about a year back in the early 80's and loved it. A really great small city and I understand that it has improved dramatically since then. Not sure whether you are in Omaha or elsewhere, but get your RPaul banners and signs made!

Veteran for Paul

I'm a retired US Army officer (first career) and retired stock broker (second career). I first heard of Dr. Paul several years ago on an excellent financial internet site called Like Dr. Paul, the proprietor of that site believes in sound money policies and therefore has quoted him often over the years. It was only during the past 12 months that I learned more about Dr. Paul's positions thanks to the Charles Goyette radio show which streams on the internet on KFNX out of Phoenix every morning from 9 to 12 (eastern time).

So you see, it was entirely thanks to the internet that I discovered who Ron Paul is. I was consciously searching the internet for alternative news sources that would offer more than the pablum I get from the mainstream media. Although my political orientation had always caused me to support republicans, Mr. Bush's drive to a preemptive war in 2002 completely alienated me and motivated me to search for someone who agreed with me about the insanity of current US foreign policy and was willing to critically examine what was going on in Washington.

And therein lies, I believe, one of the major reasons for Dr. Paul's internet success. The mainstream media simply has nothing to offer those of us who want our country back. To stay informed about what is really going on in America, you have to be willing to search for alternative sources. The internet fills that void. Being retired, I had the time and opportunity to search for answers. In one way or another, I'll bet that many others have discovered Dr. Paul on the internet out of the same thirst for answers that were not available from conventional news sources.

By the way, if you agree with Dr. Paul about sound money and non-interventionist foreign policy, I highly, highly recommend the Charles Goyette radio show. Charles is openly committed to supporting Dr. Paul and is an eloquent proponent for most of Dr. Paul's ideas.

Ron Paul - The next JFK

I remember a few months ago, probably right at the start of this year or the end of last.. I found a random post about this Ron Paul guy. At first I was quite skeptical, I have a bit of a cynical view on Politics and Government in general.

I was bored, and so I wanted to pass a bit of time and thus I opened up a video. The first words of his video struck me. They went something like "after careful consideration and acting on the advice of family and friends.."

Ron Paul's views on the constitution amazed me, more and more as the video progressed. I was left with my jaw hanging that someone was going to make a run at this who actually talks about what the PEOPLE need, not what he thinks we want to hear. I continued to do research and after the initial video there was No Shortage of posts and various articles. Since then I have discovered that unlike pretty much every other candidate on both sides Ron Paul hasn't changed his ideals much over the last two decades. Its like someone took the best of Democrats, and the best of the Republicans and put them into one man. Even when bad things are said regarding bills he votes against, after doing just a bit of my own research I have found in each case I explored that these bills really didn't help the People, but infact could be said to hurt them. Generally the view he takes is one of sound logic, not the twisted and destructive bullshit most candidates spew out in their venomous proposals.

Currently in this country with Run-Rampant Government and Spending, after spending years at war and over 3500 Troops dead or even more Maimed. Then the Walter Reed Medical scandals, and the "Mental disorder" they give people to avoid fully compensating them for their time and sacrifices.. I honestly believe that our sole hope remains with Ron Paul. If he doesn't get the vote than the "One World Government" will be ushered in and personally I have already seen what sad state things have been placed just with the current level of power. The billion dollar contracts to Haliburton and Privitisation of another countries resources as an excuse to steal and plunder the riches of the country. The choice is not given to the people, and if you think otherwise, do your own research. Try googling "Message from the Resistance Iraq" and watch what THE PEOPLE of their country have to say.

Its bad enough that we have suffered the lies and bullshit of the failed media and government. We need to stop the lies about Ron Paul, The media could be using him to get out of the bind the government has enforced on them. Will they? Only when their pocket books will grow from the fact.

Enough is enough, this man truly is the only candidate that SHOULD get elected. Unfortunantly, the media obsesses more on the ones who will get the biggest donation or has the most money, to buy out the seat to run our country. We have another man like JFK in the making, and what happens? Everyone finds a way to destroy him, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the CIA plans to bump him off if he won! That is what this country has done before, and we all know the adage about how history repeats. How long till we learn?

