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Thank the Fed for 'Stagflation'

Another dandy from the American Free Press:

The cure for stagflation and the economy in general is to stop the Fed from inflating. However, since the nation's central bank has no real supervision or public oversight, it is not likely to do so. Thus, the only way to counteract the problem is to abolish the Fed and return to a sound monetary system based on a metallic (gold) standard as presidential hopeful Ron Paul has consistently spoken about throughout his campaign and over the course of his distinguished congressional career.

Economic growth can only come about through genuine savings, not via the printing press. Savings provide the crucial resources for capital investment and the payment of wages during the lengthy periods of production.

Until there is a fundamental change in the current monetary and banking system (a return to sound money), genuine long-term prosperity will be an illusion.

From around the world, people are supporting Ron Paul :-)

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