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Weekend Watching - Why We Fight

As I have said before, this is as much an educational campaign as it is a presidential campaign. There is a lot of background we need to understand in order really understand how important the message is.

This week, take a look at the BBC documentary, "Why We Fight." Dr. Paul is not in this video, but many of the ideas he speaks of are. The whole film is about the military-industrial complex. In the first six minutes of the video, you'll hear Chalmers Johnson, explain what Blowback really is.

(Note - this is just part 1 of 4. For the remaining parts, see here)

Chalmers Johnson: "Blowback - it's a CIA term. Blowback does not simply mean the unintended consequences of foreign operations. It means the unintended consequences of foreign operations that were deliberately kept secret from the American public. So that when the retaliation comes, the American public is not able to put it in context - is not able to put cause and effect together. And they then come up with questions like, "Why do they hate us?""

For more information on blowback from US policy in Iran, see this excellent video

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War is a Racket

The Education Campaign

As Ron Paul becomes more popular througout America, people will become introduced to policy ideas they've never heard of. It's critical that all Ron Paul supporters learn ways to answer common questions (what is FairTax and does Ron Paul support, what does Ron Paul plan to do about terrorism, what does sound money mean, etc) that come up. Everyone should try to read at least a couple books from the reading list Dr. Paul gave Guiliani.