You know what else I think America needs? To know their rights.

Know your right as a citizen:

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it. If upon careful consideration you conclude, as we have, that an Article V Convention is necessary to preserve the Constitutional Republic - and to prevent Congress from vetoing the will of the people - we invite you to join FOAVC."

Ron Paul gives me hope

I am 24 and I've never felt like my vote would go to any good, so I've never voted. I don't believe in the lesser of two evils method. To be honest I can't remember how I first found out about ron paul. I've read and watched him before in many places, but it wasn't untill the first debate that I really became obsesed with every word he says or writes. I now visit sites like this one, search the news and blogs at least twice a day. Its depressing when I don't have any new videos to watch when I get home from my 12 hour days...

Knowing he has the chance to really make a difference, and change things for the better, really gets me excited. Ron Paul is the internet candidate because its the only place I can get my fix... it really is an obsession...I never in my life thought I would contribute to a politicians campain, but a few weeks ago I send off my full contribuition. and I wish I could contribute more, as there is nothing better I can do with my money than support Dr. Paul!

When real people make contributions and real people show their support in the real world and tell everyone they know (and don't know) about him, is he still just the internet candidate?

Ron Paul is better than Sex.

Ron Paul shows us the world as we know it - Unspun. The Internet gives you the tools to understand WHY Ron Paul takes the stances he does. All the information is at your fingertips, and it changes your view of the world.

You are a free person, free from terror, free from financial slavery, free ...


who wouldn't vote for that?

How I came to know Ron Paul

I came across the humble Congressman from Texas about 5 years ago. I don't remember exactly, but I think it was when I found His column was routinely posted there. I remember being so impressed with his logic, honesty and integrity, and being utterly confused as to how someone with those characteristics could get into Congress. I was a fan right away. I attended a John Birch Society ( banquet, a couple of years ago in Sacramento, CA, and Ron Paul was one of the featured speakers. What a pleasure it was to meet this principled statesman who's writing I had been enjoying!

When I heard that Ron Paul was running for president, I was thrilled! Truthfully, not nearly as thrilled as I have become since witnessing the unparalleled support for him (a lot to do with this site, thank you!) My journey from the dark lands of media induced deception began almost 10 years ago. I remember the 2000 election and the ambivalence I felt with the choice of Gore or Bush. I have never had anything but contempt for political leaders. Since I have been following and supporting the Ron Paul campaign, I have felt a sense of optimism and hope for this country that I have never felt before. Ron Paul makes me proud to be an American again!

Ron Paul's campaign has let the genie out of the bottle. Whether he wins or loses, there is a new freight train of freedom fighters that won't be silenced!
Jim Clark <><
Ron Paul for President!

Jim Clark <><

Heard about Dr. Paul from Alex Jones

I listen to Alex Jones' radio show fairly often. I can't say I like his tirades, but he consistently blows the whistle on all sorts of abuses, and that is worth hearing. Mr. Jones says what few others have the nerve to say--certainly not the corporate media.

Dr. Paul has been a frequent guest on Alex's show - going back several years now - and I always wished he would run for President. Now he is, and I am very happy about that.

If Dr. Paul is not covered with the same diligence that, say, "Benito" Giuliani or "Flubber" Thompson are, it is because Dr. Paul represents a real threat to the status quo. When he mentioned the North American Union in the first televised debate I thought, "Now there is one brave man." I still think that; and I wish him the best.

How did you first hear about

How did you first hear about Ron Paul?

I've been reading what he has written for some time and simply thought if only somebody like that could run the country. Frankly, I felt that politics and special self-serving interest groups along with the military-industrial complex had become so powerful that there would never be a way out. Over the years, I am 58, I changed from being one of the most positive people you could ever meet to a confirmed cynic. I didn't like myself. The more I read and learned, the more cynical I became. I had a little routine. different than what has been seen in the past. We are not voting against someone in this election, we are voting for someone and we believe his First I would go to Drudge to see what the spin of the day would be along with the diversions. Next I would go to Information Clearinghouse and other sites to read some real news. Then I would catch a little of the evening news to see how the reporters would read their scripts for the day. Found a few informative PBS sites, but for the most part let the mass media go in the same bin as newspapers. Too many ads. Too many lies. Too much brainwashing.

