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So why couldn't all debt just be written Off?

Seems to be a doable concept - I wouldn't have a problem with that happening. After all its just numbers

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I owe YOU $100,000

...now I'm not going to pay you.

Sound like a good idea?

Just print it. =)

Just print it.


Repay the Chinese???

China doesn't need us to repay them as much as it requires us to keep buying their walmart brand junk!

Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

Let's think this through

The $100,000 owed is Fiat money and should be paid back in like kind.For instance, if the national debt is 10 trillion dollars let the U.S. mint coin 10, one trillion dollar coins (not gold, not silver remember "like kind" ) ,then with the ten coins pay the damn debt.It's proper it's moral, it's justified. of course we would most likley be nuked within a week.

Live for Liberty

Let's just all neglect our commitments...

.... and let others pay for our damages. Sounds like something that got us into this mess.

lol, they can start with

lol, they can start with mine. Can you imagine the message this would send to people? people need to live within their means not be handed everything they want with credit. One would not have to even work if all debt was just written off.


Nobody would work, nobody would sell, nobody would use the currency because money represents a promise to deliver value and once that promise is no longer upheld there is no point in using money. Direct swaps would be the only form of trade. Very limiting.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.