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RNC fund raising by phone in Texas

RNC trying to raise funds for McCain to go up against the Democratic machine. Very nice lady trying to get $100.00 to start with in this effort but I explained somethings to her and ask her to pass them up. First before the primaries were started a Michigan RNC member was trying to control who was in the primaries before they began by excluding Dr. Paul and I thought I might have been in Russia. I then let her know how disappointed I was at the republican party by treating Dr. Paul as they did and how many new and young members they drove away.

Then the amount of the donation amount she requested went down. I then explained I had children and grandchildren and understood McCain wanted a hundred year war. How could I possible commit five generations of my family to war as we do not have enough troops now to rotate properly we would have to have a draft. I then ask her if she could commit her children to war and she said no and I reminded her it was a war we could not even afford.

Then the amount went down to $35.00 and to vote for McCain. And then I ask, you sound young do you want to go to war in the draft and she said no. I told her no to the donation and that I would vote for a republican from Texas but I would have to wirite him in.

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Check out this forum

that I posted a few days ago: http://www.dailypaul.com/node/41660
This morning on another forum, someone told about stuffing a package they received from McCrumb full of RP materials and sending it back! Yesss!!

Another FUN thing to do is stuff fundraising

Postage paid by Addressee envelopes with Ron Paul Slim Jims! They just fit perfectly!


I thought I was the only one doing that. I get tons of credit card, insurance, and plenty of other junk mail like that and I have been sending the prepaid envelopes back full of RP stuff. I have friends and family that work for the postal service and hope it will help them keep their job and the postal rates down some. hahahahaha.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

Let's hope this will catch on---

I also stamp the outside of the envelope with my Ron Paul for President stamp!

We need to be prepared with these answers every where we go!

Thanks for the article.

We need to be prepared with these answers every where we go!

Thanks for the article.

Good for you If you haven't

Good for you

If you haven't seen this you need to read it.


Dr. Steve Parent