Conversion from a cynic to a skeptic to an activist:
When Ron Paul announced, I thought "What is he thinking?" Then I encountered this site and the many others and began reading even more voraciously, all the time comparing what I read with what Ron Paul has said. Started frequenting the Freedom sites, the Constitution sites, the legislative sites. Followed Ron Paul statements in Congress. Whenever I encountered something RP stood for that I didn't agree with, I dug deeper and in every case understood and had a "Eureka." He feeds my mind. Long ago that excited me to get the so-called the facts, read different viewpoints and then decide what I think. I am excited again. The world is making sense, because I believe in something and am being told the truth by a man who is so transparent that he doesn't have to hide anything he has ever written. His consistency astounds me. I realized that this is a critical thinker who decided what he believed a long time ago and while he has developed his thoughts over the years, he has stuck to the basic tenets because they make sense. Beyond that, I have never seen such a courageous man. He has stood up...against the odds...for years. I now see all those years as having been fighting for the future of my children and grandchildren. He is a statesman. I practically idolize him. He is someone to look up to. I have not felt this way about anyone in politics for my entire adult life.

Why Has Ron Paul Been So Successful On The Internet?
Some excellent articles have been written lately on this topic. I will try to find the one I am thinking of and if nobody has posted it by then, I will. Obviously the main reason for his success is that people are realizing that we have to have truth after this season of lies, half-truths, even wars fought for reasons the general public are not told about. Beyond that, we have been told that without mega-bucks a candidate does not have a chance. Strangely, one of the reasons Ron Paul is so successful on the internet is that he does not have mega-bucks (yet) and, therefore was forced to use this medium. His very lack of money pointed him in the direction of where "we the people" with inquisitive minds are getting our information. The very lack of money forced creativity in using this medium and he has the jump-start on everyone. Perhaps even Ron Paul had no idea just how powerful the internet could be. It has been pointed out that he is blazing absolutely new territory by traveling this road less traveled. He has a website that branches off into countless sites, videos and most important educational watering holes. At this point, it has tenacles everywhere. It is an information network that crosses all ages, genders, professions, sicio-economic levels, political parties, interest areas. Because it is based upon integrity, truth, wisdom, educational aspects and hope, it cannot be touched by any of the other candidates. Some are trying to emulate Dr. Paul, but they will fail. Their campaigns are based on slick marketing techniques, slogans, buzz words, corrupt backers, Their empty platforms smack of yet another pharmaceutical ad and we have learned from those ads that most of those drugs may be hazardous to our health...our freedom...the future. The internet astute now know how to check out statements made by the other candidates as far as their validity, the history of their statements on an issue and the special interest groups that they have sold their souls to. We don't trust them.

The real question is not why has Ron Paul been so successful on the internet, it is more a question at this point of why are Ron Paul supporters different than the supporters of other candidates. Internet gave him the visibility but most of us who at one time had a special issue that drove our vote, not see the bigger picture of what he is fighting for. And, this election is vital to there being a future any of us would want to live in or have our children and grandchildren live in. You know, a little truth is more powerful than a whole pack of lies. This internet revolution proves that truth frees us. It is now expanding to the newspapers, mass media, the streets, orgnisation by states, localities and communities. Ultimately it will prove jRon Paul's point. You can only get things done at the local and state level where it touches the people most and where they can see the fruits of their labors in concrete ways.


Ohioan for Ron Paul

I have always been interested in politics. I have always considered it my civil duty to be well informed of candidates seeking public office. I watch all debates Republican and Democrat. I have been a Republican voter since I registered to vote. I am a 32 year old male Ohioan. I watched the first Republican debate on May 3rd and I heard a voice of reason and honesty which I had never heard from a politician. It was not a politician, it was Ron Paul, a statesman. I heard all of those who spoke that night with the same ideals but one man was different, a true conservative. One man reminded me of when I was young learning about our country and our constitution. That person was of course Ron Paul.

So I did my research to see if there was smoke and mirrors surrounding this man, and I found transparency. I watched all the films Ron Paul had taken part in that were free to view on the Internet. I searched youtube for other videos and learned as much as I could about the man. I liked what I learned. I admire the man for being his own man and not following the herd. I always thought that the more the Federal government stayed out of our lives the better. Unfortunately, I was unable to find viable candidates on the ticket so I voted in the primaries and the elections for who I thought was the lesser of the evils. Now I have someone who holds my values and I have a really good feeling about the man, win or lose. I have detected no evil in this man. He knows the true meaning of freedom and what our constitution stands for.

Why is Ron Paul the Internet candidate? The answer is simple, like minded people saw a debate, liked what they heard, and investigated Ron Paul. The only place he gets media attention is on the Internet and we are spreading the word. Person by person, sign by sign, video by video, blog by blog, we are telling others about him. I printed a lawn sign that I downloaded from the Internet on an piece of paper and put it in the rear window of my vehicle just to spread his name.

It would be an easy task to get the man elected if we had widespread big media talking positive about Ron Paul but those with power are scared of freedom so they scoff at great ideals.

I will vote in the primaries in Ohio. I will vote for the best man for the job and his name is Ron Paul.

Why is Ron Paul the Internet Candidate?

We are starving for a genuine candidate who tells the truth. Such candidates are in very short supply. If they exist, the old (mainstream) media fails to bring them to our attention.

What we do receive from the old media is a steady stream of smoke and lies, mindless celebrity news and sporting events. And we all suspect that there are special interests who prefer to keep it that way. So, when we discover what we want so badly, we can't get enough.

Before the Internet, there was no outlet for the truth. Now there is.

I am a 58 year old man without any real computer skills but here I am, every day, looking for the truth on the Internet. And I send every one I know links to the truth by email. They are catching on.

So from folks like me to everyone I know, and from the young to their parents and grandparents, Dr. Paul's message is definitely going to spread. This is just the beginning.

Dr. Paul's popularity on the Internet is not because he is charismatic or entertaining. He is a huge hit because he is genuine and tells the truth. It is the truth we are craving. And it is the truth that is the huge hit. The Internet is where truth is allowed to flow freely.

Richard S. Land

R. Match

Reply to Mike

1: How did you first hear about Ron Paul?

In 2000 I began to educate myself on the stock market. Through my education I discovered commodities, namely gold, and it's value as a currency. It was through this avenue I was introduced to Rep Paul. I have been a follower of his ever since. It is funny you mention the grilling Greenspan took during that meeting with the House, I was watching the same broadcast you were which leads me to your second question.

2: Why do you think he has become THE internet candidate?

During the meeting with Greenspan when Rep. Paul was asking some tough questions, not only did CNBC go to commercial but when the break was over they didn't resume coverage until Rep. Paul's time was just about over. This got me a little angry. I then discovered how the Main Stream Media (MSM) is controlled on what they report on. And I believe many Americans are catching on to the idea of the controlled MSM. So where do we turn to....the internet, where news is reported unbiased and other words RAW news and the people can make up their OWN minds on what to believe, not what the controlling entities want you to believe. That is why the powers that be want to regulate this medium, because the American people are becoming FREE THINKING INDIVIDUALS again!!! This is why Ron Paul is THE internet candidate, cause MSM won't give him the time or the day and it is TRUELY sad that this can be allowed to happen in AMERICA, the land of the supposed free!!

And the Truth Shall Set You Aside To Be Ignored

One night while channel surfing, as I normally do at night, I came across the second Republican debate, just as this soft-spoken old guy was giving his two cents on the issue at hand. I found myself nodding in agreement at his remarks, and as his brief speaking time came to an end, I found myself confused; did I just hear straight answers, not all bundled up in open-ended, non-commital rhetoric- from a politician? I waited to hear this 'strange' old man speak again. It took a while, but finally the moderator brought him into the picture once more, and once more I found myself nodding in agreement with everything he said. What the hell? Who is this guy? He was completely forthright about the issues, and backed up his claims with scholarly evidence, citing professional research, historical evidence, and well respected figures of American history. I agreed wholeheartedly with everything he said. In contrast, the other candidates offered the aforementioned bundle package of rhetoric intertwined with indeterminable, open-ended, non-commital remarks, most of which blatantly ignored tthe question posed in the first place; you know, the usual. That contrast sparked my interest, and soon I found I wasn't alone, which was comforting, because initially I felt crazy for thinking this unknown was much more accurate, open, and capable than the other candidates. However, the media blackout boggled my mind. Despite his popularity, and his winning every Republican debate according to nearly every single credible, unspammable poll, he was getting no coverage. The media's obvious intent to minimize Ron Paul only fueled me to find out more and more on my own- and I'm far more reliable to me than any network newscast, so it worked out well. His voting record, his refusal to participate in the Congressional pension program, his philosophy of small government- backed up by the aforementioned voting record, instead of empty words like most Republicans- made him the clear choice. He is not on the board of corporations, not in the pocket of lobbyists, doesn't bend to the will of Big Money, but instead persists in ethical and American values in all that he says and does. And most of all, he tells us openly where he stands, and can point to his record to indicate that it's the truth. With others, you can only hope- because you know they pander to the audience for votes, only to disregard the audience once they get the lead role, acting out their own interests instead. You can't find a better suited candidate for President, no matter how hard the media will shove their puppets down your throat- a little research will reveal that truth, and that is why Dr. Ron Paul is not only THE internet candidate- he is THE candidate, period.

Hi Michael(feelingwierd from

Hi Michael(feelingwierd from BNB);

I remember vividly the day I heard Ron Paul was running for office. I was sitting in my quiet office with one other person. I read on a website that Ron Paul had formed an exploratory commitee, I literally yelled out loud and scared the guy in the other cube. I had to explain why I was nearly jumping for joy that a guy, he never heard of, was running for president. It's been one hell of a rollercoaster ride since then.

I think it's VERY easy to understand why the internet loves Ron Paul. For those of us who use the internet to it's fullest potential, its very much like taking the Red Pill(I think that's the right one) in the Matrix movie. Actually I have no doubt that the whole matrix trilogy is just a play on contemporary American society.

Those of us who swallowed the red pill and went down the rabbits hole are for the most part ALONE in our thoughts.How do you go home to your wife or husband and start telling them about all the things you are learning on the internet? I got a lot of my education through Michael's other website and even more through Those of us on the web(without sounding elitist) are treated too and cursed with an education that no other American is exposed to.

The draw to Ron Paul is easy. He shows us WE ARE NOT CRAZY AND WE"RE NOT ALONE. Ron Paul is a catalyst of all the souls that the internet has freed. He is a lightning rod that is drawing to him all freedom loving people.

He is the first to admit, he is not the best spokesman for the cause. But he is the lightning rod, whether he likes it or not. And as that lightning rod he is making us ALL SO DAMN PROUD!

Thank you Dr Ron Paul for everything you are doing, and thank you Michael for starting this site.. I still remember the day I told you guys on BNB about his exploratory comittee. I think that was the day that BNB died. But out of that came this wonderful site....

Robert NW Ohio
"The freedom tree is watered by the blood of both patriots and tyrants alike".........."time to water the tree"..Authors Unkn


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Lightning rod, so true

Man, I wasn’t even aware of this entire string of comments – powerful stuff. Robert, fitting analogy the ‘lightning rod’ - good to see you again.

Author unknown? Reading material for Robert NW OHIO....

"god forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.....the tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it's natural manure." Thomas Jefferson.

If it was true in 1823, it is even more true for today...."The only security of all is in a free press. The forces of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It is necessary, to keep the waters pure." Thomas Jefferson to Lafayette.

Jefferson called his unlikely election victory "the Second American Revolution", Ron Paul's victory in 2008 will be the third.

'...truth is loved in such a way that those who love some other thing want it to be the truth, and precisely because they do not wish to be deceived, are unwilling to be convinced that they are deceived." --- St. Augustine, Confessions (10:23), 5th c.

Ron is a Presidential Candidate, the Internet is just a tool

Get ready, because we are coming to you. The Internet only serves to prepare us for the work that is approaching. The Internet has unified us, and given us the education that we needed. The word is spreading. Even now, Ron Paul meetup groups are meeting and becoming activated. We are citizens of the United States of America. The internet is a tool that has joined us together with a common goal, with a common purpose. We are They. We are Them. We are the unstoppable force. We are the conspiracy to reinstate the constitution. We are the conspiracy of Good, of wisdom, and of truth. We are voters. We are registered.

I went to the Supervisor of Elections today and got 100 voter registration forms, One hundred "VOTE" sunglasses (provided by the Supervisor of Elections). ---- I told the employees about Ron Paul too. I rented a booth at a local flea market for all day tomorrow. I have 250 Ron Paul marketing cards, multiple files from the meetup group websites. I have a Kinkos in my neighborhood for large banner printing, and my own personal color LaserJet ready to print campaign literature for Ron Paul and tattoo them on your pets and children.

We are mobilized. We are smart, We are confident, We are armed with Ron Paul literature. We are in your neighborhoods. We are your co-workers. We will not be silent. We are young we are old. Some of us may be your family members. We will move forward with persistence. We will tell everyone we know about Ron Paul, whether we have to do it on the internet, or drop some literature off when we shop, when we stop for gas, eat in a restaurant, or get our haircut. We are smart, we are sophisticated, and we will not stop until UNCLE SAM gives the keys to the White House to the next President Ron Paul and the new first Lady Carol Paul. We will not stop until we win. We are the supporters of Ron Paul, The internet is a tool that has helped us. We are not bits and bytes. We are real people and we would love for you to join us.

Today is the day of my amazing good fortune!

Dr. Paul was different from the start.

Back in late 2003, I stumbled across the Ron Paul name when I was reading up on investing in gold. I was only 17, and I was a proud Republican at the time. But Ron Paul, the thing that grabbed me about him, was that he was different--and he talked sense!! As someone who absolutely is (and has been) disgusted with big government and the closet socialists who run our country, I immediately latched on to his message. It was powerful. And I think the part that really completed that message was that he made it clear that the foremost authority in political decisions, foreign or domestic, should ALWAYS be the constitution, not special interests or demagogues in Washington. I had been fascinated with the tenets of the founders, and their thoughts on what freedom was, and as I read more of Dr. Paul's material, it became very apparent to me that he was the ONLY one in government that was truly fighting for America, and what our founders intended it to be.

No doubt, my political opinions changed slightly throughout college. And no I didn't become more liberal, I became more conservative (in the true sense of the word) and much more libertarian. And it was because I had Dr. Paul there for guidance, in his writings and words, and he always told me the truth. I felt that I connected with his message the exact same way as when I read the essential writings of Thomas Jefferson. And when you get that feeling, you know that that person is the real deal.

Ron Paul has a message of freedom. The internet is the last truly free medium on earth. It is the new printing press. You do the math. :]

Is there a similarity?

I remember reading a long, long time ago an article about why Ayn Rand's writing captured the imagination of young people. It had to do with honesty and integrity and rationality speaking to the mind/soul of young people.

The First Debates

After having been thoroughly disgusted with my choices after the first Democratic debate. I thought i would see how bad the republican choices would be so i could start figuring out who i would need to support to stave off the most damage in the 2008 administration. I then heard Ron Paul finally answer a question and i was surprised , by the end of the debate , he was my man and i sent in my party affiliation change form and registered as a republican. After the debates however i was surprised (or i guess not really so much so) , that there was not much coverage about him in the media. So i had to look for him on my own, online. Not too much to my surprise i found some information. It turns out that it has been the only consistent place where i could find information on him since the major networks are basically ignoring him. I believe that his following would be a lot larger if the networks actually covered him. Fortunately we the people , who get our information and think independently are a number greater then the pundits on tv will leave you to believe. I think we are going to take Washington by storm. Its about time!

Why THE internet candidate?

Hmm - well this reporter is going to come up with his own answer to that question. I have my own ideas as to why that is, but I'll just chip in with my own experience, maybe it'll help:

- I would certainly qualify as a "heavy" internet user.
- I voted for a Democrat in every presidential election since '88.
- I strongly feel we need to end the war in Iraq and not start another one in Iran!!
- I am very disturbed by the increasing violations of constitutional principles done by the Bush administration.
- I am very concerned about erosions to personal privacy and individual liberties.
- It is absolutely certain that we are NOT going to be able to continue spending and borrowing in the way that we have been and we are already signed up for with our current entitlement system - not to mention parabolic increases in so-called "defense" spending. Not, that is, without a catastrophic financial collapse.

So, explaining my support for Ron Paul is simple: I've used the internet to find the ONE candidate who has a solution to all those issues - Ron Paul. Simple as that. There's no great mystery about it - Ron Paul is the only anti-war, anti-Big Brother, pro-sanity fiscal policy candidate out there. So you combine the unique, ledgendary-consistent message with the URGENCY of the situation, and you're damn right I'm signing petitions and voting in online polls and writing my congressmen and commenting on blogs and starting my own blog and writing to reporters and donating to the campaign and... :-)

Ron Paul changed my life

Not trying to be too dramatic -- but Ron Paul changed my life.

I started reading his articles about 10 years ago (I’m 49 now.) At that time, I was working 12 hours a day and still not really “getting ahead.” So I sat down and figured out where all my time & money was being spent and found most of it had nothing to do with improving my life. Paying taxes, mandatory insurance, interest on debt -- it was a long list. I discovered, thanks to Ron Paul, that what was missing in my life was Freedom. I felt like I was a cog in the gears of a large machine. I was working very hard, but the profits of my labor were going to benefit the government or other people, not myself.

Ron Paul taught me about Freedom, Liberty, money and economics, the role of government, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He taught me the difference between a Constitutional Republic and the misused term “Democracy.” I discovered that I was completely ignorant on these issues and once I understood them, a road to a new and better life became clear.

After some time and effort, I was able to completely change my life. I now live Free. I have learned to eliminate debt, take responsibility for my own life, and work only when it benefits my family. When I wake up each day, I choose how I wish to spend that day. Maybe go the beach, read a book, or spend time working on a project with my kids. I am no longer a slave to the State. I live well, and feel lucky to have escaped the system that entraps most people.

So, why is Ron Paul the Internet Candidate? It’s my opinion that many people on the Internet have become educated about the concepts that the Founding Fathers embraced when creating America. A foundation based on Freedom and Liberty. An appreciation of individual rights, a demand for limited government and a desire to restore America to the principles that created it, the principles that Ron Paul stands for.

My Experience

I had never heard of Ron Paul until I caught a rebroadcast of the California debate. I was sitting in the other room listening to most of the candidates' drivel and being disappointed in their general non-responsiveness. Then I heard one candidate who actually answered the questions that were asked of him. Not only was he answering the questions, but he was saying things I've believed since I was a freshman in high school carrying around a copy of the Contract with America. I immediately came out of the other room I was sitting in to find out who this man was. I then got right on the computer to do some research about Ron Paul.

That is why I believe Ron Paul is so popular on the internet. The people who have heard his message have no other place to learn about him. We aren't going to be able to find out about him in the mainstream press. We won't hear about him on talk radio -- which had been the last bastion of conservatism. The internet is the only place where people interested in Dr. Paul's message can learn about him.

Ron Paul's Appeal

I had never heard of Ron Paul before the May 15 debate in S.C. I didn't really think I would be interested in voting for any Republican Candidate, but I wanted to check it out to see where they stood on things. When I heard him stand up to Rudy Giuliani on the Iraq War, I was mesmerized. Here was a man willing to stand up for the truth on national television! I also knew Rudy Giuliani was lying through his teeth when he claimed he'd never heard that before and it sickened me.
I read over the bio of Ron Paul and it all sounded like the dream guy: Never voted for higher taxes, against gun control, for much smaller government, against the Iraq War, never divorced, military service, family doctor, never in a scandal, incredibly consistent. How had I never heard of this man?
As I started listening to Dr. Paul and researching the things he was saying, I found out it was all true. Even the sound bites I found difficult to accept, like bombing Iraq for 10 years (every year since 1996), 750 bases overseas, 8.8 Trillion in debt, no control over the Federal Reserve, sending border guards to Iraq, all turned out to be true. So in the last month, Ron Paul has been my educator as well as my candidate.
No politician has ever inspired me and placed within my heart a burning passion to change the status quo like Ron Paul. I know I cannot be the only one, because I'm just too average to be alone on this.
In response to those who claim "Ron Paul has no chance", I offer this bit of history:
Jimmy Carter was showing at 1% and 2% in the national polls all through 1975. It happened then, and it can happen again.

Ron Paul

I heard about Ron Paul through the internet, about 5 years ago. After 9/11 my interest in politics and world events peaked, and I looked to the internet to feed my interest.

At the time, I happen to come across Alex Jones websites (infowars) and they had a video of a press conference asking Ron Paul about the globalist movement and the New World Order. Ron Paul's answers shocked me. Now im not a "9/11 Truther" by any stretch, but I definately believe there is an elitist movement to strip America of its sovereignty and usher in a New World Order like Bush SR said in 1991, and to hear Ron Paul, a politician in Washington D.C. actually agree with that fact and also agree that Special Interest is running America and our Constitution is in serious danger resonated with me.

As I looked more into Ron Paul on the internet I discovered more and more that I liked about him. His Constitutionalist voting record in the Congress is UNMATCHED. He wanted to get America back to a sound monetary system. He's against Income Tax, He believes in State's rights, and a small Federal government. But most important of all, he believes in individual liberty and not 'Group Think'.

I'm 21 years old. I'm young, and I believe Ron Paul is truly the only hope for my generation and the generations that come after me. My generation is the one that's going to have to pay for the hazardous UNconstitutional policies put in place before I was even born. My generation is the generation thats going to have to pay back the 70 Trillion dollars worth of debt our government has racked up in entitlements and war obligations, and if we keep fighting war after war, my generation also gets to look forward to a draft.

Ever since I found that press conference video of Ron Paul, i've been a supporter ever since. A couple of months ago when I heard that Ron Paul was running for President I was so happy! Because I have followed RP so extensively for the last 5 years, it was refreshing to think; "There is Hope for America" now.

It is very important to get Ron Paul in the Whitehouse. I truly believe we are at the 11th hour. Its now or never.

Ron Paul in '08!

Why Ron Paul is THE internet candidate...

I never knew who Ron Paul was until May 9, 2007. 47 years old and in 'serious political condition" since the early 90's, my condition degraded to near death, in a 'political coma' (having voted for Bush, and then watched him dismember our Constitution and country). Disconnected, dis-enfranchised, frustrated, apathetic, in shock - you know - like most Americans. Then it happened. Someone who cared enough about me, my wife, and six kids (ages 7 months to 12 yrs) sent me the Rx I needed. They said, "You need to see THE doctor, Dr. Ron Paul". I crawled to the Ron Paul E.R. where I immediately was given an IV drip (a mixture of TRUTH, SENSIBILITY, REALITY WITH FULL DISCLOSURE, HONESTY, HUMBLENESS, INTENSE AND GENUINE CARING, TRUE PATRIOTISM, AND LOVE FOR COUNTRY). I, as most Americans, have lived on a diet of "hollow political rhetoric" up to this point. I'm now regenerated, "born again" Paulitically, and have a new slogan taken from the WAR ON DRUGS, "Say NO to politics - Say YES to PAULitics".

And finally, Ron Paul would dominate the election from all parties if the major media would present his viewpoints to the American people. The truth is that this 71 year old baby doctor's message is so threatening to their agenda that I wouldn't put it past them to collaborate to totally overlook Ron Paul. That's where you and I come in!

Bill Kosloskey

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"